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Artisanal Spice Gift Sets – Anthony The Spice Maker

Only Available In-Store @ Kreta Ayer outlet!

Know anyone who loves their meat? This is the perfect gift! This set consists of 6 of our popular Grandpa’s Seasoning Rub in mini glass containers. This range of dry rubs is crafted with Anthony’s knowledge and experience on spice mixing and getting his inspiration from our local traditional flavours. They are perfect to spice up your meal, not just for the grill, as they are also suitable to use for stir-fry dishes as well.

$44.90 / Set

Inside the box:

  • Sweet Chilli Grandpa’s Rub 50g
  • Smokey Pepper Grandpa’s Rub 50g
  • Golden Satay Grandpa’s Rub 50g
  • Oriental Treasure Grandpa’s Rub 50g
  • Earthy Masala Grandpa’s Rub 50g
  • Tandoori Spice Blend 40g

This set includes a spice guide and usage recommendations.

Anthony’s Fine Blends Set – Popular !

This set consists of our Top 3 Supreme Fine Blends at Anthony The Spice Maker. Our bestselling Curry Powder Singapura has been highly raved by many Michelin starred chefs around the world. What more can we say? Highly recommended by Anthony himself, a definite must-have for every kitchen.

$31.20 / Set

Inside the box:

  • Curry Powder Singapura (Supreme Blend) 60g
  • Five Spice Fine Blend 60g
  • Garam Masala Fine Blend 60g

This set includes a spice guide and usage recommendations.

ATSM Wellness Set – Out of Stock

This is a great pick for tea and latte lovers. This set consists of sugar-free and caffeine-free aromatic spice blends, concocted using specially sourced and carefully selected spices. You are able to make delicious, cafe standard (or even better) beverages such as Golden milk, Masala Chai and Coffee with cinnamon. Just so you know, the spice maker himself drinks his Golden Turmeric shot daily.

$26.90 / Set

Inside the box:

  • Golden Turmeric Spice Blend 50g
  • Masala Chai Spice Blend 50g
  • Cinnamon Ground 50g

This set includes a spice guide and usage recommendations.

Essential Spices Set

A perfect starter kit for every new kitchen and even for the pros! These 6 essential spices not only enhance the natural flavours of a dish but bring new flavours and aromas to familiar foods, exciting our tastebuds and senses. This set consists of 100% pure, unadulterated spices which means, we ensure that you can actually flavour your food with just a sprinkle or a small pinch. You get the point. We forgot to mention, too, that they are all specially sourced, and carefully selected. No artificial colourings, no fillers and no additives added.

$35.90 / Set

Inside the box:

  • Ginger Ground 30g
  • Turmeric Ground 30g
  • Chili Ground 30g
  • Black Pepper Ground 30g
  • Cumin Ground 30g
  • Coriander Ground 30g

This set includes a spice guide and usage recommendations.

Traditional Flavours of Singapore – Premixes

Curry Lovers Set

Not sure which curry blend to pick? This set consists of 5 packets of assorted curry blends, masterfully blended by Anthony who was inspired by the recipes from the generations before. Talk about traditional taste. It includes our signature Supreme Blend- Curry Powder Singapura, suitable to use for meat marination before cooking Curry Chicken and Rendang or use to enhance the flavour of any stir-fry dishes!

$55.00 / Set

Inside the box:

  • Curry Powder Singapura ( Supreme Blend ) 150g
  • Nonya Chicken Curry Spice Blend 130g
  • Meat Rendang Spice Blend 130g
  • Mixed Vegetable Curry Spice Blend 130g
  • Fish Head Curry Spice Blend 130g

Recipes are provided on the packaging and on our website.

Anthony’s Picks Set – Popular !

Personally picked and selected by Anthony, this makes a great starter kit for any spice lover! This set consists of 3 traditional spice blends to whip up Iconic Dishes of Singapore with easy-to-follow recipes and online video tutorials for reference, together with our popular seasoning rubs – Smokey Pepper and Tandoori Spice Blend. Get creative, experiment with these spice blends in any recipes!

$52.00 / Set

Inside the box:

  • Curry Powder Singapura ( Supreme Blend ) 150g
  • Traditional Laksa Spice Blend 130g
  • Singapore Chilli Crab Spice Blend 150g
  • Smokey Pepper Grandpa’s Seasoning Rub 80g
  • Tandoori Spice Blend 80g

Recipes are provided on the packaging and on our website.

Customize Your Own At Our Store!

Take your pick and choose from a variety at our Kreta Ayer store and we will get it professionally packed in a nice kraft box stamped with our logo, as well as company card included inside!

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