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8 Best Labrador Breeders in Massachusetts! (2021) – We Love Doodles

Labrador Breeders in Massachusetts

If you’re searching for the best Labrador breeders in Massachusetts, then you’ve come to the right place. Labradors have been bred to retrieve a large variety of games on land and in water. Labs are known as companionable and friendly housemates who connect easily with the entire family. They are also known to socialize easily with other dogs in the neighborhood and humans in the same way. Labradors are enthusiastic athletes who require lots of exercises, like marathon games of fetch and swimming, to physically and mentally fit. For quality Labrador breed, check out our list of quality Labrador breeders in Massachusetts.

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Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale in Massachusetts

Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale in Massachusetts

The Labrador Retriever, without a doubt, is a beautiful and loyal dog breed. If you’re searching for a Labrador Retriever companion in Massachusetts, we advise you to do your research if you’re purchasing from an unknown breeder. There are many Labrador Retriever puppy mills, and it’s best to keep an eye out for any signs of red flags. Our team at WeLoveDoodles created this list of Labrador Retriever breeders for you to save you time on your search.

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1. Handy Hill Labradors

Handy Hill Labradors

First on the list of Labrador breeders in Massachusetts is “Handy Hill Labradors.” They specialize in English-breed Labradors. Generally, these Labrador Retrievers are stockier than the traditional American Labrador Retrievers because the English breeds have larger bone structure sizes than the American Labradors. The Handy Hill Kennel specializes in chocolate, black, and yellow Labrador puppies. The quality within each one of their exceptional puppies is promoted by working with them to ensure great looks, temperament, and overall breed quality.

The English Labrador Retrievers, which are bred at the Handy Hills are loving, gentle, and docile. They are born with these characteristics to have loving labs, with a high level of training and a genetic lineage that is prominent and prevalent within each puppy. All of their Labrador Retrievers are cleared by the CERF yearly (Canine Eye Registry Foundation), OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for elbows and hips, and other necessary tests.

Handy Hill Labradors Details

  • Address: Acushnet, Massachusetts 02743, United States
  • Phone: 508-264-6408
  • Website: Handy Hill Labradors
  • Email: [email protected]

2. Paddington Labradors Retrievers

Paddington Labradors Retrievers

The mission of the Paddington Labradors Retrievers is to breed healthy, beautiful, and versatile Labradors, which has been accomplished for over 30 years. As a part of their matching process, which also comes with their warranty, all puppies are given an aptitude test at 49 days. Also, they come with a lifetime enrollment in the AKC Reunite Program and are microchipped. Their Labradors have CERF clearance on eyes and the OFA certification on the hips and elbows. At Paddington Labradors Retrievers, they do not breed or condone the breeding of Labradors Retrievers other than the description given by the AKC Standard for the breed.

Paddington Labradors Retrievers Details

  • Address: 80, Richardson Corner Road, Charlton, Massachusetts 0 , United States
  • Phone: 508-248-3618
  • Website: Paddington Labradors Retrievers
  • Email: [email protected]

3. Cedarbrook Labradors

Cedarbrook Labradors

Cedarbrook Labradors are bred and co-owned by Nicole and Michael Santamaria. They breed and showcase quality American Kennel Club (AKC) Registered English style Labrador Retrievers and are dedicated to the puppies’ health, conformation, and temperament. They are connected to the Forestwood Labradors owned by Leslie and Michael Plank in New York City.

Cedarbrook Labradors Details

  • Address: Burlington, Massachusetts, United States
  • Phone: 781-272-5533
  • Website: Cedarbrook Labradors
  • Email: [email protected]

4. Hoof-n-Paw English Labrador Retrievers

Hoof-n-Paw English Labrador Retrievers

Hoof-n-Paw Kennel is a breeder of quality healthy and sound charcoal, fix red, chocolate, back, silver, and yellow English Labrador Retrievers. Their main goal in the breeding business is to produce a happy, friendly, outgoing, and calm temperament dog free of genetic problems. Hoof-n-Paw Kennel has been breeding for over forty-two years. The Labrador is raised based on family, and their puppies are daily handled since birth and are socialized at a tender age.

Their Labradors are AKC registered and are made sure to pass the OFA (hip and elbow exam) and the CERF (eye exam) before they are taught into the breeding program. The puppies are provided with their playground, which involves several toys- to help stimulate their minds and muscle coordination. The Hoof-n-Paw Kennel tests for over 175 various health conditions with a lifetime guarantee that your newly adopted puppies will never be affected by some health issues.

Hoof-n-Paw English Labrador Retrievers Details

  • Address: 16, Morses Lane, Acushnet, Massachusetts 02743, United States
  • Phone: 508-207-0683
  • Website: Hoof-n-Paw English Labrador Retrievers
  • Email: [email protected]

5. Dunrovin Farming Kennel

Dunrovin Farming Kennel

The Dunrovin Farming kennel has been in the business of breeding puppies since 1987. They display some of the highest quality standards in the business within the state. Beyond being a breeder, Dunrovin Farms serves as a superstore that offers the best quality toys, treats, and various items that your puppy may also need. Special kits and dog chow are also available to ensure your Labrador’s excellent performance and health. A plus to the Dunrovin Farms is their excellent knowledge about the breed generally to give answers to any question or concerns you may have regarding your newly adopted Labrador.

Dunrovin Farming Kennel Details

  • Address: 261, River Street, Halifax, Massachusetts 02338, United States
  • Phone: 781-294-1498
  • Website: Dunrovin Farming Kennel
  • Email: [email protected]

6. Mello Labradors

Mello Labradors

Mello Labradors have specialized in the production of quality Labrador puppies since the year 2003. The various bloodlines of the Labradors bred include the American, the Canadian, and the International Champion. The kennel has grown over time, but they continue to pride themselves on raising sound, healthy, and quality lab Retrievers with show, field, and companion bloodlines.

Their puppies are all AKC registered and have passed the OFA hip exam. The Mello Labradors Kennels are versatile and enable the dogs to undergo various activities and learning experiences. It is in a fenced area where the dogs have time to play outside of the Kennels and are sometimes permitted to take the property under supervision. These dogs learn to share, have an appropriate relationship and get along with each other.

Mello Labradors Details

  • Address: Acushnet, Massachusetts, United States
  • Phone: 508-763-4910
  • Website: Mello Labradors
  • Email: [email protected]

7. Excalibur Labradors

Excalibur Labradors

The Excalibur Labradors have been a known quality breeder since the 1990s. They are probably considered one of the best, if not the best, breeders within the state and are registered with the AKC for English Labrador Retrievers. The Excalibur puppies are born and raised in the Excalibur home, where they receive care, dedication, and socialization. All of their puppies have a written health guarantee and a free thirty days of health insurance when sent to your home. They breed only the finest quality of chocolate, black, and yellow (fox red to cream) English Labrador Retrievers.

The breeding environment enhances the socialization and play of healthy dogs, as the Labradors at the kennel are accompanied by the Bernese Mountain dogs, which are as well-bred in the same environment. They see both breeds as very loving, intelligent, and devoted companions and friends. At Excalibur, they ensure that their customers go beyond being satisfied but rather ecstatic with the brand-new Labrador that will cause a transformation in their outlook on this dog breed forever.

Excalibur Labradors Details

  • Address: 229, Perry Hill Road, Acushnet, Massachusetts, United States
  • Phone: 508-951-3179
  • Website: Excalibur Labradors
  • Email: [email protected]

8. Wing-N-Wave Labradors

Wing-N-Wave Labradors

Last on the list of Labrador breeders in Massachusetts is “Wing-N-Wave Labradors.” Pamela A. Davol owns Wing-N-Wave Kennel. He has been involved in raising, showing, obedience training, and field working Labrador Retrievers since 1984 to breed an overall quality Labrador Retrievers. They understand that breeding for pet puppies is no excuse for producing mediocrity and have their first obligation to the puppy. This obligation involves finding the best possible home for him that will provide both proper care and love and a commitment to ensure the owner’s satisfaction, which will bring about a better chance of the dog being happy in its new home.

Their Labradors have ACVO/CERF clearance on eyes and the OFA certification on the hips and elbows. At Wing-N-Wave, breeding is done on a limited basis (on the average of one litter per year). An advantage of this breeding on a small scale, according to the breeder, is to have the opportunity to develop a good rapport with each new puppy owner. They breed only for yellow and black and prefer “complementation” breeding instead of line-breeding or in-breeding, to choose bloodlines that are similar in type to get the desired lineages in terms of the temperament of the Labradors.

All bred puppies are covered by the Wing-N-Wave Limited Health Warranty and are released to their new owners no earlier than eight weeks of age. This release includes a portfolio containing a record of immunization, a feeding schedule, follow-up care instructions, sample food, profile record of progress from birth, health booklets, a copy of all contracts and guarantees, AKIC application for registration, a pedigree, and all other important documents.

Wing-N-Wave Labradors Details

  • Address: 76, Mildred Avenue, Swansea, Massachusetts 0 , United States
  • Phone: 508-673-0631
  • Website: Wing-N-Wave Labradors
  • Email: [email protected]

Conclusion For The “Best Labrador Breeders in Massachusetts”

Conclusion For The Best Labrador Breeders in Massachusetts

Labradors are loving and bring about great joy when added to the family. As a result of the increase in various breeders, the quality of the Labradors, which are bred with all the love and care they can get, is crucial. This quality requires that you make your findings in your attempt for a loving, friendly Labrador of the desired temperament and service. This list provides you with top breeders of Labradors in Massachusetts that would provide you with dogs that are docile, gentle, caring, and of top-notch temperament with excellent quality characteristics.

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