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White German Shepherd

A plush white coat, highly intelligent, athletic and an all-around remarkable breed; the white German shepherd has a good pedigree.

They walk like a German shepherd and bark like a German shepherd, and that’s because they are indeed a German shepherd.

However, this attractive dog is specifically bred from German Shepherds with the recessive white furred coat gene.

If you are looking for a beautiful and fluffy white dog breed, with the heart and loyalty of a German shepherd, and you don’t mind those few extra baths; then perhaps the white German shepherd is the right dog for you.

What is a White German Shepherd Dog?

white German Shepherd

The White Shepherd is an intelligent and hard-working dog breed.

Genetically no different from the standard tan German shepherd, The white German shepherd has just one exception, their snowy colored fur.

Just as human’s may carry a recessive blonde haired gene. The German shepherd may carry a recessive white furred gene – this recessive gene is then bred to develop white German shepherd puppies.

The white color for the German shepherd never stuck, and consequently this color variation of the German shepherd dog didn’t become as popular as the black German shepherd.

Bred from a traditional German shepherd, they are the second-most registered breed (according to the American Kennel Club).

They are popular dogs, who are heavily involved in the working force, German Shepherds are known for their work as:

  • Police dogs
  • Military dogs
  • Herding dogs

White German shepherds are also becoming increasingly popular family dogs; due to their loyalty, intelligence and protective nature.

Breed Origin

German Shepherd Dog

The white German shepherd was bred from the German shepherd.

It is best to understand the German Shepherd’s history in order to understand their origin.

First discovered by Von Stephanitz, he spotted the German shepherd at a dog show and decided that this breed was the perfect standard for a working dog.

Von Stephanitz admired the German Shepherd’s appearance, behavior, agility and intelligence.

He soon after adopted this dog naming him “Horand” and then created the “Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde”, the Society for the German shepherd dog.

Horand was the first breed standard and was bred alongside dogs with a similar appearance giving birth to more and more German shepherd litters.

In fact, 84 puppies were conceived in total.

Kennel Club Recognition and Pedigree

white German Shepherd Feature

Thought to have first appeared in the United States in 1906, the German shepherd was first registered with the American Kennel Club two years later, in 1908.

The white German shepherd is not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

However, it is recognized as a separate breed by the United Kennel Club. The white color does not meet the American Kennel Club’s breed standard of a German shepherd.

Luckily, this doesn’t stop the white German shepherd dog from being bred. In fact, this beautiful white dog is becoming increasingly attractive to dog lovers.

white German Shepherd Dog Breed Info Size Males 24 to 26″ and Females 22 to 24″ pounds Weight Males 66 to 85 pounds and Females 50 to 70 pounds Lifespan 12 – 14 years Breed Type Herding Group Purpose Working, Herding Dog Suitable For Active Families, Couples or Individuals Color Variations Pure White Temperament Intelligent, Loyal, Athletic, Loving and Protective Other Names White Shepherd

White German Shepherd Puppies

white German Shepherd Puppy
These puppies grow very fast, they reach 50% of their adult height and weight when they are only four months old.

Their litter size is typically five to ten puppies.

White German shepherd puppies will cost anywhere from 750 USD to 1,000 USD.

This really depends on the breeder. It’s important to know your breeder to ensure you do not get scammed, sometimes breeders try pass off German ahepherd mixes for pure white German shepherds.

At one year of age, they should be pretty close to their full growth potential.

White German Shepherd Temperament

Characteristic Rating Friendliness Confidence Protectiveness Prey Drive Social Tendencies

The white German shepherd is quite protective and therefore correct socialization should begin as early as possible.

Early socialization with new humans and animals will also prevent unwanted barking at strangers. However, barking and howling should not be a problem if they are trained not to do so from an early age.

Your white German shepherd loves you and will want to protect you.

Because of this, they may be a bit wary of new comers so they will always be alert. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be cuddly too. They have much love to share.

Compatibility with Families

White GSD Dog
The white German shepherd is a loving soul, with a protective nature, so they may very quickly take your child under their protection.

As with any dog, if the white German shepherd is introduced and well-socialized, they are capable of being an excellent addition to families with children.

This breed has a naturally high prey drive, which emphasizes their requirement for proper socialization, so care must be taken around young children.

They are able to get along famously with other dogs and other animals.

The older your dog is, the harder it may be to introduce them to new people and things, however, this breed makes a fantastic companion for you and your loved ones.


Two white German Shepherd Dogs

Some believe that the white shepherd is actually a little shier and more skittish than a tan German shepherd; however, white German shepherds are no different than the German shepherd when it comes to their personality.

Loyalty is the number one word associated with our canine friends and this could not be emphasized more when it comes to the German shepherd.

The German Shepherd may have a strong appearance but their interior is filled with loyalty, love and devotion.

They are a confident breed, who are quite protective, and therefore they make excellent guard dogs.

Their strength, loyalty and protection is what makes this breed a very desirable hard-working dog breed which has been used in both the police and military force.

White German Shepherd Size and Appearance

white German Shepherd Walking


The white German shepherd will weigh anywhere from 50 to 85 pounds. Adult males sit on the higher end of this scale, while the females are usually in the lower range from 50 to 70 pounds.

Classified as a large dog breed, they stand tall at 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder. Again, females usually stand a little shorter than the males coming in between 22 to 24 inches.


This breed is very muscular and athletic.

The German shepherd was bred for their extraordinary working capabilities so there is no doubt that this breed is usually very lean.

They carry a strong and proud posture, even with their large feet when they are puppies.

It is important to note that this “white coat” gene only impacts their fur color and does not have any effect on their skin or eye pigment.

This makes identifying a white German shepherd very simple.

They mirror the appearance of a standard tan German shepherd with the same dark brown eyes.

Their beautiful snow-white coat means that the white shepherd will closely resemble their wolf ancestors.


white German Shepherd Puppies
Their super goofy grin is sure to put a smile on your face.

The white German shepherd can have two different coat types:

  1. Short coat
  2. Long coat

Typically long haired white German shepherds have a very long coat; much longer than a typical tan long haired shepherd.

Their fur is usually thick and straight.

They are super fluffy as puppies and as they get older their fur becomes slightly coarser. Don’t worry, their ears still remain cute and fluffy.

Their coat is a double-coat which adds protection against harsh winds or rains.

Interestingly, the pure white German shepherd is not recognized by the American Kennel Club under the official breed standard.

Grooming Requirements

It is important to brush your German shepherd frequently so they don’t shed a lot.

The all white German shepherd’s thick coat means that they will shed year around.

You should brush your dog at least two to three times a week. Brushing your pet should begin as young as possible so that they are accustomed to it.

Bathing your white German shepherd should only occur as needed (e.g. after a muddy day out at the dog park).

Don’t forget to keep that goofy smile shining, brushing your dog’s teeth is also essential.

Your white German shepherd will do well on dental treats and chews.

If you are up to it, then try brushing their teeth as often as possible using a pet tooth brush, this is a veterinarians preferred option.

White Shepherd: Complete Care Guide

Long Haired white German Shepherd
Exercise for your dog can be provided through playtime, running, walking, and even at doggy day care.

The white German shepherd is a high maintenance dog breed due to its high demand for exercise, mental stimulation and grooming.

They are a large strong-willed breed and thrive on learning new tricks

Because of this, this dog breed is well suited for active families, couples or singles with plenty of spare time for training.

Food and Dietary Requirements

Daily Food Consumption Guide 1,500 calories Cups of Kibble Three Bowl of Kibble Required per Day

The white German shepherd is a large dog and therefore their diet should be equally large.

This large dog has high energy and exercise needs, which in order for them to be met, we recommend a diet formulated specifically for large dog breeds.

These diets are specifically made to incorporate all proteins, fats and carbohydrates which your big dog will need.

High quality dry kibble diets are a great option. However, a lot of German Shepherd owners opt for a raw diet.

As a puppy, your dog should be fed three times a day.

As they mature, you should decrease daily feedings to two times a day.

Exercise Requirements

Daily Exercise Requirements Minutes 60 to 90 minutes Activity Level This is a high activity dog breed

These dogs are very athletic and active. In fact, they make great running partners.

It’s important to provide your dog with its recommended exercise needs.

For a white German shepherd, once fully grown, you should be exercising them between 60 to 90 minutes each day.

Your dog will require a big back yard to play around in.

If they are cooped up in a small apartment, and aren’t given adequate exercise, then they may develop destructive behaviors due to boredom.


Training a White GSD
Positive reinforcement, with a reward based system (such as treats, praise or toys), will work wonders for this breed.

The white German shepherd is highly intelligent and is therefore an easy dog to train.

If trained correctly, they may make an excellent family dog, as well as being suitable for active individuals and couples.

Training your white German shepherd should begin as soon as they set their paws into their new home.

Being a large and protective breed, it is important that this breed is trained properly.

Positive reinforcement is proven to be the most effective form of training for your dog and will ensure that their confidence is not affected and that they do not develop any aggressive behaviors.


They are sometimes a little stubborn and dominant, so make sure to give them plenty of exercise before attempting training.

White German shepherds make excellent detectives.

With their keen sense of smell, you could try games which involve the hiding and sniffing out treats.

Known Health Problems

white German Shepherd Eating Food
White German shepherds share the same health issues which German shepherds (of all colors) may be predisposed to.

Unfortunately, every dog may be predisposed to health issues due to genetics.

However, as a responsible dog owner, it is your responsibility to keep an eye out for anything which may require medical attention.

The most notable health issues are hip and elbow dysplasia.

Dysplasia (both of the hip and elbow) is a disease of a malformation of the joints. These joints become very painful and may worsen over time causing lameness.

A good breeder will provide you with your pup parents’ hip scores which should give you a good idea of their health and future health.

If your dog shows signs of lethargy or lameness, then you should see a veterinarian as soon as possible.


The white German Shepherd is an eye-catching breed.

Designed to have snowy white fur, a protective and loyal temperament, and blessed with a high level of intelligence; this dog has lots of great attributes.

White German shepherds have all the same qualities as German shepherds do, and are a adored large and athletic breed full of energy and high trainability.

Loving a spacious backyard, the white German shepherd needs an active family who are capable of keeping up with them.

Grooming is a must. Training and socialization is definitely required too.

This breed may be slightly time consuming, but, they are prestigious, and with a bit of effort, they are capable of becoming a one-of-kind family member.

Do leave us a comment below if you are lucky enough to own a white Shepherd.

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