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7 Best Coarse Ground Coffee Brands of 2021


Starting the day without a flavorful cuppa is unthinkable for many of us. Coffee is a staple in our era, with coffee shops springing up like mushrooms after the rain. But why spend your hard-earned money at Starbucks and the like when you could simply brew your coffee at home?

Coarse Ground Coffee
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To achieve barista-worthy results, all you need is a French press or cold brew machine and quality coarse ground coffee. No matter what brewing method you prefer, check out our rundown to find the best coarse ground coffee around.

The Best Coarse Ground Coffee Brands In 2021

1. Stone Street Cold Brew Reserve Coarse Ground Coffee (Our Top Pick)

Stone Street Cold Brew Reserve Coarse Ground Coffee

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From a brand aiming to provide coffee aficionados with the best coarse ground coffee on the market, the Stone Street Cold Brew Reserve impresses with a full flavor profile. Ideal for cold brew, but equally suitable for hot brew extraction, this coarse ground coffee is made from specialty-grade coffee beans dark roasted in small batches.

The roasting technique not only enhances the coffee’s flavors; it also highlights the character of the single origin, 100% Arabica, Colombian beans.

Regardless of the brewing method, you can expect a well-balanced yet bold flavor. Cold brewing will result in a less acidic, slightly sweet beverage with dark chocolate undernotes. Those preferring a more robust coffee can brew it hot, either with a French press, in a percolator, or with the pour-over technique.

We also like the innovative packaging with one-way degassing valve designed to preserve the coffee’s flavors and aromas until you open the packaging. No doubt, an excellent choice for most coffee enthusiasts.


  • Robust and bold flavor with a sweet aftertaste
  • Consistent grind
  • 100% single-origin Colombian coffee
  • Slightly smoky flavor after 24-hour brewing
  • Flavor-preserving packaging


  • A bit bitter when brewed hot

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2. Gevalia Costa Rica Special Reserve Coarse Ground Coffee

Gevalia Costa Rica Special Reserve Coarse Ground Coffee

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Gevalia’s special reserve, single-origin Costa Rican coarse ground coffee spoils those who love citrusy hints in their brew. Crafted according to the Swedish tradition, these beans reveal a rich, smooth flavor that is incredibly bold yet never bitter.

What makes this coffee stand out is the medium-bodied brew. Roasted on the darker side, it attracts black coffee lovers, surprising them with delicate fruit undertones. The sensations delivered are quite different than the stronger, chocolate notes characteristic to the Stone Street Cold Brew Reserve, making the coffee more suitable for those who want a milder approach.

Sourced exclusively from Costa Rica, Gevalia coarse ground is obtained from 100% Arabica beans. With 60% of the beans coming from farms located in naturally forested areas, this coffee also boasts Rainforest Alliance certification.

The coffee comes in resealable bags designed to keep the flavor intact even after opening and is perfect for French press and automatic drip brewing. Those who prefer cold brew will also be impressed with the delightful taste and aroma you can achieve in only 24 hours. All in all, an excellent choice if you love a lighter, fruitier cuppa.


  • Delicious, inviting aroma
  • Fresh, bold flavor
  • Packaging preserves the quality for a long time
  • No bitter undernotes


  • Could be too robust for some palates
  • The grind is too fine for some coffee machines

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3. Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Bizzy Coarse Ground Coffee

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If you’re a fan of organic coffee, the Bizzi Organic Cold Brew could satisfy you. Unlike the Stone Street and Gevalia, Bizzi didn’t care much about preserving single-origin flavors; instead, the brand focused all its energy on creating the perfect cold brew coffee blend.

The result of 5 years of trial and error, this coarse ground coffee delivers a consistent body and surprising aromas. Smooth and sweet, it’s made from a blend of light, medium, and dark roast coffee sourced in Peru, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. All beans are rigorously Arabica and USDA certified as organic.

An ideal choice for beginners and coffee freaks alike, this blend is proof that quality coffee doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can brew it as mild or as strong as you like, the cold extraction method delivering an exquisite beverage in around 14-18 hours.

Needless to say, the coffee is equally suitable for hot brew extraction; sure, the flavor profile will change, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the smooth, creamy taste.


  • Ethically sourced and sustainably produced
  • Smooth and sweet flavor profile
  • Less acidic than traditional coffee
  • Caramel and hazelnut undertones


  • Smaller grinds can make it through a French press

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4. Peak Performance Coarse Ground Coffee for Cold Brew

Peak Performance Coarse Ground Coffee for Cold Brew

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The Peak Performance Coarse Ground Coffee may look expensive at first glance, but all it takes is a closer look to understand that it’s worth every dime. This single origin, organic coffee, comes from the Guatemalan Highlands and impresses with a rich, round flavor profile.

A medium rather than a dark roast preserves most of the antioxidants. Grown at high altitude and minimally processed, it is a healthier choice than most commercial coffees.

Like the Stone Street, it’s intended for cold brew, but the consistent grind also makes it perfect for French press or drip coffee. The coffee is certified organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free—an ideal choice for those who like milder rather than intense flavors.


  • Certified organic, GMO-free, single-origin coffee
  • Third-party tested for chemicals and pesticides
  • Mild, flavorful taste
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Ideal for both cold and hot brew


  • More expensive than other single-origin coffees
  • Poor packaging

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5. Primos Coffee Co. French Press Specialty Coffee

Primos Coffee Co. French Press Specialty Coffee

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Moving forward with our rundown of best coarse ground coffee, this single-origin, French press specialty coffee from Primos Coffee Co. is another choice that can be crowned as the epitome of quality. The brand is family-owned, and the coffee is rigorously sourced from the company’s high mountain farms in Nicaragua.

After the harvest, the green coffee beans are roasted in small batches, according to the European techniques. Once roasted and grinded, the coffee is packed in resealable packages designed to preserve the flavors and aromas intact, even after opening.

Like the Peak Performance, the Primos Coffee reveals a mild flavor with low acidity and sweet, smooth notes. Those who like hard-hitting coffee might not appreciate it too much, but it’s a perfect choice for everyone else.

Another thing that makes Primos coffee special is the fact that the brand doesn’t blend its coffee with beans from other farms, guaranteeing that each bag delivers the same unique quality.


  • High-altitude Nicaraguan coffee
  • Harvested by hand and medium roasted
  • Sweet, smooth flavor
  • Single-origin, 100% Arabica coffee
  • Grinded for French press brewing


  • The flavor is very mild compared to most French press coffees

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6. STONE COLD JO Coarse Ground Organic Coffee

STONE COLD JO Coarse Ground Organic Coffee

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STONE COLD JO is proof that you don’t need to add any flavors to get flavored coffee hints into your cup. This 100% Arabica, coarse ground organic coffee, displays an exciting profile including chocolate toffee caramel notes and mesmerizing aromas.

It has a punchy yet well-rounded taste, a characteristic that makes it a perfect morning coffee. Like most cold brew coffees, the grounds are slightly on the finer side and could pass through a French press filter. Nonetheless, it’s perfect for pour-over, if you’d rather have your coffee hot.

The blend is USDA- and Kosher-certified, but the brand doesn’t disclose the origin of the beans. All we know is that Specialty Java Inc. sources its coffee from the top producers around the world. In other words, the final undernotes and flavors could vary from one bag to another.

That said, if you enjoy the bold character of dark coffee and don’t bother too much about the origin, the STONE COLD JO can easily satisfy your taste buds.


  • Smooth, sweet, well-rounded flavor profile
  • USDA, Fair Trade, and Kosher-certified
  • Rich aromas with caramel toffee hints
  • Affordable, high-quality coffee


  • Coffee origin not indicated on the package
  • Less robust than other dark coffees

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7. Cold Brew Lab Organic Coarse Ground Coffee

Cold Brew Lab Organic Coarse Ground Coffee

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Joining our selection of organic coarse ground coffee, the Cold Brew Lab appeals to Colombian coffee aficionados. This single origin, specialty-grade blend includes 100% Arabica coffee grinded extra coarse for cold brew extraction.

The result is a smooth, well-rounded, full-bodied coffee that delivers the perfect balance between taste and strength.

While all the coffee in the blend comes from Colombia, what makes it special is the mix of medium and dark roasted beans, a choice that enhances the smooth, bold flavor. As you can expect, the coffee also works wonderfully for French press or drip coffee.


  • Low acidic, 100% Arabica coffee
  • Single-origin Colombian coffee blend
  • Certified organic
  • Extra coarse grind for optimal cold brew


  • Grinded with a blade rather than a burr grinder
  • Tastes a bit bitter

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Our Verdict

It may not be certified organic, but the Stone Street Cold Brew Reserve Coarse Ground Coffee delivers exquisite flavors at an affordable price tag. Two features that make it deserve the title of best coarse ground coffee around.

We like its rich flavor and spellbinding aromas. This coffee is well balanced, sweet, and smooth.

Like the Cold Lab Brew, it’s a single origin, Colombian coffee blend grinded for cold brew extraction, but the consistent grind also makes it perfect for French press, slow drip, and pour-over coffee. No doubt, an excellent choice for most coffee enthusiasts.

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