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60 of the Best Lego Gifts for Lego Lovers

Inside: Do you have a true Lego fan on your hands? Buy them the perfect holiday or birthday gift with this ultimate list of the best Lego gifts ever.

We should buy stock in Lego. Or join a support group. Our Lego addiction and collection is a little out of control.

And it started way before we had kids. My husband requested a Lego set every year in his stocking, a tradition held over from his childhood. And we still continue it with our kids. Everyone gets Legos in their stockings.

And Santa brings Legos, grandparents buy the big sets, and most gift cards are spent on even more Legos or Lego books.

I spend my gift cards on buying bins to hold it all so I stop stepping on the d*mn Legos.

If you’ve got a Lego lover on your shopping list, you’ve found the ultimate gift guide for them.

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Lego Gifts that Encourage Builders to Use the Legos They Already Have:

Block Tape to build Legos vertically up walls and down their desks. So cool!


Flexible Lego Mat (for Lego and Duplo!)


Awesome Lego Creations With Bricks You Already Have- Already have a ton of bricks laying around the house? This book is perfect for your master builders.


Epic Lego Adventures With Bricks You Already Have- This is the sequel to the book above and it’s just as epic as the first one. Making mutant scorpions? My son was sold.


Genius Lego Inventions With Bricks You Already Have- Make a robot and a Starburst Candy Dispenser? My son squealed with delight when I showed him this one!


Lego Ideas Book- Ideas from Lego’s biggest fans… Use the Legos you’ve got to build even more.


Lego Baseplate- To build all the amazing creations!


Lego Tables- Let your little ones create while sitting at their own table!



Lego Gifts That Encourage a New Kind of Creativity:

Make Your Own Movie- My son is addicted to creating stop action videos. He is going to lose his mind over a Lego themed kit.


Lego Chain Reactions- such a fantastic and creative way to use Legos!


Lego Markers- Get your kids drawing pictures of their Lego creations.


Lego Pen and Stationary- Write a note, write a story, write a grocery list.


Lego Journal- Write down your newest building creation ideas in this awesome journal.


Lego Card Making Kit- This might actually get my Lego kid to write thank you notes!


The Best Lego Gifts That Encourage Kids to Read

Team Batman- This book encouraged my reluctant reader like none other. He loved it and had it memorized.


Cops, Crocs and Crooks was another one of my son’s absolute favorite books!


Lego Friends The Birthday Surprise- My daughter loved this book!


Lego Where’s the Pizza Boy Search and Find- This is perfect for pre-readers to engage with books in positive ways.


Brick by Brick: How Lego Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry- A little light reading, but surely interesting. Perfect for teens and adults who love Lego and have the entrepreneurial spirit.


The Best Lego Gifts You Can Wear:

Lego Watch- This is absolutely adorable and even though my son can’t tell time yet, he loves wearing it!


Lego Tshirt- The evolution of the Lego man for adults


Lego kids’ tshirt- Only the important things in life.


Lego Socks- Keep your toes warm this winter


Lego Pajamas- Have Lego dreams in these cute jammies.


Lego Gifts You Can Eat and Drink With:

Lego Lunchbox- Be the coolest kid at school with this lunchbox


Lego Mug- Build as you drink your coffee or hot cocoa


Lego cup- Drink from the same cup as Ll-loyd.


Lego Water Bottle- Anything to get my kids to drink more water


Lego Spoon Fork and Kinfe Set- Your kids will be inspired to eat their veggies with this spoon and fork!


Lego Fork, Spoon and Chopstick set- how cute is this set and carrying case?


Lego Popsicle Molds


Lego Cake Mold- celebrate a Lego birthday with this fun cake mold


Lego Candles- perfect for any lego lover’s birthday


The Best Lego Gifts for Your Home:

Lego Wall Hangers- Hang up your cute lego sweatshirts on these


Lego Alarm Clock- Anything to help them get out of bed on time for school the next morning


Or this cute Wonderwoman Lego Clock


Or this Lego Phone Case


Hot Dog Man Lego Movie Lighted Keychain- silly, but amazing.


Lego Storage Cinch Bag-


Lego Display Case- Have special Legos? Show them off and keep them away from the vacuum.


Lego Magnet Statue of Liberty – show of some Legos on your refrigerator!


Lego Gifts You Can Play With:

Monster 4 Lego Dice Game- Monsters, dice and Legos? It’s a triple win in my s0n’s book.


Lego What Am I Guessing Game- Kids can sharpen their questioning skills in this new take on an old classic.


Lego City Undercover for Xbox One- This is definitely on my son’s wishlist this year!


Lego Friends for Nintendo DS- My girls would flip for this!


Lego Friends Friendship Box-Build 5 life-sized lego creations


Lego Gift Ideas for Christmas:

Lego City Save This Christmas- Christmas Lego books are always welcome additions to our book collection!


Lego Ornament Book- Instead of buying them a new ornament this year, have them make one!


Lego Ornaments- These look adorable on the tree!


Lego Advent Calendar: These are my kids absolute favorite December advents. My youngest usually gets city, my son gets the Star Wars one and my oldest daughter gets the Friends one.


Christmas Town Square


Duplo Santa’s Winter Holiday- Perfect for the Youngest Lego lovers


Small Lego Sets under $7, Perfect for Stockings or Easy Birthday gifts:

3 in 1 Creator Red Race Car


Friends Puppy Pampering


City Police ATV Arrest


Harry Potter Lego Mini Set


Get more Harry Potter Gifts here.

The Best Lego Gifts to Watch:

The Lego Movie- Still my favorite Lego movie to watch.


Lego Batman Movie- Okay, have you ever said to Siri, “Hey Puter?” You will NOT be disappointed.


Lego Ninjago Movie- Can’t lie, this one isn’t my favorite. But my son loves it.


Lego Sets That are My Absolute Favorites:

Creator Poolside Holiday


Creator Beachside Vacation


Creator Seasons House- It transitions into three different projects!


Friends Hot Dog Stand- this one cracks me up. And my daughter LOVED building it!


Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Playground


The Best Lego Gifts for the Youngest Lego Lovers:

Duplo Pizzeria- This is super cute!


Duplo Mickey and Minnie Train- Perfect for Lego and Disney lovers


Duplo Animals- Have a kiddo who loves animals and Legos? They can start building a zoo.


Duplo My First School Bus- The recovering elementary school teacher in me loves this set


Duplo Building Plate – Perfect for the youngest master builders


Lego Gift Items for Dramatic Play and Lego Halloween Costumes:

Lego Hands-


Lego Construction Worker


Lego Batman Costume-


Best Lego Gift Experiences:

Legoland- We are lucky enough to live within driving distance of one of the Legoland amusement parks and it is a truly incredible place. My kids love getting this experience as a gift!

Legoland Discovery Centers- Chances are, you’re much closer to one of the indoor Discovery Centers. These make incredible experience gifts and we ask for it every year. We’ve been to Boston’s and Chicago’s, but they’re also in: Arizona, Atlanta, Columbus, Dallas/Fort Worth, Kansas City, Michigan, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Westchester. Outside of the US, there are 11 other locations in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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