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Best Manual (Hand Pump) Milk Frothers (Updated) – Best Milk Frothers


Best manual hand pump milk frothers don’t run on batteries or any power supply. They are designed to help you create velvety layers of froth which is a key part of cappuccino, latte and other Italian style coffee recipes. Saving on electricity, providing large amounts of froth for the family and often easier to clean with their simple designs, hand pump milk frothers can produce satisfying results.

In reviewing of the best manual hand pump milk frothers I concentrate on the main feature: ease of creating a great froth. Then nuances, which hold importance to coffee lovers: product durability, the old axiom, value for money, quantity of froth, looks appeal and cleaning and storage. First let’s look at the different types of milk froth for coffee beverages.

Different Types of Milk Froth

Professional Steam Wand You find in Coffee Shops

Often found built in espresso machines, powerful steam wands creates micro bubbles for velvety froth. The steam wand is used for frothing and steaming milk. For latte, the milk is steamed, creating hot milk and partial froth. The steam wand allows you to aerate the warm milk giving control of bubbles and froth. For cappuccino, the milk is frothed more with an air injection to create a microfoam that expands creating a professional, heavier texture.

Household Electric Milk Frother

Most household milk frothers rely on a fast whisk to stir warm milk, creating micro bubbles, into a lighter froth than steam wands. Another technique with a household electric frother, is to whisk cold milk and warm it later in a microwave (beware of rapid growth).

Manual, Hand Pump Milk Frothers

Manual, hand pump frothers can be affective devices to generate milk froth for cappuccinos using the oldest power known to man: manual labor. But don’t fear the best manual hand pump milk frothers are not labor intensive. They typically consist of a perforated mesh plunger, a cylinder shape steel or glass jar, and a lid. The plunger should create a cappuccino style froth within fifty short hand movements.

Best Manual Hand Pump Milk Frother Reviews

Bodum Latteo Manual Milk Frother with Glass Handle – 8 oz/236 ml Review

This frother is one of the most user friendly manual milk frothers. The plastic lid has a deep lip to prevent foam from escaping by the spout and through the plunger handle. The plunger handle is comfortable to hold, feeling pleasant and smooth to push and pull. Simply, pour in cold milk up to the clearly indicated mark, place the jug on a flat surface, place on the lid, hold securely and start to pump. Within 30 seconds, my test proved, you can feel the texture of the milk/foam becoming heavier.

Technophobe friendly, most able body people could work this simplistic device. You can create your milk foam in less than 40 seconds with ease. The borosilicate glass cylinder allows you to microwave (remove the plunger and lid first) your frother after you make it creating more voluminous froth. After use, handily, you can place each part of the milk frother into the dishwasher.


  • Has a comfortable grip with a glass handle
  • Foam has no chance to escape while pumping
  • The amount of foam we produce is plenty
  • It is made of microwave proof glass cylinder
  • Dishwasher friendly to avoid cleaning issues


  • Glass body may break if it falls but so do many things
Bodum, Best Manual Hand Pump Milk Frothers

HIC Milk Creamer Frother – Tough to Break, 14 oz/414 ml

The HIC has a shiny stainless steel body with a stainless steel lid consisting of a double meshed perforate, plastic plunger. Along with full cream milk and skimmed milk, it works fine with the almond milk, soy or cashew milk, and other non-dairy milk liquids.

What is it like pumping the HIC?

Due to the knob like handle it takes a simple 3 finger pinch to easily plunge and rise this well designed knob.

How to use the HIC

Pour milk in the pitcher, put on the lid, and pump the handle for about 40 seconds seconds. Your milk foam will be ready to serve. The steel body gives you a good grip and robust protection should you drop it and has an advantage over glass: easy transportation.


  • The steel body has little chance of breakage
  • Maximum serving capability with a larger cylinder (14 ounces)
  • Easy to clean with soap and water


  • Not microwave-proof because of the steel body
  • Froth is not visible from outside, and thus is more difficult to measure the amount
Best Manual Hand Pump Milk Frothers
Best Manual Hand Pump Milk Frothers

Bialetti Manual Glass Milk Frother – Italian Style, 3 Cup

Bialetti is an Italian brand that has a revered reputation selling house ware products, specifically coffee makers which gives them great experience. They also sell manual milk frothers as in the hand pump, manual style for adding foam to espresso coffee.

Large enough to whip up enough froth for just about two lattes, the double frothing action makes froth quicker than the usual manual frother. It’s convenient to use, and microwave proof but please don’t place the lid in with it. The frother has Italian style and would look stylish in most kitchens with its glass and black accents. Easy to clean, it has a non-slip base attached for safely pumping and creating perfect froth without slippage – something others often don’t have. Please note the Bialetti does take some elbow grease to pump the 30 seconds needed. All said its a worthy addition to, ‘Best Manual Hand Pump Milk Frothers’.


  • Very eye-catchy outlook and unique design
  • Large size (3 cups capacity) to serve more people at once
  • A non-slip base ensures safety so that the jar won’t fall easily
  • Microwave friendly glass body
  • Dishwasher friendly


  • The plunger does take a bit more effort to pump than some.
  • The glass body may break if you drop it on a hard surface
  • Not as easily portable as steel frothers.
Bialetti, Cappuccino machine Milk Frother
Bialetti, Cappuccino machine Milk Frother

Haptime Manual Milk Creamer Hand Pump Frother Large, Steel Manual Frother – 17 Ounce

Of 17 ounces, despite its staid look, this steel hand pump, manual milk frother, is an efficient device, that whips up a velvety froth for two tall lattes in one go. With its double layerered whisk froth is whipped up in less than thirty seconds while the plastic knob allows for elbow saving pump action. On the downside with steel frothers is you can’t see the level froth you’ve made, though it’s not the end of the world.

So simple to use the Haptime allows you to simply pour in milk, attach aa lid and start pumping. Delicious froth is churned up in folds and announces that electric milk frothers are no longer needed,

Best Manual Hand Pump Milk Frothers
Best Manual Hand Pump Milk Frothers


  • Highly portable
  • Large for froth for the family


  • Cannot see the froth being made

Ninja Coffee Bar Easy Milk Frother – 1 Tall Latte

This milk frother comes with a trifecta of bonuses. Firstly, it’s is designed to be dish washer friendly which is a bonus. Secondly, it produces enough thick froth for two lattes in one go. Thirdly, that vevelty froth is created in 15 pumps. The glass jug feels sturdy too, so it shouldn’t break easily, while clear marks prompt you how high to fill the milk.

How to use the Ninja

Pour a few ounces of milk in to the Ninja, place it in the microwave for 30 seconds while your espresso machine finishes off a shot. Pump the Ninja speedily 15-30 times, depending on how thick and volumnous you like your froth.

Ninja claim the press has ‘press’ froth technology for a better pro style froth. The final results are certainly enjoyable and adequate for two cappuccinos or one tall latte.

  • A good tip is when you’ve used the frother, fill it with warm water and detergent and pump again to help cleaning.


  • Microwave proof
  • Easy to use


  • Sizeable for just one latte
Best Manual Hand Pump Milk Frothers
Best Manual Hand Pump Milk Frothers

HIC Harold Import Co. Milk Creamer Frother – Classic Manual

You are bored of buying new batteries, and you want a competent milk frother for your home? You want the comfort a frother machine can offer you without compromising froth texture – exactly that’s why HIC Harold milk frother will be your best economic move.

This manual device is quite different from other electric or battery-powered milk frothers in every way possible. It can hold up to 16 oz and make your foamy drink ready within an amazing 20 seconds. You literaly have hands on when it comes to the thickness you want.

This product has an included plunger, which is attached to the lid. Pour your milk into the pitcher, put the lid in place, and start pumping the handle up and down. You can pump the handle for a few minutes but after 30 seconds, you’ll get a rich consistency.

This frother is safe for easy cleanup and an easy-grip handle helps you to pour your drink without any unwanted spilling. The HIC is made of stainless steel and glass and looks elegant on the kitchen counter.


  • It’s a classic design
  • Comparatively, it will cost you a lot less to buy than other electric milk frothers.
  • It is totally manual. So you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or rely on the electrical power supply.
  • The device is handy and can be cleaned under the tap in seconds


  • It doesn’t heat the milk for you
  • A lack of fine options
8 Best Electric Milk Frothers For the Home
8 Best Electric Milk Frothers For the Home

Our Advice This device will get you the thickest layer of coffee froths or the thinnest. As it is manual, you don’t need to worry about changing batteries. It is handy, easy to use, and, most importantly – works fast in a fool proof manner. It’s a no nonsense tool for your home and a worthy choice in ‘8 Best Electric Milk Frothers For the Home’. However, if you have sore joints or don’t want the physical exericize opt for a powered device – not that it’s too streneous to use.

Q & A

What type of manual milk frother is durable?

Try to get a stainless steel milk frother if durability and portability are key functions you require. The steel will not break or be damaged by heat and may serve you longer.

What are the benefits of glass manual, hand pump milk frothers?

The benefits of glass milk frothers is you can see the density of froth being made.


By the time you read the whole review, you may have a good idea of your favorite manual milk frother according to your needs and usage. The price may vary from brand to brand and product to product but don’t dispair, they’re all affordable – cheaper than a dozenl bistro coffees in most cases.

If you want us to recommend you a milk frother which ticks many boxes, I will recommend Bodum 1446-01US4 Latteo Manual Milk Frother with Glass Handle due to its good looks, reputable brand, microwave friendly design and see through glass so you can see all the froth being made.

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