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how to upload 4k videos to youtube

Part 3. How to Upload 4K Videos to YouTube

After you have finished editing your 4K video and converted it to YouTube-ready MP4, sign in your YouTube account in the web browser to start the uploading. It is recommended to use the latest version of Chrome for uploading large-size 4K videos.

1. To get started, click the “upload video” icon at the top right corner on the YouTube page and a new window will appear where you can simply drag and drop the file you want to upload or click on the big grey arrow and select your video.

YouTube upload video option

As this video is uploading you can edit both the basic and advanced settings of the video, click “Publish” to finish uploading a public video to YouTube

2. While the video is uploading you can fill out the other areas on the page.

The “Basic info” tab:

title description tages thumbnails on YouTube

Title: to create a catching and creative title, you can type in some keywords in the Youtube search bar and see titles automatically suggested by YouTube for inspiration.

Description: put in as much information that best describes your video to help YouTube to rank it properly.

Tags: like the ingredients for your video, where you’ll add all the searchable keywords that are related to your video.

Thumbnails: usually YouTube will give you three random to choose from, but it’s better to upload your custom thumbnails that are representative and grabs the viewers’ attention. The best thumbnails are the ones that stand out among the rest of the search by using popping colors, catchy tracks that further describe the video and highlight a person or object as the main focus.

3. Go to the drop-down menus on the right side the privacy settings allows you to limit the audience who can watch your video

set public option on YouTube

Public: your video is available to everyone in the world;

Unlisted: anyone with the video link can watch your video;

Private: you can share your video only through the specific email addresses you can;

Schedule: set a time in the future when your video will come live.

In the second drop-down menu, you can add your video to a specific playlist to help it get ranked by giving it a category.

In the Translation tab, you can add different languages to your titles and description so they can be accessed audience from different countries

4. Next is monetization, YouTubers can monetize their video through Google Adsense when they reach a total watch time of 4,000 hours in the past 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. If you haven’t reached that point, then you will not be able to see the monetization tab when you upload your videos. But it’s just a matter to activate it.

set monetization option on YouTube

5. In the Advanced Settings tab, there are even more options you can customize, like you can select if allow users to comment, which comments will show in your video, and how these comments will be sorted, or if you want to allow people to embed your video on their site, or even just the category that your video belongs to.

Now that you finish putting your settings, check the bar at the top. When it’s done, it’ll say “processing done.” You are now ready to publish your video.

publish video on YouTube

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