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how to print tiny pictures for lockets


How to Print and Fit The Perfect Size Photo for a Locket

I told you in an earlier post that my family had had a hard end of 2015 and we did. As a result of that hubby purchased me a locket for Christmas to display both boys’ photos in to keep close to my heart.

He originally got me a heart shaped locket that was pretty small in yellow gold and I don’t wear anything but silver so I asked him if we could return it and get something bigger and in sterling silver. He was fine with that since I had to wear it not him. We picked a day, returned the original locket, and I picked out this rather large one instead.

With age I can’t see the detail in little objects anymore and I liked the idea of an oval shape instead. I was thinking it would be easier to find a photo in the correct size.

How to Print and Fit The Perfect Size Photo for a Locket

I started looking through my photo library in Lightroom to find two photos I thought would work when I decided this was silly there has to be a way to get the photo size right the first time without printing several copies in an attempt to get it right.

Well what do you know? There is a way to get the right size photo shape and fit for the locket I have. A place called LOCKET STUDIO already took all the guesswork out of it and created this handy site where I uploaded my photos, picked the locket size and shape that I have, and just like magic my photos become a downloadable jpg for me to print or have sent by email. (The site is very easy to use and FREE)

What a brilliant idea right? I decided to try different printing methods to see what I liked the best. The ones on the left were printed on cardstock paper at home from a Canon printer. The ones in the middle I copied to a flash drive and had printed at our local grocery store on matte photo paper. And the ones on the right were printed at home on glitter paper from a Canon printer. I ended up going with the store prints on matte paper for my final project.

How to Print and Fit The Perfect Size Photo for a Locket

I also found a place called LOCKET PRINTS where you can upload your photos and they will mail you a full sheet of the same photo in several sizes made just for lockets. All you have to do is pick the size that fits your locket when it arrives.

How to Print and Fit The Perfect Size Photo for a Locket

I love my gift and wear it almost everyday. I have an upcoming fashion post where you can see how it hangs. I like a longer chain and this one hits just below the breast area.

I’m not sure if lockets are in fashion right now or if they ever go out of style but when I was out looking there seem to be several kinds on the market. I tend to lean more toward the vintage style ones for myself but there’s so many out there to pick from. Right now would be a good time to ask for a locket if you’re interested maybe your Valentine could get you one.

How to Print and Fit The Perfect Size Photo for a Locket



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