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KUBE Bluetooth Speaker – Hi-Fi Wireless Speaker w/ 37qt Cooler Storage


For any party enthusiast, having the right Bluetooth speaker is important, especially when they’re the ones hosting the party at their home, backyard, or pool. Anyone that wants to have a cool house party, relaxing afternoon at their backyard, or even the most memrable pool party ever will obviously need one very important thing. A high-quality, Hi-Fi (high-fidely) Bluetooth wireless speaker that’s capable of delivering a crisp, premium sound to easily “wrap” all of you family and friends in its immersive sound profile. That’s where the KUBE Bluetooth Speaker by Thomas & Darden comes in to play.

The KUBE Bluetooth Speaker is one of Thomas & Darden’s best Bluetooth wireless speakers ever made. This is a portable wireless audio system that sounds like nothing else you’ve heard.

“It complements the space around you instead of competing with it. The result is rich, full sound that makes any environment more inviting.”

However, it doesn’t stop there, as this wireless speaker doesn’t only pack a punch in terms of its sound quality. Not only does the KUBE speaker offers tremendous sound, but it also features a ton of storage space inside its bulky body, allowing any committed party host to keep all of his guests’ beverages fresh and cold, as well as packed nicely into one single space.

Let’s take a detailed look at this huge wireless Bluetooth speaker and check everything it has to offer.


The first thing you’ll notice when getting the KUBE Bluetooth Speaker out of its box is just how big and hefty this smart wireless speaker really is. This bulky speaker measures 23 inches long by 17 inches wide by 17.7 inches tall (585 mm x 451 mm x 433 mm), making it about the size of a standard cooler, and weighs a whooping 48 lbs. (21.8 kg).

KUBE Bluetooth Speaker - Design & Measurements
KUBE Bluetooth Speaker – Design & Measurements

The speaker’s white and silver body (the exterior) looks quite stylish and is actually quite sturdy and extremely durable, as it is mostly made of anodized aluminum, with some parts made of high-impact ABS plastic, while also featuring soft-touch rubber finishes that make the speaker resistant to dirt, oil, and UV light.

Sturdy & Durable Anodized Aluminum Exterior
Sturdy & Durable Anodized Aluminum Exterior

At the sides, users can find its soft-touch rubber finishes, a very soft-touch high-quality material that covers the speaker’s side grilles. Just like most speakers that feature side grilles, the KUBE’s side grilles are acoustically transparent and will never affect its sound in an audible manner or even in a scarcely measurable manner.

Soft-Touch Rubber Finishes that cover the speaker
Soft-Touch Rubber Finishes that cover the speaker’s side grilles

As mentioned before, the KUBE speaker also comes equipped with a built-in storage space that can be easily opened via the KUBE’s push-panel, which will reveal a self-opening lid right after the push-trigger is clicked inwards.

The KUBE’s push-panel easily opens its built-in storage space

By opening the lid users will have an easy access to the KUBE’s 37 qt (35 L) storage compartment, which is insulated with FDA-approved resin, while also featuring fade-in/fade-out illumination – meaning that lights get automatically activated when the lid is opened and automatically shut-off when the lid is getting closed.

KUBE’s 37 qt (35 L) storage compartment

This storage compartment can be used as a cooler to store both your drinks and food in a freshly manner. All you have to do is add your snacks and beverages, then throw some ice over them, and you’re all set to start the party. Furthermore, if you’re ever worried about how hard it is to clean the KUBE’s storage compartment, then think again. Whenever it is time to when it’s time to clean it out, you can conveniently use its built-in discreet, flip-open drain plug (located at the very bottom) which lets you easily drain all the liquid from the speaker’s storage space.

Equipped with a built-in discreet, flip-open drain plug (at the bottom) that lets you easily drain all the liquid from its storage space
Equipped with a built-in discreet, flip-open drain plug (at the bottom) that lets you easily drain all the liquid from its storage space

Furthermore, the KUBE was also designed with utility in mind, as its package also comes with included attachable handles that can be easily screwed on each side of the speaker’s box, which will ultimately make carrying the hefty Kube around a much easier task.

Includes attachable handles that can be easily screwed on each side of the speaker
Includes attachable handles that can be easily screwed on each side of the speaker’s box to conveniently carry the KUBE around

Lastly, thanks to its design’s IPX4 rating (splash and water resistant), the KUBE speaker is also both splash and water resistant, which makes this Bluetooth wireless speaker by Thomas & Darden great for pool parties.


The KUBE Bluetooth Speaker comes equipped with bipolar drivers that let the unit boast an omnidirectional sound profile, thus allowing the speaker to have an equal sound sensitivity in all directions.

Furthermore, the unit also comes equipped with a built-in advanced 350W digital amplifier while featuring a high-quality Sound Output that can go up to 122dB.


The KUBE Speaker also comes equipped with a built-in Control Panel that’s extremely easy to use, featuring a total of five (x5) Multi-Press Buttons that work with Multi-Color Indicators.

KUBE’s Control Panel

From top to bottom, these multi-press buttons go as follows: Power Button, Bluetooth Pairing Button, Play/Pause Button, Volume Increase, and Volume Decrease.

The speaker also integrates a built-in ambient light sensor for auto brightness, which will basically make the buttons’ LEDs (the Multi-Color Indicators) shine brighter whenever needed so that users can notice them better (i.e. under direct sunlight).


Within the KUBE’s protective breakaway port doors (the interface panel) users will find one (x1) USB charging port (2.1A max), one (x1) 3.5mm audio input, and a DC charging port that’s used to recharge the KUBE’s built-in rechargeable battery.

KUBE’s Connection Ports


Coming equipped with Dual-Diversity Antennas and featuring a wireless range that goes up to 300 ft. (91.4 m), the KUBE speaker offers two different connectivity methods.

These include Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity, supporting the most common Wireless Standards (802.11 ac/n/g,), operating at a dual-band frequency of either 2.4GHz/5GHz.


As mentioned earlier, the KUBE also packs an advanced Li-Ion rechargeable battery power system that can offer up to 50 hours of playtime when using the speaker at medium volume (94dB), or up to 10 hours of playtime when having the speaker rock the party at its maximum volume (122dB).

By using the included Power Adapter and connecting it to the speaker’s DC charging port users can conveniently have their speaker recharged back to a full charge in a matter of a few hours.


The KUBE Bluetooth Speaker is a sturdy Hi-Fi wireless speaker that features a crisp, premium sound, as well as a huge storage compartment for drinks, food, and accessories.

KUBE Bluetooth Speaker
KUBE Bluetooth Speaker

This awesome speaker is a great combination between a portable cooler and portable wireless speaker, offering party enthusiasts a better way of bringing both the party and their favorite snacks to the next pool party or beach party they decide to visit, all combined with a premium omnidirectional sound profile.

If you’re interested in buying the KUBE Bluetooth Speaker, each unit is currently going for $400, but you can also get it by paying just $38 p/month via affirm. You can order yours right now, directly from the company’s official website, which you can access via this link.

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