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9 Of The Best Laptops With Stylus Pen in 2021 – Reviewed 🤴

Want to find the Best Laptops With Stylus Pen in 2021? 🤔 You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s explore this ultimate buyer’s guide. 📗

Most of the time, it is hard to use keyboard keys when you are an IT student, designer, architect, or student who loves to make designs and sketches.

Also, it is a big issue for someone to draw sketches with a finger on touch screens for more extended periods. Definitely, these all are the fields that are time-consuming tasks.

However, you always need to get some tools to work on details on the designs and sketches to make it more fantastic. In such a case, we have a solution to your issue, and you will surely love to work with it.

Here, we have made a list of the best laptops with a stylus. Also, are you excited to know more details about the stylus? Then read on thoroughly.

A stylus is a pen-shaped instrument that is used with touchscreen graphic tablets to interact with commands to draw on the screen. Stylus pens are useful in graphic design, note-taking, digital artistry, and painting. The word ‘stylus’ means ‘writing implement’.

It is used to write or draw on other things. However, it is used for most mobile devices; thus, it is known as a drawing instrument. Whether you are a professional artist or a designer, finding a laptop with the stylus is essential.

On some laptops, you need to order the pen separately, which is one of the challenging tasks ever in the world. Now, the good news is some of the manufacturers are providing stylus pens with the laptop at no extra cost.

Best Laptops With Stylus Pen: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Samsung Galaxy Book 12’’ Windows 2-In-1 PC

Samsung always surprises its customers with something. They always keep on innovating and introducing new products. Among those new and innovative products, Samsung Galaxy Book 12 is one of the best laptops. This book has a built-in stylus that makes you work on your arts and designs comfortably.

Best Laptops With Stylus Pen
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When it comes to displaying performance, this laptop comes with 12 inches with a high resolution. With these millions of pixels, you can work more detail on your design on a small screen. It has a built-in stylus pen which is the best technology.

It delivers detailed contrast colors on a screen and can fit in your hands easily. Therefore, it is easy for you to draw some sketches and some beautiful architectural designs with a stylus on this Samsung Galaxy Book.

Besides, you can switch from touch to keyboard keys. It operates smoothly so that the Samsung Book 12 inches display offers you approx. 4100 pressure levels.

This Samsung Galaxy Book 12 is powered by Windows and a seventh Generation Intel Core i5 Processor. One of the best things about this Samsung Galaxy Book is that it connects with your Samsung android phone.

Moreover, it is equipped with 8GB RAM, so that you can perform multi-tasks on the laptop. One of the best things about this laptop is that you can work for almost 12 hours on a single charge. Also, you can use its storage to save your data to access in later periods.

When it comes to portability and connectivity, this laptop connects your Samsung phone and Galaxy book with a touch of contact. Even, you can share some files or data without any internet connection.

In addition, it can receive the notification, and you can easily share data using a Bluetooth connection. However, it is compatible and can be connected to other devices easily.

Below is a summary of the main Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Book 12’’ Windows 2-In-1 PC that makes it add to the Best Laptops With Stylus Pen list in 2021.


  • Samsung Galaxy Book comes with a fantastic and pressure-responsive stylus pen.
  • This laptop is powered by windows Intel Core i5 processor, which is powerful.
  • Samsung Galaxy Book is light-weighted and compatible with other devices.
  • Galaxy Book has a sensitive display with millions of pixels so that you can work on designs freely.
  • This laptop comes with long battery life and recharges fast.


  • The Galaxy Book display looks overcooked and sometimes misrepresents colors on the screen.

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