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Make Movie Masterpieces with the VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam – The Toy Insider

Make Movie Masterpieces with the VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam - The Toy Insider

Lights, camera, creator action!

Kids ages 5 and up can be just like their favorite influencers, actors, or movie makers with VTech’s newest, kid-safe camera kit. The KidiZoom Creator Cam comes with a digital photo and video camera, a green screen sheet, and a selfie stick-slash-tripod — basically, everything kids need to create videos with interesting effects!

The camera’s most noteworthy feature is its selection of more than 20 animated backgrounds which, when combined with the green screen sheet, can make kids appear as though they are running from a dinosaur, delivering a weather forecast, driving a car, and more. (A fun tip: take the green screen off the wall, and kids can use it to “disappear” on camera!)

To get the best results from the green screen sheet, be sure to reference the helpful, detailed parent guide that comes with the camera. While the camera is designed to be kid-friendly — with icons in addition to words for all menu options, for example — an adult may need to help throughout different parts of the process, such as helping kids figure out the controls for the first time, hanging the green screen sheet, and uploading the video to a computer after it is edited.

One important instruction that I want to highlight from the guide: In addition to the power button on the camera, there is a small, master power switch on the bottom, next to the tripod connection. If you have trouble getting the camera to power on, be sure to check this switch. And if you’re looking to lower the camera volume, press the star button when you’re on the home menu screen!

It’s worth noting that in addition to being kid-friendly, the camera is also kid-safe. It doesn’t have a built-in Wi-Fi connection or use cellular data, which means that kids can’t upload the photo or video content anywhere without an adult’s assistance. The camera does include a cord that connects the camera to the computer, but an adult can retain control of that cord to ensure full security.

In addition to the safety component, there are many other small touches on this camera that make the user experience easier, including three built-in video games that kids can play between takes (great for boredom busting on road trips or during downtime on a family vacation) and a lens that flips up, so kids can see themselves on the screen (selfie style) or watch from behind the lens.

This product will also grow with kids, providing a range of play potential. Some kids, especially younger ones, may simply enjoy seeing themselves on camera and making silly videos without the risks that come with borrowing an adult’s smart device. However, older kids and those inclined to take on more in-depth projects can utilize the camera’s editing features to produce very creative results, from trick videos to stop-motion masterpieces. All of the editing tools are built into the camera!

One thing to consider when purchasing this camera is storage. It does have some storage built in (enough for 5 minutes of low-quality video), but adding a Micro SD card can increase the storage exponentially! If you think your kids will want to keep their videos, and if you want to avoid frequent uploads, consider adding a compatible Micro SD card to your shopping cart, too!

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