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Teacup puppies are the small version of a toy dog. These breeds include species such as the Pomeranian, the Chihuahua, or the Poodle. It is important that you take care of your teacup dog and the guide here briefs you on How to Take Care of Teacup Puppies. These steps also suitable for other types of puppies as well. Owners of the Teacup puppies should be extra careful of their Teacup puppies because their size makes it prone to accidents.

taking care of chihuahua teacup puppies

There are many steps that you could do to take care of your pet in the proper way. The article below speaks about ten steps that you could follow on how to take care of your Teacup puppies. By following these steps, you can maintain the health of your pet and ensure that it has a long life.

The article is going to be on how to take care of teacup puppies. Teacup puppies are cute little puppies that anyone of you could have in your home. They are extra cute and should be taken with good care. If you are ready to buy a teacup puppy and supply it with its day to day needs, you will have to definitely go through this article. So here’s how you can take care of your puppy. Go through the guide and take better care of your puppy.

How to Take Care of Teacup Puppies?

It is a good choice if you have an idea of having a teacup puppy. These little creatures are quite adorable. If you want to take care of your puppy, you will have to have a good idea on its dietary needs, steps to prevent the animal from getting hurt, have good caring of its health and also pay attention to other stuff related to good care. Let us see some of the steps that could be followed to take care of Teacup puppies.

1. Meet your vet regularly

Meet your vet regularly

Teacup puppies are mostly subjected to various illness and diseases. These diseases could be extremely detrimental to their health. These puppies could be subjected to various illnesses such as heart problems, worm infestation, respiratory issues, and hypoglycemia. So it is essential that these puppies visit their vet so that the vet could check whether the puppy is suffering from any problem. The vet will give the necessary puppy vaccinations along with de-worming. De-worming is something very necessary for all puppies and other dogs. The vet will also tell you what can be done to ensure the health of your little one.

2. Train your dog to be disciplined

You could train your puppy to be disciplined and make them become excellent pets. You could get your puppy trained well when it is a puppy. When the dog is at its puppy stage, it is easy to get the puppy trained. Here are remarkable of the sections where you will have to train the puppy. You will have to make sure that the puppy is given the litter box training so that it knows to poop properly. In the litter box training, a wee pad and a newspaper are used.

You could even give it a crate training. In the crate training what is done is to show your puppy the proper place to rest and sleep. Well, the puppy is trained to use its doggy bed. You could also teach other tricks and discourage bad behavior. You should train your dog in a gentle manner and should not shout at it or spank during the training period but always try to praise its good behavior.

3. Your puppy needs fresh water

These puppies will need fresh water all the time. You will have to always provide a water bowl near the puppy so that it could reach it out easily. Whenever the water bowl is running out of the water, make sure to refill and have your puppy sustained with water. They need water. Follow these guidelines and take care of your Teacup puppy! Your little one will turn to be adorable and cute with the following steps.

4. Make sure that your Teacup dog safe and comfortable

Most of the Teacup puppies are prone to accidents because of their small size and thus it is essential that you keep attention on the safety of your puppy. Your puppy could fall into an accident maybe by jumping off from the furniture. The accident could be deadly. In such cases, you will always have to have your pet under supervision, or you will never know what will happen to the puppy and how everything will end up. In busy households also you have to give special attention to the teacup puppies because the chances are high that these puppies would be kicked by accident or trampled inside the household.

5. Grooming your pet

Grooming teacup puppies

If your Teacup is neat and clean, many will like to fondle and cuddle it. The teacup being clean is better for the Teacup as well as the ones who live around the pet. Grooming should be done to have your pet dressed up. The grooming time differs from pet to pet. If the coat of fur is short, it will take less time, but if the fur is long, there will be more time needed. However, the teacups with short fur do not require frequent grooming whereas the long-haired ones will need occasional grooming. Grooming is done to untangle the fur on the dog and to prevent it from falling into its own fur trap. If the little puppy has too much of fur, its possible to get hurt because of its own fur is high. It may tumble over its own fur.

A brush can be used to comb the hair, and if you want to trim the hair, you could use safety scissors. Bathing the Teacup is also important. If your puppy is sweaty or else dirty, you will have to definitely give it a bath. You will have to use shampoo on the pet so that it stays fresh. However, you will have to avoid human shampoo as it will bring negative consequences on your pet. You will only have to use dog shampoos to have your pet clean and tidy.

6. You will have to provide your pet with lots of adequate rest

The Teacup puppies are known to be a breed that is very active. So they usually end up being tired. You will see that the puppy after playing needs to rest. So you have to find a comfortable resting place to the little doggy. You have to make sure that the little creature is not disturbed while it is sleeping tightly. The rate that it needs sleep is 14 hours, and it should be undisturbed sleep. The reason is that these puppies could recharge their sleep only after they wake up after sleep.

To have your puppy health and very fit, you will have to ensure that the puppy sleeps 14 hours without anyone disturbing its sleep. You could also limit its playtime for around one hour. You could also add supplements to have your puppy stay fit and healthy. These steps will allow you to take care of your Teacup puppy in the proper way.

7. You will have to let your Teacup have a proper and correct diet

To maintain health, the teacup puppies should have the proper kind of food. If you go to your vet, you will find the vet handing you a list of the healthy foods that your pet needs. The list will contain eggs, meat, and canned chicken as these types of food provide your pet with the necessary nutrients. Other needed food for your puppy includes Omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. You could even have the diet of the puppy mixed with wholesome milk, butter with flax seeds, veggies, and frozen fruit bits. These amazing food will give the necessary nutrients to your pet.

Adding “Karo” syrups also will be a precious supplement to your pet’s diet. The benefit of giving these syrups to your pets is that it will let your pet fight low blood sugar levels. These steps are some of the basics you will have to learn on how to take care of Teacup puppies.

8. Be watchful for the children who are playing with Teacup puppies

Kids will love to play with the Teacup puppies, but the methods to take care of Teacup puppies will ask you to be watchful of the kids who are playing with the little creatures. Children who are playing with the puppies might hurt the puppy. So you will have to pay attention to the kids who are playing with the puppies. The reason is that the puppy might get hurt mentally as well as physically. So you will have to make sure that the kids play with the puppies in a gentle manner. Due respect is deserved by the pets, and they should be treated gently. Do not allow very young kids to play with your puppy as they might hurt the puppy.

9. When going outdoors, guard your pet carefully

Here is what you should do if your pet is going outdoors. You can’t have your pet indoors all day long; it needs to be put outdoors so that it can play and warm up through exercises. Here is why you will have to be more careful when your pet is outdoors. The reason is that the size of the little creature makes it prone to accidents. The possibility of the Teacup puppy getting hit by a vehicle or a person kicking at it is very high. The tendency for it being attacked by animals that are larger in size than them is also high. So, as the owner of the puppy, you will have to be alert when the doggie at outdoors.

However, you could have your pet dog safe outside by using several techniques. In fact, you could have your pet dog carried out in a dog purse, or you could have a should bag so that you can have your pet dog safe in it. Other methods that you could try is to have your dog on a leash so that you have the upper hand in controlling the puppy. With the leash around you could tag your puppy from wandering in places that are unsafe. Another fact that you will have to keep in mind is that you will have to take your pet to public places only after it is fully vaccinated. In public places there are a lot of diseases that could infect your puppy, so make sure that your puppy is fully vaccinated when you take it to public places.

10. You will have to discourage unwanted behaviors

Every owner expects its puppy to show good behavior. The dog should be trained when it is at its youngest age. Negative behaviors are often neglected by their owners. But if you see bad behavior, you will have to definitely discourage those bad behaviors because if not the puppy will continue bad behaviors and make it a habit. If you see the dog doing bad behaviors such as biting household objects, and unwanted barking, you will have to discourage those behaviors. You should also discourage practices such as peeing or doing poop inside and should discourage behaviors such as being too aggressive on other animals or being violent on people.

Suppose you see your dog engaged in something bad, you will have to say the word “No” firmly, and next you will have to ignore the bad behaviors. When you do so the dog stops the bad habit. Be consistent because it is then that your dog will identify its bad behavior and become disciplined. Please make sure that you will never scold your puppy or yell at your puppy seeing it continuing bad behavior. Do not punish your puppy as it does wrong things because ultimately it will get stressed. Always praise your puppy. Give it space and time to avoid bad behavior.

As the final words, just remember that take care of teacup puppies are a huge responsibility. Your puppy needs a lot of love as well as care it can get from you. You must spend time and effort in caring for your pet, not only teacup puppies.

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