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Getting your questions answered fast is a priority with a new puppy on board!

beagle puppy and flowerThese are some of the most frequently raised Beagle puppy topics for new puppy owners

Beagle puppy FAQs

  • How much does a Beagle puppy cost?
  • Where can I buy a Beagle puppy?
  • How do I stop my Beagle puppy from biting?
  • What should I feed my Beagle Puppy?
  • What does a Beagle puppy need?

Your top priorities for the first few weeks with your new Beagle puppy are socializing your pup and that all important potty training.

Followed by all important puppy obedience training.

Because we know that many of you also have to hold down a full time job we will be bringing you tips on raising a Beagle puppy while you work

Here’s what we’ll be covering

Your Beagle puppy guide: contents

We help you

  • Choose a name for your Beagle pup
  • Socialize your Beagle Puppy
  • Potty train your Beagle puppy
  • Stop your puppy from biting
  • Arrange puppy vaccinations and quality health care
  • Raise your puppy while working
  • Find the best puppy training tips
  • Get feeding schedules and quantities right
  • Learn about puppy growth & development
  • Find the best place to buy a pup
  • Find Beagle puppy rescues
  • Care for a male Beagle pup
  • Care for a female Beagle pup
  • Choose Beagle puppy products and accessories
  • Get help with puppy problems

Naming your Beagle puppy

The Happy Puppy site is proud to be the home of the International Dog Names Survey.

Our survey was launched in 2016 and our library of brilliant puppy names grows each year.

We regularly update our puppy names list for each of the different breeds and individual dogs living all around the world.

So you’ll never be short of inspiration.

You’ll find a unique puppy names list dedicated to Beagles. You can even add your own puppy’s name to the to inspire others in the future!

Socializing your Beagle Puppy

You’ve probably heard that puppy socialization is very important. We’ll set you off on the right track.

Socialization is all about exposing a young puppy to new experiences. This needs to be done before your puppy starts to become shy of stranger people, and places.

Shyness kicks in at an early age and pups should be well socialized before they are 13 weeks old.

This means new Beagle pups need to be getting out and about from the very first days at home!

A properly socialized puppy will meet a great variety of people, male and female, of different ages. And will meet those people in a variety of locations.

Your pup will need to be carried in your arms at first to avoid infection.

Puppy socialization takes place before your pup has reached the grand old age of 4 months! And is vital to prevent dogs becoming aggressive.

It’s also a great way to ensure that puppies remain with their families and are not relinquished to animal shelters before they are full grown.

A great puppy socialization plan is The Puppy Plan website provided by the Kennel Club in association with international charity The Dog’s Trust. That link takes you to their website.

Potty training your new Beagle puppy

At 8 weeks old, a new puppy can’t ‘hold on’ for very long at all when they need to pee. They just ‘go’ wherever they happen to be.

You’ll need to protect any carpeted areas in your home for the first few weeks.

TIP: Use a baby gate for the first few weeks to keep your pup on washable floors

Once your pup gets to around 8 months, life will look very different.

A puppy this age can wait much longer for a pee – usually several hours. And of course they will have learned which places should be used for elimination and which places definitely should not!

Your job is to make that journey from 8 weeks to 8 months as smoothly as you can. And you’ll find plenty of tips, and advice here on The Happy Puppy Site to help you.

There are two important keys to success

  • Frequent trips outside
  • Close supervision inside

Your main priority in the first two weeks is to go outside with your puppy outside very frequently, and wait with them their until they pee or poop.

happy beagle dog running

You’ll need to take your puppy out after meals, every time they wake up from a nap, and after playing or getting excited too.

Indoors, you will need to watch your puppy like a hawk for at least the first week.

When you need to leave pup alone for a minute or two, a small crate will help them hold on – puppies will always try to keep their own bed clean.

Crates can be a great training aid and our expert guide to puppy crate training is the perfect aid puppy parents

Help with biting puppies

Puppies bite and they bite hard. Beagle pups are no exception. Biting is a part of teething, but it’s also linked to play.

When puppies and dog play together biting is part of the game.

Of course, other dogs have fur to protect them. But when a puppy bites on your soft skin it really does hurt.

You’ll need to help your puppy to learn not to do this.

Puppies often snarl, bark and growl fiercely when they play. And this is often mistaken for aggression.

So concerned new puppy parents often seek help with biting in our support forum.

Our comprehensive guide to will help you stop your puppy from biting smooth the path through this stage in your Beagle pup’s development.

Puppy shots and veterinary care

Most puppy parents choose to have their little one vaccinated. It is true that vaccination carries a small risk.

However, the risk of serious disease for puppies that do not benefit from puppy shots is considered by veterinary experts to be a much bigger risk overall.

As a new puppy parent you will need to know which shots your puppy needs, when your puppy can go outside safely, and you may want to know what could happen if you decide not to vaccinate your puppy.

You’ll find this information in the links below

  • When can my puppy go outside?
  • Puppy Vaccination Schedule
  • Does it matter if my dog is not vaccinated

There is also a wealth of information in our health and care section pages

Raising a Beagle puppy when you work

Most people have to work for most of their lives. And it is sensible to consider how your working arrangements might affect your puppy.

We are often asked “how long can I leave my dog alone”.

Taking some time off work when you first bring your puppy home is important. But the issue of what to do when you return to work in just a few weeks is important too.

Some new puppy parents hope that they will be able to leave their puppy alone in the house throughout the day when they go back to work.

This tends to cause problems. Young dogs left alone for long stretches of time may become very distressed, and destructive.

And potty training a puppy poses some challenges if there are no humans to let the puppy out into the yard.

This doesn’t mean that its impossible to raise a puppy and hold down a full time job. But it does mean you’ll need some help.

It isn’t okay to crate a puppy all day.

So your options include paying for doggy day care, or persuading a good friend or family member to look after your little one for a few hours each day until they are older.

When you do leave your puppy alone for more than a couple of hours you’ll need a puppy playpen with some puppy pads in one corner for the puppy to pee or poop on.

You might find it helpful to read this article Choosing and using a carer for your puppy while you work We also have a friendly forum where you can chat to other new puppy parents that have managed to balance work and puppy care successfully.

Beagle puppy training advice

All dogs vary in the speed with which they progress through training, but the principles and teaching stages are the same.

Beagle puppies are not difficult to train but you’ll need to be patient and prepared to dedicate a few minutes every day of regular training.

We have a collection of helpful guides here on this website.

The Happy Puppy site was created by dog expert Pippa Mattinson and many of her puppy training articles can be found in our training section. Together with a range of guides by our team of qualified professional dog trainers from around the world,

Here are a few to get you started!

  • Puppy training stages
  • The right way to train your puppy
  • Train your puppy to sit
  • Train your puppy to lay down and stay

You’ll find heaps of training tips and advice in these guides, and many links to other related resources. Don’t miss our our puppy training library for more information and support.

Beagle puppy feeding schedule and guidelines

Young puppies thrive best on frequent small portions. Here’s a rough guide to the number of meals a day a Beagle puppy needs

  • Up to 3 months: Four meals
  • Up to 6 months: Three meals
  • Up to 1 year: Two meals

General puppy feeding guides are very helpful, but there are differences between breeds.

Some little dogs need frequent small meals throughout their lives for example, while some dogs are prone to digestive disorder such as bloat.

We’ve created a range of specialist breed specific puppy feeding guides – check out:

  • The Complete Guide To Feeding A Beagle Puppy

It will help put your mind at rest

Beagle puppy growth

Just as different breeds have different feeding needs, they have different growth rates too. Large breeds mature more slowly and grow for longer than small dog.

As one of the smaller medium sized breeds, Beagles have completed most of their growth by their first birthday

You can find out more about puppy development the stages of puppy growth in our guide:

  • Week-by-week Puppy Development Stages with Growth Chart

It’s full of surprises and fun facts

Where to get your Beagle puppy

It’s important to buy a puppy from a responsible and experienced breeder.

Getting the right breeder removes a great deal of risk from the puppy buying process. And increases your chances of ending up with a healthy, good tempered dog.A dog breeder does not have to mean a commercial kennels.

In fact it is crucial that you avoid puppy mills, where puppies are churned out for money alone.

Home bred puppies responsibly bred and raised can make wonderful pets.

Remember that a well bred, health tested and well cared for Beagle puppy will cost the best part of $1000 dollars. Check out a proper breakdown of costs here.

That is just the initial cost of bringing the puppy home.

The biggest expenses are yet to come and the main cost you need to budget for is pet health insurance.

It’s a good idea to shop around as price vary, but make sure you get enough cover. Cheap insurance is often very limited

You can find Beagle breeders through regional breed clubs. There are national and local clubs in many regions around the world.

  • The National Beagle Club of America
  • The Beagle Club (UK)
  • The Beagle Club Of Canada
  • The Beagle Club Of South Australia

They will be happy to advise you and welcome you to the wonderful world of Beagles. Email the club secretary as your starting point and ask for details of reputable breeders in your area.

Beagle Puppy Rescue

Most rescue dogs are adults or older puppies, but it is sometimes possible to adopt Beagle puppies that have given up to an animal shelter or Beagle rescue organization

Puppies tend to be snapped up quickly so it’s a good idea to have your name down with a number of rescue homes while you are waiting.

Check out our list of breed rescue homes in our main Beagle information center

Male Beagle puppies

It can be tricky deciding between a male and a female puppy. There are a some differences when it comes to their needs and development care.

But actually on the whole they are minor ones.

In a few dog breeds a slightly greater tendency to aggression in males has been recorded.

However most male dogs are peaceful and affectionate as their sisters. And in some ways, easier to care for.

Female Beagle puppies

Female puppies slightly different needs from males from about five to six months of age until and unless they are spayed.

Your female puppy will come into season usually before she is nine months old, and then every six months or so thereafter for the rest of her life.

She will need protection from male dogs to make sure she does not become pregnant and present you with a litter of puppies to take care of and find homes for.

Neutering is one solution and used to be universally recommended for all dogshowever, the procedure has now been linked with a number of different types of cancer, and with joint problems and behavioral issues, in several dog breeds.

So it isn’t a cut and dried issue

If you not to have your female Beagle puppy neutered, keep a careful eye on her health for the weeks immediately after the end of each of her heats.

This is prime time for infections of the uterus (womb) to set in and these infections can be very serious.

If you decide that you do want to have your girl spayed – this is a legal obligation in some regions – then you’ll need to arrange for your vet to carry out the procedure.

It’s a more expensive operation with a longer recovery time than neutering a male puppy.

If you can’t decide between a male and a female puppy you’ll find lots more information to help you in our guide Male Vs Female Dogs

Beagle puppy accessories

Beagles enjoy a range of toys and accessories. We have many product and toy reviews to help you choose

Here are a few to get you started:

  • What do I need for a new puppy?
  • Best Dog Beds For Beagles
  • Choosing Puppy Toys
  • Best Walking Harness For Your Beagle Pup

Puppies are great fun, but they can also be hard work. At times you’ll benefit greatly from the support of other new puppy parents

Help and support with puppy problems

In the first few days and nights with a new puppy, you may wonder whether or not you have made a dreadful mistake.

There is a period known as the ‘puppy blues’ when you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the responsibility of puppy parenting and new demands on your time.

This period passes quickly and is much easier to cope with if you have some support from other experienced dog owners

The best way to get this support and advice online is in our busy forum community

You can simply browse and read the answers to other people’s questions.

You are bound to find problems like yours! Or you can dive in and ask your own.

The forum is free and we’d be delighted to welcome you there!

Are Beagle puppies good family pets?

Most Beagle puppies grow into wonderful family dogs. And are often well suited to a young and active family

This is a lively, active breed though, and Beagles can be noisy. They are not always well suited to apartment life and need plenty of exercise.

If you can’t walk very far, or don’t have much time for exercise, you might want to consider one of the toy breeds instead.

Is a Beagle puppy about to leap into your life?

We’d love to hear about them in the comments below – and remember to join our forum community of puppy parents and dog lovers!

References and resources

  • The Puppy Socialization Plan. The Kennel Club and The Dog’s Trust
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