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iPhone Camera Replacement Singapore

iPhone camera has undergone a myriad of technological improvements making it capable of taking breathtaking photos. The first generation iPhone was equipped with a pedestrian 2 MP camera that performed abysmally in low-lights but over the years, iPhone’s camera has experienced stellar improvements making it a key selling point of Apple’s iPhone marketing campaign.

iPhone Back Camera Replacement

Apple has introduced dual and triple-lens camera systems to their iPhones by adding unique features like Deep Fusion, Night mode, Live Photos, and Quick take. These features in iPhone cameras make these phones highly likable for professional and amateur photographers alike. But these advance and hi-spec iPhone cameras are prone to external environmental effects like Dust and shock affecting the performance of these sophisticated cameras. So, if you feel that your iPhone is not producing high-quality photos and videos or not performing at the optimum level make sure you drop-by to Hitec mobile where our expert technicians will fix your iPhone cameras in a jiffy and you will be able to capture high-quality photos and shoot amazing slow-motion or 4K videos again.

iPhone Front Camera Replacement

iPhone front-facing camera has come a long way since the launch of the first iPhone 2G back in 2007 by Apple Inc. iPhone front-facing camera pioneered the selfie craze in the world with the launch of front-facing camera in 2010 in iPhone 4.

Video Chat and iOS unique FaceTime are essential features of today’s iPhones powered by revolutionary Front-facing camera. The latest iPhone model features a 12MP image sensor that is integrated with a fixed focus lens having a focal length of 23mm and an f/2.2 aperture. Apple’s new front-facing camera is equipped with Apple Smart HDR and a portrait mode with in-built portrait mode. In video mode, the front-facing camera can shoot 4K videos up to 60 frames per second. Plus with its SL 3D Camera, the iPhone’s new front-facing camera offers in-depth snap taking in portrait mode. However, if you are experiencing blurry selfies or having a problem in FaceTime on your iPhone, you need not worry as our iPhone repair Singapore technicians can fix your faulty or broken iPhone front camera helping you ‘stay connected’ with your loved experts are well trained to replace the front camera of our iPhone if you are experiencing distorted results and camera freeze. Depending upon the model of iPhone repairing times range from 30 min to 1hour.

iPhone Camera Lens Repair

If you have damaged or scratched your iPhone’s rear camera lens then our technicians are fully capable of replacing the glass separately instead of removing the entire camera component. At Hitec Mobiles we can replace camera damaged glass may it be of any model including iPhone X, XS, XR, XS Max, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12 Pro

Our expert technicians will usually take 60 mins to replace the camera glass component taking special care of the other iPhone’s components. However, please make an appointment before dropping by to make sure we have the component readily available for your iPhone’s model.

Replacing camera glass instead of the camera lens

Different surveys have shown that the majority of issues with iPhone camera have come out to be a faulty lens which can easily be sorted out by replacing the lens and leaving the camera unit intact. The price for the lens replacement of different iPhone models lies within a reasonable price range of $50-$80. In some instances, this price tag of replacing the camera component can shoot if camera glass and lens are both damaged because of some shock or drop.

Solutions for your faulty iPhone camera replacement

Hitec mobile is your one-stop iPhone Repair shop for all issues related to LCD replacement, battery replacement, and iPhone Motherboard repair. Even using a good quality phone cover or case cannot save your iPhone’s camera from getting scratched or getting damaged. iPhone cameras are highly susceptible to develop hairline scratches or abrasions eventually altering the light entering the camera and blurring the photos. Luckily, instead of replacing the entire camera unit only replacing the camera lens can sort out most of the issues related to iPhone camera.

The repair cost comes drastically down if only the lens or camera glass is damaged, as it will require only these cheap components to be replaced instead of replacing the expensive entire camera unit. Front iPhone camera can also be replaced in a similar fashion although cost for replacing the front unit is quite less if compared to the rear camera unit. If you are tied up with something or are unable to make it to our shop, you can also opt for home collection repair service. Our courier partner will pick up your faulty device at your preferred time and location.

We can replace iPhone Back Camera for the following models:

Model NameRepair PartsPriceApple iPhone 12 Pro MaxBack Camera Replacement$118Apple iPhone 12 ProBack Camera Replacement$118Apple iPhone 12Back Camera Replacement$118Apple iPhone 12 MiniBack Camera Replacement$118Apple iPhone 11 Pro MaxBack Camera Replacement$108Apple iPhone 11 ProBack Camera Replacement$108Apple iPhone 11Back Camera Replacement$98Apple iPhone XS MaxBack Camera Replacement$88Apple iPhone XSBack Camera Replacement$88Apple iPhone XRBack Camera Replacement$78Apple iPhone XBack Camera Replacement$78Apple iPhone 8 PlusBack Camera Replacement$88Apple iPhone 8Back Camera Replacement$68Apple iPhone 7 PlusBack Camera Replacement$88Apple iPhone 7Back Camera Replacement$58Apple iPhone 6S PlusBack Camera Replacement$48Apple iPhone 6SBack Camera Replacement$38Apple iPhone 6 PlusBack Camera Replacement$38Apple iPhone 6Back Camera Replacement$38Apple iPhone SE (2020)Back Camera Replacement$78Apple iPhone SEBack Camera Replacement$28Apple iPhone 5SBack Camera Replacement$28Apple iPhone 5Back Camera Replacement$28

We can replace iPhone Rear Camera Glass for the following models:

Model NameRepair PartsPriceApple iPhone 12 Pro MaxCamera Glass Replacement$78Apple iPhone 12 ProCamera Glass Replacement$78Apple iPhone 12Camera Glass Replacement$68Apple iPhone 12 miniCamera Glass Replacement$68Apple iPhone 11 Pro MaxCamera Glass Replacement$48Apple iPhone 11 ProCamera Glass Replacement$48Apple iPhone 11Camera Glass Replacement$48Apple iPhone XS MaxCamera Glass Replacement$38Apple iPhone XSCamera Glass Replacement$38Apple iPhone XRCamera Glass Replacement$38Apple iPhone XCamera Glass Replacement$38Apple iPhone 8 PlusCamera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone 8Camera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone 7 PlusCamera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone 7Camera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone 6S PlusCamera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone 6SCamera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone 6 PlusCamera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone 6Camera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone SE (2020)Camera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone SECamera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone 5SCamera Glass Replacement$28Apple iPhone 5Camera Glass Replacement$28

iPhone camera removal service Singapore

As of March 2016, both NS and reservist personnel are allowed to bring their own iPhone and Android smartphones, but with a catch: camera removal must be done by approved iPhone Repair Singapore shops like Hitec Mobile.”Why would you choose us among all the repair shops in Singapore?” you may ask. It’s because we had already removed countless iPhone and Android smartphones cameras since 2016. Besides, you don’t want to risk spoiling your device by removing it yourself as the process is tedious and requires a lot of practise and patience.

We can remove iPhone Front and Back Camera for the following models:

Model NameRepair PartsPriceApple iPhone 12 Pro MaxCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 12 ProCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 12Camera Removal$25Apple iPhone 12 miniCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 11 Pro MaxCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 11 ProCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 11Camera Removal$25Apple iPhone XS MaxCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone XSCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone XRCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone XCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 8 PlusCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 8Camera Removal$25Apple iPhone 7 PlusCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 7Camera Removal$25Apple iPhone 6S PlusCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 6SCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 6 PlusCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 6Camera Removal$25Apple iPhone SE (2020)Camera Removal$25Apple iPhone SECamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 5SCamera Removal$25Apple iPhone 5Camera Removal$25

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