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Like dresses, skirts are one of the most feminine and elegant pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. If jeans and other types of pants are considered to be maximum comfortable and functional, there are days when you want to feel special, girlish, and feminine. We have seen so many amazing skirt trends, but there is only one stand-out style: the asymmetrical skirt. Asymmetrical skirts are unique, beautiful and interesting, but they are especially great for accentuating your best assets and hiding the more unflattering problem areas.

Now, being a top trend during the warm season, asymmetrical skirts have become even more in demand, which is the main reason why many fashionisers wonder how to sport this gorgeous trend. Actually, they are quite unusual and even complicated, which is the reason why there are some rules to wearing asymmetrical skirts.

Picking an Asymmetrical Skirt

The first thing you should know is how to choose an asymmetrical skirt. Here are a few useful fashion tips to help you choose your skirt:

• Decide on your budget. Asymmetrical skirts are so popular now that you are sure to find your favorite style both in an exclusive shop or in a fast-fashion store. Once you know how much you are ready to spend, visit your favorite stores.

• Make sure to try on the skirts you like, as well. We all have different body shapes, and what you’ve seen on your friend might look quite different on you. Find the style that looks best on your body. If you want to accentuate your beautiful legs, choose a miniskirt. If you are too skinny and want to get the illusion of a fuller look, go for an asymmetrical skirt with ruffles. And, on the contrary, if you are a little plump, pick a skirt with the shorter hem going as high as the mid part of your legs.

• Think of how frequently you are going to wear your skirt. If you want to wear it daily, pay attention to the fabric of the skirt. Think simple, machine-washable, and easy-to-care-for fabrics rather than a delicate one that you’ll have to wear on special occasions only.

• Pay attention to the color of your skirt. You might already know which colors flatter you. Pick the shade that you look fabulous in.

• Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure the asymmetrical skirt is exactly your size and fits you well. Look at yourself from different angles. Once you think you look great, only then buy it.


Tips on Wearing Your Asymmetrical Skirt

When you have bought your dream asymmetrical skirt, you should know what to team it up with to get the most beautiful result. So, here are some tips on how to wear your asymmetrical skirt:

• Asymmetrical skirts are one of the most versatile pieces, as they can be worn in both warm and cold weather, on special occasions, and on a daily basis. In cold weather, you can wear your asymmetrical skirt with a warm monotone sweater, opaque tights, and heeled boots. Layering is a great technique, so go for a clinging top and a cardigan. Accessorize your look without shifting the attention from your unusual skirt. In summer, an asymmetrical skirt looks great when paired with a simple t-shirt or a tank top, a pair of sandals, a bag, and some lovely jewelry.

• With you asymmetrical skirt you are free to wear either tights or pantyhose. Whatever you choose, take into consideration the color and fabric of your skirt. For light-colored and thin fabrics, go for pantyhose, while for thicker and darker ones, wear tights.

• Pay special attention to your footwear. Asymmetrical skirts are mostly matched with high heels. Your shoes are advised to be simple and in versatile colors, like black, white or nude, or, at least, the same color as your skirt. Stay away from decorate shoes, as they will distract attention from your skirt. You can also wear your skirt with heavy, masculine and rough biker boots. At the end, finish off your look with the matching accessories.

Remember that you are free in your choices. Make sure you like it yourself, ’cause if you do, others will too!


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