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Do you have a special photograph or piece of art but its frame has seen better days? Or maybe you changed your decor and the current frame doesn’t match anymore. Perhaps on your last visit to your local Home Goods or while you were antiquing a beautiful picture caught your eye, but the frame it’s in, not so much. Or maybe you got a cheap, store-bought frame that never fit the art quite right.

Don’t let a bad frame ruin your good art. With our easy “Design Your Frame” four-step process we can have that piece ready to go back up on your wall in no time. And at a price that is truly affordable considering the quality and customization. Here we’re sharing some tips and tricks to reframing your art, no matter the size, style, or age of it!

Old Favorites

old framed photos

Treasured family photos, a painting that’s been in your family for years, or even your kid’s artwork from when they were younger not only make great decor pieces in your home, but they have sentimental value that adds to their charm. However, their original frame may not be working anymore for a number of reasons. Maybe they weren’t framed correctly in the first place or over time they’ve lost their ability to protect their contents. All these keepsakes need is a little update!

The first thing you have to do is carefully remove your art from the existing frame. This can involve any number of steps depending on how it was framed originally, but essentially pull any framer’s tape that might be present off and then bend back the “framing points” which are usually metal away from the backing. If it’s a photograph or print and it’s “stuck” to the glass, depending on the size you can place it in the freezer for an hour and then gently pull it away from the glass. Take care to wear gloves in case the glass breaks!

At this point give thought to scanning your artwork so you can have copies available. If you have a digital copy of the photo, consider reprinting it if your physical copy isn’t in the best condition. With our Frame Designer, you can upload your photo right to our site and we will print it using our state-of-the-art equipment and premium paper. After uploading and measuring your photo move on to the next step of choosing from the many style options of frames, both in wood and metal, that we offer.

Store Bought

Large frame

We’re guessing you’ve had the experience of browsing in your favorite home decor store and finding a piece of art that just speaks to you. There’s only one problem. The way it’s framed is shouting this won’t work! It could be that the size is just too small or too big for where you want to display it. Or maybe the reason the price is so reasonable is because the frame is, well, cheap. Don’t pass it up. Reframe it!

If size is the problem, the third step of the design process could solve it. If you need to make it larger, consider adding a mat or two. Sure, we give you examples of what the typical mat sizes are for different size art, but there’s a reason this is custom framing. You add whatever size mat works for you. Or subtract matting altogether if you need to go smaller.

One of the features of our site we think you’ll love is that you get to experiment with all the options you have and see what the finished product will look like before you order. There’s no guesswork involved. And you will also be given the exact dimensions of your designed frame so there will be no surprises when it arrives on your doorstep.

Antique Store/ Thrift Shop Finds

Frames on a shelf

So the good news is not only can you find a great piece of art at a great price at local thrift stores like Goodwill, but your purchase helps support a worthy cause. And antique stores may be a bit pricier, but if you’re a collector or just have an appreciation for vintage art, they can be a fun way to spend an afternoon and even better when you score your new favorite piece. However, don’t let a damaged or unsightly frame stop you from bringing that find home.

As we said, we have lots of different frame styles and we are sure you will be pleased with their quality. All our wood styles are made with North American hardwoods, many with consistent color and patterning. Our metal frames are made from aluminum that goes through a multi-step process to make them not only beautiful but extremely durable. And as an added bonus, all our materials are made in the USA!

When choosing your frame style, take into consideration where it will be displayed and the furnishings and accessories in the area. Your decor style can guide you in your choice. A more formal look? Our Granby ornate wood frame in silver or gold would work well. For a more playful vibe, our Hanover or Ashford metal frame in a vibrant color would take up the fun-factor a notch.

Adding In Your Art

adding art into frame

Don’t let reframing art intimidate you. Adding the art to your frame is super simple, and we have an in-depth guide on adding art to frames on our site. We provide you with all the hanging hardware you would need such as hanging wire, spring clips, and even the nail to hang your frame. If you have added matting to your frame, we suggest purchasing our Framers Tape on our Accessories Page so that your art will stay in place. Our Framer’s Tape is also acid-free like the rest of our products, so it won’t harm your matboard or artwork.

Final Thoughts

Everything old can be new again! Transform art with a whole new look by designing a new frame that will protect it, compliment it, and make it special again! Here at Frame It Easy we’re all about saving you money and time to experience those frameable moments. So the next time you find a beautiful piece of art that is trapped inside a frame that is damaged, doesn’t work with your decor, or just needs improvement, don’t overlook it! Breath new life into it with a custom frame that you will enjoy for many more years.

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