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OhmiBod Esca 2 Review: A Truly Versatile Wearable Massager?


Couples in long distance relationships know it is not fun.

Even being away from your lover or sexual partner for a few consecutive days or for alternate long periods of time is torturous.

Sometimes the agony of missing your partner’s physical touch can be too overwhelming that hugging pillows and teddy bears or kissing photos only compounds the pain of being away from him or her. The presumed comfort is superficial at best.

Naturally, we all need and yearn for regular affection from a special companion.

So what do you do when you need to play or hook up with a distant partner?

Three words… “Ohmibod Esca 2” (or are those two words and a number…?)

Long distance relationship partners or couples are now able to share this element of a companion’s touch through the Ohmibod Esca 2 powered by Kiiroo. The highly acclaimed luxury sex toy allows LDR partners to connect intimately despite the distance between them.

The following Ohmibod Esca 2 review genuinely covers the good and the bad with some bit of reserved personal opinion from experience.


What is the Ohmibod Esca 2?

In a nutshell, the Esca 2 from Kiiroo is a luxury sex toy better described as a wearable teledildonic device.

The G-spot and clit double massager can be used at home or from anywhere that you feel comfortable using it due to its convenient portability.

In essence, being a wearable basically means that you can insert the sex toy down there and leave it in as you go about your daily chores in the house then activate it privately using your Bluetooth/Wi-Fi-enabled device(s) whenever you feel like it or when your sneaky partner (near or far) feels mischievous.

Awesome, right?

ohmibod esca 2

What Makes the Esca 2 Special?

In addition to being highly portable and super discreet (small size and powerful quiet motor), the Esca 2 has a number of unique of features that any solo user or connected partners would really enjoy regardless of the distance between them.

Key features

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connectivity with the Ohmibod Esca 2 is supported through:-

  1. Bluetooth – for close proximity app-controlled fun.
  2. WiFi – for long distance play with a partner.

With the Bluetooth connection, Esca 2 user(s) can control the luxury sex toy using two main apps; the FeelConnect app or the Ohmibod Remote app.

You can choose from 3 predefined vibration and illumination patterns or create unique patterns that can be saved and accessed for future sessions.

The OhmiBod Remote app is particularly awesome for creating patterns.

WiFi Connections allow couples in long distance relationships to enjoy intimate moments regardless of the distance separating them. Having your partner control your Esca 2 and your orgasm(s) helps LDR couples feel much closer.

The WiFi connection should be reliably fast at both ends for the long-distance connection and remote control to work seamlessly.

Your long distance partner can then use the preset patterns or create new patterns using any of the available options (depending on the app you both prefer) to give you orgasms.

kiiroo esca2

Single Multipurpose Button

Despite limiting the number of available patterns in manual mode, the single button remains a superb idea which complements the simplistic design.

On the upside, a single multipurpose button removes the complication of dealing with multiple controls when selecting different rhythms or vibration patterns.

Compact Futuristic Design and Build using Human-Safe Materials

The Ohmibod Esca 2 is built using clinically safe silicone-based ABS plastic. It is designed ergonomically to rest on your G-spot and clit simultaneously.

One of the major differences between the Lovesense Lush and the Esca 2 is the interactive LED light on the Esca 2’s smaller head which visually provides feedback according to the rhythmic vibrations.

Furthermore, the Esca 2’s tail is reinforced to not only maintain its flexible curve that ensures maximum contact with your clit and G-spot at all times but also to strengthen Bluetooth connections up to 25 ft.

The inclusion of a quiet powerful motor that transfers enough vibrations to both the G-spot and clit is also another crucial selling point that distinguishes the Esca 2 from its competition.

What’s in the box?

esca 2 unboxing

A standard OhmiBod Esca 2 wearable massager comes in a small beautifully labeled box that contains:

  1. The Esca 2 device
  2. A user manual in multiple languages
  3. satin carrying/storage pouch
  4. A USB charging cable
  5. A certificate for authenticity

Please Note: The USB end should be connected to a wall adapter or your computer. However, the wall adapter is not part of the package.

How does the Ohmibod Esca 2 work?

Operating the Esca 2 is not so different from most teledildonic devices produced by Kiiroo targeting sexual partners or couples in long distance relationships or interactive app-controlled play.

As briefly mentioned earlier, you can connect to your Esca 2 wearable massager using two common apps both available on the App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android. These are the FeelConnect app and the OhmiBod Remote app.

However, most users (and by most I really mean me…) prefer the FeelConnect app for its versatility since it’s not only easy to learn and use, but it can also be used to pair with so many other teledildonic devices powered by Kiiroo’s Dutch-engineered freaky sex toy technology.

Setting up and using the Esca 2

Step 1 – Charge the Esca 2 until it’s full before first-time use. This takes anywhere between 90 and 120 minutes or until the LED light stops blinking.

Step 2 – Download and install the OhmiBod remote app or the FeelConnect app as your sex toy completes the charging process. This should take a couple of minutes with a steady WiFi connection.

Step 3 – Press the ON button located at the smaller head and hold for 3-4 seconds until the LED light comes on and starts blinking. The device is automatically on Bluetooth mode when it’s turned on.

Step 4 – Connect your Esca 2 to your Bluetooth-enabled devices through your selected app then select a pattern and jump to step 7.

Step 5 – Connect a partner’s Wi-Fi-enabled device by sending an invitation for long distance fun then jump to step 7 and let your partner select the patterns for you.

Step 6 – Switch to manual mode for more personal control by pressing the power button 3 times.

Step 7 – Sit back [or lie back] and enjoy the ride.

Operating on Bluetooth/WiFi Mode

The Esca 2 works great over Bluetooth connection whether you’re having a private lone session or with a “friend”.

Establishing and maintaining the Bluetooth connections is easy depending on the Bluetooth version and range on your devices. There are 3 play rhythms or patterns on the Bluetooth mode:

  1. Bluetooth Mode 1: Full LED illumination and full vibration for quickies or multiple orgasms in quick successions.
  2. Bluetooth Mode 2: Full LED illumination and half vibration for those relatively longer sessions when you want to build up to the orgasms slowly.
  3. Bluetooth Mode 3: Zero LED illumination and Full vibration for total privacy. This pattern is recommended when you don’t want the synced LED light to draw any attention to the disco light show going on in your panties.

WiFi connections, on the other hand, are used to remotely link your partners’ devices with the Esca 2 over long distances.

Once an invitation is sent and accepted to establish a connection, the partners’ devices can be used to seamlessly control your Esca 2 from across the street, town, country, or continent.

Over and above that, you can spice up your long distance app-controlled play by using the chat modules to easily share naughty images or gifs, sexy text or emoticon messages, and videos among other erotic multimedia materials.

This is in addition to creating your own custom rhythmic patterns using both apps.

app connected ohmibod

Typically, all you need to do to create your own patterns is run your finger(s) on your smartphone’s or tablet’s screen with a few slides and taps which the Esca 2 immediately translates into amazing vibration patterns that you can easily save for later regardless of the app you’re using.

The LED light simply syncs with the vibrations produced by your saved rhythms.

Bonus tip: In addition to connecting your Esca 2 to two or more devices within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range, the FeelConnect app can be used to connect the Esca 2 to interactive websites, games, and VR videos for extra fun.

The Esca 2 responds with different rhythmic vibrations depending on the interactive materials you’re linked to. You can also use the OhmiBod Remote app to keep track of your orgasms with the “Oh!dometer” tool.

The possibilities are endless.

Operating on Manual Mode

The Esca 2 is always on Bluetooth mode when it’s turned on. To switch to manual mode, you have to press the ON button 3 times.

The 3 successive feather-light taps on the power button are basically you sweeping through the above-listed Bluetooth mode rhythms/patterns.

The manual mode is straight forward and easy to navigate. Carefully pressing the ON button once takes you to the next preset rhythm and so on. You have an option of 4 awesome vibration patterns or pulses while on the manual mode.

The fifth tap automatically takes you back to the Bluetooth mode.

How does the Esca 2 feel?

The Esca 2 powered by Kiiroo looks like a cross between the Lush from Lovense and the U-shaped G-Spot vibrator although it works and feels totally different from both.

While the vibrations may not sound or feel like anything new to the avid sex toy users, the fact that you can please your clit and G-spot at the same time using your own device or partner’s device is just a dream for all women and LDR couples.

The medically approved silicone-based ABS thermoplastic polymer not only makes the Esca 2 super light (56g) but the silk-soft finish also feels amazing against the sensitive skin down there without causing any bruises or irritations even after extended use.

Non-corrosive water-based lubricants can be used as required.

esca 2 powered by kiiroo


  1. Easy to clean – use mild soap and lots of water
  2. Ease of use – whether manual or in Bluetooth/WiFi mode
  3. Extensive connectivity options – close proximity Bluetooth connections to long distance (geo-dispersed) Bluetooth/WiFi connections
  4. Lots of amazing vibrating rhythms in Bluetooth/WiFi mode
  5. Quiet motor even at maximum vibration
  6. Very portable and the satin pouch is stylish
  7. Three hours of play time on a single full charge


  1. Single button limits the vibration pattern options in manual mode
  2. Splashproof not fully waterproof
  3. The LED light can be distracting in the dark or it can light up at the wrong time/place.


The Ohmibod Esca 2 powered by Kiiroo is not only the perfect app-controlled sex toy for quality alone play but also for couples in long distance relationships.

If you’re struggling in a long-distance relationship right now then the Esca 2 might help you rekindle the flames regardless of the length of the separation(s) or the distance between the two of you.

Similarly, if one or both of you regularly travel out of town (or abroad) for different reasons, then I suggest you check out this long distance sex toy to keep the passion and desire for each other burning regardless of the distance between you and your partner.

All in all, the Ohmibod Esca 2 performs like a charm and it definitely delivers on its promise for lone users, close range partners (like together in bed or room, or across the table at a restaurant, or across the street), and more amazingly, long distance relationship couples (like across town, or state, or continent).

Final verdict? This Ohmibod Esca 2 review confirms that this “Ohmibod Lush” is a must-have luxury sex toy for couples in long distance relationships. Also, a nice gift item for LDR couples.

But is it better than the “original” Lovense Lush 2? Not yet…


By the way, here’s a little gift for you: you can get -10% off by using your special discount code “SEXTECH”! 😉

– Emily

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