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10 Best Kitchen Knives Amazon Prime Day Deals | The Manual

Most of us buy kitchen knives once, then never think about them again. That means, if you are like most people, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Thankfully, Amazon is back with Prime Day Deals which means the best prices you’ll see all year on just about everything. If your kitchen needs a little sprucing up, check out our roundup of the best Prime Day Kitchen Appliances. Then dive into these picks for some of the best kitchen knife deals of 2020.

Emojoy 18-Piece Knife Set — $68, was $85

Emojoy 18-Piece Kitchen Knife Set Although it’s not Amazon’s cheapest knife set deal this Prime Day, this full-fledged set of blades boasts a more polished look than most. Your friends will probably have no idea you paid less than $200 for it. Plus, the German stainless steel is guaranteed to chop better than most as well.

Imarku 7-Inch Santoku Knife — $24, was $31

Imarku 7-Inch Santoku Knife If you’re going to buy just one knife, the Santoku knife (a Japanese chef’s knife) is your best bet. It’s relatively compact, versatile, and ready to tackle just about any chopping task you can throw at it. For less than $24, this 7-inch version from Imarku is an incredible buy.

Michelangelo Colorful Kitchen Knife Set — $17, was $60

Michelangelo Colorful 10-Piece Kitchen Knife Set If the look of ordinary knife sets isn’t exciting enough, this kitchen set from Michelangelo provides a bold pop of color. They’re also lightweight, affordable, and include matching sheath covers to protect the not-so-skilled chefs in your household.

Aroma House 7-Inch Meat Cleaver — $20, was $29

Aroma House 7-Inch Meat Cleaver Butcher's Knife A solid butcher knife is something you don’t appreciate until you really need it. This 7-inch solution from Aroma House is handsome, heavy-duty, and nearly one-third off for Amazon Prime Day.

Xinzuo 7-Piece Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set — $240, was $300

Xinzuo 7-Piece Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife Set The right knife set deserves a place of prominence on your counter. Xinzuo’s seven-piece set is worthy of showing off. The ornate Damascus steel blades boast a clean, modern minimal look, and the solid acacia wood block makes it feel like a far pricier competitor’s model.

Zhyskthd 6.2-Inch Ceramic Chef’s Knife — $24, was $30

Zhyskthd Ceramic Chef's Knife For some at-home chefs, ceramic is the only way to go. It’s lighter than steel and extremely sharp. This 6.2-inch chef’s knife features a zirconium oxide blade with an ABS resin handle for added durability.

TGY 5-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set — $30, was $40

TGY 5-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

For an affordable, straightforward solution, this set from TGY includes five essential knives and skips the block. The three eight-inch knives, one five-inch utility knife, and a 3.5-inch paring knife should provide everything most budding chefs will need in the kitchen.

Hecef Galaxy Blue Kitchen Knife Set — $17, was $21

Hecef Galaxy Blue Kitchen Knife Set For a bold, alien-inspired statement in the kitchen, this Galaxy Blue set from Hecef delivers. The five included knives boast plastic handles to ensure they’re lightweight and more affordable than their fancy competitors. Plus, the indigo blue colorway will definitely stand out on your countertop.

Wallop 7-Piece Kitchen Knife Set — $119, was $170

Wallop 7-Piece Kitchen Knife Set For a more refined statement, this seven-piece, full-tang set from Wallop boasts a contemporary look. The unique, asymmetrical, “see-through” block helps show off your new knife set in style.

Bolexino Professional 9-Piece BBQ Knife Roll Set — $87, was $125

Bolexino Professional 9-Piece BBQ Knife Roll Set If you’re the sort of hotshot who likes showing up his friends by toting his own knives to every cookout, this ultra-portable roll from Bolexino is ideal. The nine-piece set includes a carry bag so you never need be without your precious blades.

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