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5 Best Juice Storage Containers 2021 (Bottles & Pitchers) – Top Picks & Reviews

0 5 Best Juice Storage Containers 2021 (Bottles & Pitchers) – Reviews & Top Picks

a juice storage container

Juicing is a great way to pack extra nutrients into your diet, but doing it daily can be a time-consuming and messy process. It can be hard to keep juice fresh, but the good news is that there are containers on the market that are up to the task.

This selected list of juice storage containers has all the information you need to find the system that will keep your juice fresh for longer, and our reviews will help you get one you like while avoiding common flaws that will drive you nuts.

We’ve also included a buyer’s guide, which is designed to help you think through the buying process and help you find the best possible value for your money.

Our Favorites in 2021:

The 5 Best Juice Storage Containers

1. Epica 18 oz Juice Glass Beverage Bottle Containers – Best Overall

Epica 18-Oz. Glass Beverage Bottles

There are lots of things to love about glass storage containers, and the Epica 18-Oz. Glass Beverage Bottles are some of the best glass storage containers for juice. When sealed, these bottles are airtight, so you know that your juice will stay fresher and last longer. They’re also made from lead-free glass, so they’re safe for contact with food, and they’re dishwasher safe. Since they’re not plastic, they won’t take on a smell, and they’re very easy to clean as well. They come with stainless steel caps, which are durable, and look great, too.

These bottles are well-designed all around. They’re narrow enough at the base to fit in most cup holders in cars and on backpacks. Plus, they have relatively wide mouths, so filling them isn’t as much of a pain as it is on some other models. The one thing we don’t like is that these bottles are somewhat fragile. Be extra careful when using them, since it is possible to shatter them. Still, if you’re looking for a juice container that’s safe to use and designed for day-to-day life, you’ll like these juice bottles.

To conclude, we think these are the best juice storage containers available this year.

2. All About Juicing Clear Glass Water Bottles

All About Juicing Clear Glass Water Bottles

The All About Juicing Clear Glass Water Bottles set is another line of glass bottles that’s exceptional when it comes to juice storage. One of the most important features a juice storage container can have is an airtight seal, and this line of bottles lives up to expectations in that area. Like the top choice on our list, they come with wide mouths, so it’s easy to pour juice and other liquids from a larger container into these bottles. The plastic lids and glass bottles are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is fast and easy, no matter how colorful your juice was.

This line of bottles is complemented by a line of neoprene and silicone bottle sleeves, which can enhance grip and add a splash of color to each bottle. While they’re not included, it’s nice to have the option to upgrade your juice storage experience if you so desire. The one thing we don’t like is the plastic caps, as they lack color, and it would be better if they were made from stainless steel or glass. However, this is a good line of juice storage bottles and one that’s sure to leave most users pleased with their storage.

3. Takeya Airtight Juice Container & Pitcher

Takeya Patented and Airtight Pitcher

The Takeya Patented and Airtight Pitcher is a great choice for someone looking for a very large juice storage container. This pitcher has two quarts of storage capacity, so you’ll be able to make multiple days’ worth of juice at a time and keep it fresh in this container. It’s made from BPA-free plastic, and that means it’s shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you accidentally drop it. It’s airtight, so you can reliably keep juice in it for days at a time and expect it to stay fresh.

Since this is a pitcher, it has a handle, which makes it easy to maneuver while you use it. It also comes with a spout that makes pouring the juice into smaller containers easier. However, it can be drippy while pouring, though this varies by the viscosity of the juice. Overall, this is a good juice storage container, and it’s an especially good choice for people who want to store large batches of juice at a time.

4. Komax Juice Storage Bottles

Komax Juice Bottles

The Komax Juice Bottles aren’t terrible, but their value isn’t high enough for them to rise higher than fourth place on our list. They’re made from BPA-free plastic, so they’re safe for use with food and drinks. They’re also shatterproof. That’s a big advantage over glass containers, especially if you’re going to be using your juice storage containers on the go. These bottles are also dishwasher safe, which is a huge plus. They have wide mouths, like many of the other juice storage containers on our list, so it’s easier to get juice in and out of them than it is with other kinds of bottles.

Unfortunately, the lids aren’t dishwasher safe. That’s a huge pain if you’re looking for something that’s consistently easy to clean. Since there’s a good chance you’ll get something on the lids, you’ll have to wash them by hand each time. These bottles also come with plastic straw holders, but most people find them more annoying than useful. Given that this set costs more than other bottles on our list, but provides fewer bottles, they won’t leave most people happy with their purchase.

5. Jarden Ball Mason Quart Juice Jars

Jarden Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars

The Jarden Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars set is a classic product that many people use for juicing, even though there are better options available. The plus side is that these are Mason jars, and they have a nice look and feel to them. Additionally, they have wide mouths, which makes getting juice in and out far easier than it would be with a standard jar. They also seal incredibly well when closed, and they have acid-resistant linings on the insides of the lids that help keep it that way.

However, these jars have grown increasingly thin over the years, and they’ve now hit the point where that’s a problem. Not only are these unlikely to survive a fall, but many people report one, two, or three jars out of their 12-jar order broke in transit. That’s a pain to deal with and potentially dangerous. The lids also sometimes rust, which is something you definitely don’t want to see if you’ll be storing liquids. Overall, this brand isn’t as good as it used to be. If you’re looking for a great juice storage container, you’re far more likely to be happy with a different option.

Buyer’s Guide: Select the Best Juice Storage Containers

Airtight containers

Airtight containers are very important when it comes to juice storage. Juice is created by pressing fruits and some vegetables, and both categories of plant products are especially vulnerable to the air.

A process called “oxidation” is what causes bananas to brown and causes brown spots in apples and pears. On a chemical level, oxidation is the oxygen in the air reacting with enzymes in fruits and vegetables.

While fruits and vegetables are also vulnerable to light and high temperatures, merely putting them in the fridge can be enough to slow spoilage. However, if a container with juice in it isn’t airtight, the juice will still oxidize, which can lead to it going bad far sooner.

However, oxidation does more than just cause juice to go bad. It breaks down Vitamins A, C, and E, so that your juice slowly becomes less healthy when exposed to air. That’s why juice storage containers need to be airtight. Limiting your juice’s exposure to oxygen will help it last longer and help preserve the vital nutrients that most juicers are after.

Dishwasher safe

Something else that will be very important to juicers is that their storage equipment is easy to clean. Since fruits and vegetables come in a variety of intense colors, juice is often just as colorful. It also stinks badly when it spoils, so getting a good clean is important but also sometimes tricky.

If you can put all the parts of a juice storage container in the dishwasher, then cleaning is quite simple. However, many brands advertise their equipment as being dishwasher safe, when only the jars themselves can be put in the dishwasher. That means that you have to wash the lids by hand.

While that might not sound so bad, the lids on the best juice storage containers are designed to create an airtight seal, and they often have little nooks and crannies that juice gets into but are hard to clean. That can make cleaning them by hand a time-consuming task, and if you don’t do it right, your lids will start to smell.

In the long run, most people will be happier with dishwasher safe sets where all the parts can be put in the dishwasher.


Another important thing to consider is the capacity of the containers you buy. If you’re making a large batch at once, you have the option of buying a single large container, or a series of smaller containers. While it might make some sense to invest in a container that can hold all your juice, it’s important to consider the space inside your refrigerator.

Depending on the space between your shelves, including the ones in your door, you may not have the vertical space required for a container that holds all your juice at once, since it’s likely to be pretty tall. If you have limited space, or can’t move shelves around without wreaking havoc, it might be a good idea to invest in a series of smaller containers.

The smaller containers will be closer to the size of a single serving, and many of them are designed to be used as cups as well, which cuts down on the number of dishes you have to clean.

Which juice storage container is right for you?

There’s a lot to think through, so as long as you get the right combination of airtightness, capacity, and ease of cleaning, you’re sure to get a juice storage container that’s right for you. The good news is that there’s not a ton of price difference between these options, so you can safely go with the one that seems like it best suits your needs.

One thing to watch out for is that some manufacturers include fewer jars for the same price, so if you’re looking for maximum capacity for your money, make sure you double-check how many are included.

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Our favorite juice storage containers are the Epica 18-Oz. Glass Beverage Bottles, which are airtight, and come with wide mouths and stainless steel caps. Next are the All About Juicing Clear Glass Water Bottles, which have wide mouths, airtight storage, and a great aftermarket line of colorful sleeves. Their plastic caps cost them the first place on our list. The Takeya Patented and Airtight Pitcher has a large capacity, is made from BPA-free plastic, and has a handle, but its drips while pouring hurt its value. The Komax Juice Bottles are made from BPA-free plastic and have wide mouths, but their lids must be washed by hand, and they come with an annoying straw holder, which means they end up in fourth place. In last are the Jarden Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars, which seal well and come with wide mouths, but are thin and sometimes prone to rusting.

Being able to keep your juice for longer can reduce the amount of time you spend juicing, and we hope our reviews have led you to the storage solution that will make your life far easier.

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