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As well as different general techniques for training the new addition to your family, there are several specific areas of training that you might want to consider.

Remember Pomsky Puppies are highly intelligent and curious, so they will respond well to your training, but thanks to their strong personality you will need to make sure that you establish a consistent training routine.

Here we consider five popular training techniques and goals for a new Pomsky puppy.

Bite Prevention Training

All puppies have an innate desire to play, fight and roughhouse with other dogs. This is the best way for them to learn, mature, and develop their own personality.

If you allow your pup to play with other mature dogs, biting will become an integral part of their ‘learning play. Other dogs will naturally react in a distinctly different manner if your pup’s bite is too severe or aggressive and your pup will learn to adapt their bite.

In addition to this, you can play with your own pup and offer it a knuckle to bite (gently). Quickly the pup will learn the difference between a playful bite, which is permissible, and a bite that is too aggressive.

As a new owner make sure that you train your pup gently, and if occasionally it bites you too hard, discipline the pup but don’t get angry.

You should also discipline the pup immediately as there is no point returning to the issue later as Pomsky will not understand why they are being disciplined.

Whine Prevention Training

Thankfully due to their parentage, Pomsky Puppies are not a naturally ‘whiny’ breed of dog. So a small dose of training early in life should be enough to prevent whining for the dog’s entire life.

Normally a pup will whine a babyish-like cry when it wants attention from its owner. The trick is not to respond to this whining immediately and to keep leaving the pup alone for a longer duration.

Place your puppy in a crate and then leave the room. If it starts whining leave the pup for a couple of minutes to see if this naturally diminishes.

If the whining continues your pup is not used to being left alone just yet. So, establish a routine of leaving the pup for longer each training session. Quickly your highly intelligent pup will learn that you have not abandoned them and will stop whining for your attention.

Obedience Training Of Pomsky Puppy

Pomskies are naturally obedient puppies so they just need some gentle encouragement to eliminate any disobedient behavior.

It’s much better to build up a good relationship with your pup through positive reinforcement, such as fussing the pup when it obeys your commands before you move on to the negative ‘commands’.

With plenty of positive reinforcement for good behavior, your pup will appreciate that you have a mutually respectful relationship.

So, on the rare occasion that you need to tell your pup to ‘STOP’ doing something, such as biting the furniture or clambering onto the sofa, it will readily obey.

Remember to follow any ‘STOP’ command with encouragement to do something alternative, for instance, if your pup starts to gnaw at the furniture, insist that it stops and then encourage it to play with its favorite chew toy!

Lead Obedience Training

This may take slightly longer than the other areas of training as Pomskies are naturally enthusiastic creatures, a trait which in earlier life may lead them to display moderately disobedient habits on their leash.

A great way to train them is to set up the following routine in your garden or nearby park. With your pup on a suitable leash, not too tight nor too loose and nicely padded, walk with them towards a treat that you’ve placed about 20 ms away.

If your dog tries to run away from you or to dominate you by pulling on the leash, give the dog a firm, ‘NO!’ and go back to the start. Your pup will soon learn that if it wants the treat it needs to be obedient.

When you see the dog displaying total obedience make sure they receive the treat (and maybe another) as well as a good dose of fussing. You will soon find that you can easily walk up to 400 ms towards a treat without the dog trying to pull away from you!

If your Pomsky is not getting trained enough then you must try to new Pomsky. There are many offers like pomsky puppies for sale on different platforms. Please visit online and read all instructions carefully.

This article was submitted by John Smith.

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