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How to Get a Solid Water-Cooled PS4? – RyLi Gaming Solutions

Many enthusiasts look forward to get a water-cooled PS4 due to its vast benefit to their gaming. In fact, a PS4 liquid cooling doesn’t exist in the markets, but you may build one of it yourself. Maybe there’s some companies who offer this, but in general, it doesn’t exist. Additionally, if you own PS4 Pro, you may also want to get a PS4 Pro water cooling kit. This will lower the temperature of the PS4 Pro to the lowest and enhance your gaming experience with it. Moreover, a PS4 Pro liquid cooling is also one of the rare products in the markets.

So, let’s first get to know what the PS4 water cooler is and how does it work. Also, let’s go deeper into liquid cooling system in general to get better knowledge about that for PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Introducing PS4 Water Cooling

Every game console, including PS4 and PS4 Pro, generates heat during operation. That heat can kill your PS4’s precious internals if you’re not careful.

PS4 uses air cooling system with a fan and heatsink to cool its parts

While you don’t have anything to worry about if you bought your PS4 from a big-box retailer or straight from a manufacturer, you’ll encounter a potentially crucial decision if you’ve decided to lower the temperature of PS4 to the lowest. Should you chill your PS4 with a traditional air cooling solution or a pricier, yet more efficient liquid-cooling system? That question has many aspects to consider before you can answer it.

PS4 liquid cooling is the reduction of heat in electronic and mechanical devices through exploiting the properties of liquids. In general, the liquid cooling is firmly established cooling method in many current technologies. Automobiles, mainframes and the systems of Ps4 enthusiasts have used traditional air cooling for many years. The methods and coolants can differ between and within these categories.

When it comes to PS4 cooling, the most common form of liquid cooling involves a closed system of tubes. It carries the liquid from one component involved in cooling to another. These systems are generally referred to as loops. There are some parts common to all liquid cooling loops: pumps, tubing, water blocks, and radiators. When considering adding a liquid cooler to PS4, you need first to get rid of PS4 thermal paste. However, the PS4 CPU can get too hot if that doesn’t apply correctly.

replacing PS4 fan can offer good cooling for PS4, but not like liquid cooling

Several Options

PS4 liquid cooling is essentially a radiator for the processors inside of the PS4. Just like a radiator for a car, a liquid cooling system circulates a liquid through a heat sink attached to the processor. As the liquid passes through the heat sink, heat is transferred from the hot PS4 processor to the cooler liquid. The hot liquid then moves out to a radiator at the back of the case and transfers the heat to the ambient air outside of the case. The cooled liquid then travels back through the system to the components to continue the process.

PS4 Water Cooling Process Steps

The secret to harnessing the PS4 cooling power of air lies in fans—lots of fans. Your typical air-cooled PS4 comes with one fan for all the console parts. You find this fan in the position atop a big metal heat sink. That way it keeps your PS4 components nice and frosty.

  1. Higher processor speeds of PS4 and PS4 Pro create more heat, requiring more efficient cooling. You can provide that using either a liquid cooling system or an air cooling system.
  2. The liquid cooling system involves allowing water to circulate through a small pipe inside a heat sink. That heat sink adheres to the PS4 processes via a thermal paste.
  3. As the liquid flows through the pipe, the heat the PS4 processor dissipates goes to the cooler liquid.
  4. The warm liquid is allowed to flow through the pipe to a radiator. As for the excess heat, the cooler releases it into the ambient air outside the system.
  5. The cooled liquid recirculates again through the pipe to the PS4 processor. Accordingly, it continues the cooling process.

The pump pushes the liquid though a loop and must be primed so as to start circulating the liquid. Pumps burn out when spinning empty as they too rely on the fluid they circulate for cooling. The tubing is most commonly flexible plastic. It’s often clear but sometimes colored and even UV reactive. Some users have used hard plastic or copper pipe with bend fittings or formed soft copper piping. After the pump, the tubing typically carries the liquid to the radiator where it is cooled of the pumps heat load.

There are a lot of tweaks to do in order to implement a liquid cooling system on PS4

What PS4 Components need water cooling

In fact, all PS4 components generate heat and must cool down. Whether it’s the processor, hard disk, graphics card or any other device. Water has a higher thermal conductivity than air. For that reason, the PS4 water cooling system helps the processor to run at high temperatures while keeping the system noise low.

Some industry experts predict that water cooling systems will become the next obvious choice for personal computers. Maybe this applies also to game consoles like PS4. Many companies use them in modern data centers because of the strict cooling requirements therein.

The liquid used in cooling may be de-ionized water or an electrically nonconductive and non-capacitive engineered fluid. That’s of which there are a number of patented formulations. You can’t use tap water as the ions dissolved in it are likely to corrode the water blocks. For the same reason it’s inadvisable to mix metals in a cooling loop.

Now you may understand why a PS4 liquid cooling is not that easy to implement. You also have to consider algae and bacteria growth that could clog a system. That way you should include some biocidal agents. You may use a coil of silver for a biocidal, although it has to be very pure for corrosion prevention. Often enthusiasts choose de-ionized water because of its performance, ready availability and low cost.

Benefits of PS4 Water Cooling System

There are many benefits, in fact, of implementing a water cooling system on PS4 or PS4 Pro. Actually, a water-cooled PS4 will really be at a very low temperature while doing the hard tasks. One benefit of Ps4 liquid cooling is the reduction of noise within the console. Most current heat-sink and fan combinations tend to generate a lot of noise. that’s because the fans need to circulate a large volume of air over the processors and through the system. Professional game consoles like PS4 Pro may require fan speeds in excess of 5000 rpm that can generate very audible noise. Under heavy load tasks, PS4 CPU requires even more airflow over the CPU. But when a liquid cooling solution it will generally not required as high speed for the fan.

There are other optional parts as well if you consider to water-cool PS4. A loop may use a reservoir (a tank of liquid) or a three way adapted T-line with a fill port. It may have water blocks for hard drives and ram as well. Thermo-electric- or phase change-based water chillers may actively cool the water. In these extremes, there are additional considerations beyond leaks, like the possibilities of condensation or freezing the liquid.

Is PS4 Liquid Cooling Worth the Trouble?

With the introduction of closed-loop liquid PS4 cooling systems that require no maintenance, it might be difficult to generally install one into a PS4 system. Closed loop systems may not offer the performance as a custom built system with larger liquid reserves and larger radiators. There’s a point here though, that there is almost no risk. The closed loop systems still do offer some performance benefits over traditional CPU heat-sinks. That’s including larger horizontal tower heat-sinks but can still fit in smaller cases.

PS4 air cooling is still the most prominent form of cooling considering the ease and costs of implementing them. As systems continue to get smaller and the demands for high-performance systems increase, liquid cooling solutions are going to become more common in future game consoles. Some companies are even looking into the possibility of using liquid cooling options for some high-performance laptop computer systems. Still, if you’re thinking about getting a PS4 liquid cooling, it is going to be found only in the most extreme of performance systems and custom built by users.


Once you make up to get a water-cooled PS4 in order to enhance your gaming experience, you must re-think about this decision. It’s not always easy to build a liquid cooling system even for PS4 Pro. That said, PS4 Pro generates lots of heat, and a PS4 Pro liquid cooler may be the right solution, but it’s not handy for most users. You can think about other options to cool down the temperature of PS4, such as getting a cooling stand, or changing the thermal paste, or clean the PS4 itself. That way you can guarantee more airflow within PS4 that will keep it cool enough in most situations.

Being a player with exceptional needs requires that you dig deeply into this issue and figure out how to do it. PS4 water cooling system is something that many players dream of.. period.

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