Jamberry French Tips Pedicure: A Step-by-Step Tutorial


French tips pedicures are so classic and beautiful. And nearly impossible to do yourself at home. No matter how careful you are with the white nail polish they always smudge, smear, and streak. Or your entire toe ends up white instead of just the tip. Horrifying! So most women reserve getting a French tips pedicure for the nail salon. Here is an example I found on Yelp. This woman was so proud of her French tips pedicure she took a picture and posted it for the world to see. That and the price: $23 and proud of it! (Unknown if that price included the tip—probably not.)

yelp french pedi

But now with Jamberry, you can do a true French tips pedicure at home for less than $4! Holy wow! Jamberry nail wraps come 18 to a sheet, and are plenty enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures. Doing a regular Jamberry pedicure is super simple when you use a “pedi pack:” the two largest wraps on one row. After you pick the wrap size that fits best on your big toes, you cut the remaining wrap into 8 for your little toes. But what if you want to do a French Tips style pedicure? Cutting up one wrap into 8 won’t work to give you a French style; and if you use the littlest wraps on the sheet, you won’t be able to get a full manicure! So what do you do?

jam pedi
A regular Jamberry “Pedi Pack,” cutting the largest wrap into 8 for your little toes. So cool! But doesn’t work for a French Tip style pedicure!

Many women are just compromising with Jamberry French tips wraps and are just doing the French tips on their big toes, with solids on their little toes. While that can be a cute look, I feel that’s cheating yourself. You should be able to do a true French tips pedicure using the wrap sheet as designed. So here is my step-by-step tutorial on how to cut your Jamberry wraps to get a great looking french tips pedicure for less than $4! (The video version of this tutorial can be found HERE!)

This is my classic white French tip Jamberry sheet, after I had done a manicure. I will cut my pedicure wraps down from the 3 largest wraps.
  1. Here is my classic white tip Jamberry french tips nail wraps sheet. To make this a true tutorial without “cheating” and using the smaller finger wrap sizes, I am using a sheet where I’ve already done a manicure. I have a few pieces left from the middle of the smaller wraps, 2 halves which were for my thumbs, and the 3 largest wraps.
  2. To make my french tips pedicure, I first sized my biggest toes to the 2nd largest wrap size.
  3. Now I have to cut out wraps for 8 little toes and I will do so from the largest wrap, cut into 4; and the 3rd largest wrap cut down to fit the second toe on each foot. My little pinkie toes will get covered in all white from the smallest scrap of the same wrap—no one will be looking that close and those tiny toes are so tiny it won’t matter as much. Let’s get to cutting!
    french tip graphic
    Here is the graphic I made to show how I cut the wraps to fit my toes! Biggest wrap into 4, 2nd biggest in half, and 3rd wrap into 4 for the 2nd biggest toes and the pinkies.
  4. Okay. I cut the largest wrap into four sections. Now I need to trim each into a toe nail shape. I am going to angle my template slightly to get the french tip part straight across my toes. *Note: My toes are small enough to do this. If your toes are larger, you may need to use more wraps. But after my manicure, I still had 3 full wraps to cut down not including my big toe wrap, which could all be cut down for 6 little toes, excluding the pinkie toes.*
    My wraps are all cut out for my Jamberry French tips pedicure! I
    My wraps are all cut out for my Jamberry French tips pedicure! I’m so excited!
  5. So that’s it for the cutting! Here are my pieces all laid out and ready to apply. I cut them all out through the plastic backing so none of the adhesive was disturbed. I also just eyeballed the shape of each nail, but you can put the clear nail wrap still on the backing right over your nail and mark on it with a fine tip marker to cut a perfect fit around your cuticle without using a stencil. After you apply, any left over marker will come off with some alcohol.
    This is approximately how I cut the pieces out of the 3 wrap strips, as per the purple graphic above.
    This is approximately how I cut the pieces out of the 3 wrap strips, as per the purple graphic above.
  6. Now to apply! I haven’t had a true french tips pedicure since I got married NINE years ago, so I am super excited for this! Applying my Jamberry pedicures usually only takes 20 minutes after I do all my nail prep. (Watch my application video HERE!)

More Tips:

  • You can do your cutting and your application at different times to break up the time involved.
  • You can use the “tape method” to make a stencil for each toenail and cut each wrap out for a perfect fit. Make sure you push your cuticles back before you start making your stencils! (for more on the tape method, click here.)
  • Sometimes toes can be cold, so when you are heating your nail wrap, heat up your toe too for a nice, warm and smooth application.
  • Smooth each wrap on your toes using 2 thumbs, starting in the center and smoothing with firm pressure to both sides.
  • After each wrap is applied to your toes, clip the extra wrap off the tip along with a sliver of nail using your nail clippers. No filing is necessary.
  • Enjoy your Jamberry French tips pedicure for 4 to 6 weeks!

Now enjoy the video version of this tutorial HERE, and the application of the Jamberry French Tips Pedicure HERE!

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