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how to make arms look thinner in photos


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Before we get started, I would just like to add the disclaimer that I think every single one of my clients featured in the images below didn’t need to look skinnier!! But they did a great job with their posing, and I thought it would be helpful for you guys to have a visual demonstration of the tips below.

1) Turn your body slightly sideways.

I know you’ve all heard this one before, but it’s worth repeating! Angling yourself slightly to the side will help you appear slimmer. To avoid looking stiff, “undo” your perfect posture by shifting your weight to one foot or the other.

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2) Shoulders down.

The number one giveaway that you’re tense or uncomfortable is that your shoulders will hike up to your ears. especially if it’s cold outside. Pull your shoulders down and back to make your neck look longer and accentuate your collarbone. This trick will also make your arms look skinnier, which brings us to….

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3) Bend your elbows.

There’s a reason it’s called the “skinny arm!” Try to keep your elbows bent and slightly away from your body at all times. This will make your arms appear slimmer and show your waist. If the skinny arm is too “sorority” for you, try placing your hand on your hip, in your pocket or on your lap instead.

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4) Chin out and down.

If you’re afraid to give yourself a double chin, this tip may surprise you! Bring your chin forward and down to accentuate your jawline and make your eyes look bigger. You can accomplish this naturally by tilting your head slightly to one side.

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5) Hold something in front of your waist.

If you hate your middle section, just strategically hide it! Place your children in front of you, hold onto a prop like a book or a laptop, or just hide your waist with your elbows instead.

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6) When seated, fold your legs to the side.

Kate Middleton is the master of this trick! Folding your legs to the side appears graceful and will help bring the attention to your face. It will also keep you from pressing your calves back against the chair!

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7) Place yourself lower than the camera.

This goes for selfies, too! Try to position yourself so that you’re looking up.

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8) Lean in.

No matter whether you’re sitting or standing, lean your head and upper body toward the camera. This will make you appear engaged and inviting.

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9) Don’t crane.

Most of us have what I call “computer neck” – where we crane our heads forward like a turtle. Instead of leaning forward from your head, lean from your lower back instead.

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10) Choose the right clothes.

I know this isn’t a posing tip, but it’s so necessary to include in this post! The clothing you choose makes a huge difference. Avoid bulky or sheer fabrics, and choose fitted items (not too tight or loose). Ladies, avoid strapless and sleeveless tops — although they might look great in real life, they probably won’t translate well to the camera (although people have definitely proven me wrong on this — see Chloe’s image above!) More tips on clothing coming in a future post!

If you found this post useful, please feel free to save any of these images to Pinterest! Thanks so much for reading!

xo Kate

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