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13 gift ideas made better with beer | Molson Coors Beer & Beyond

“You shouldn’t have” — said no one ever about beer.

Which is why you might want to add it to the gifts on your list. Because beer makes everything better.

Bottle opener? Thanks. Bottle opener and beer? You’re the best.

We paired 13 of our favorite gift ideas with some of our favorite beers. We hope you like them — and hope you get what you wish for too.

best beer gift ideas

1. Leinenkugel’s socks + Winter Explorer Pack

Whoever isn’t excited about socks never received these with Leinie’s winter seasonals (hello Snowdrift Vanilla Porter). Definite upgrade.

2. Portable speaker + portable beer

Bring the fun? Done. We’ve got wireless speakers from Coors Light, Miller High Life, and two styles from Miller Lite — traditional and bottle cap. Just add beer.

3. Personalized work shirt + matching beer

Even if your recipient is more “hardly working” than “working hard,” it looks like you put a lot of work into this gift. Available in Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Hamm’s, Leinenkugel’s and Miller Valley designs, sizes small to 4XL; cost is $31 for the shirt plus $9 for embroidery. Call or visit the Girl in the Moon Brewery Gift Shop in Milwaukee to order: 414-931-4280 or 800-944-LITE (option 5, 2, 2).

4. Coors Banquet rucksack full of Coors Banquet

Call it a “rucksack,” call it a “backpack” — just don’t forget the beer and a few friends.

best beer gift ideas

5. Retro vinyl bag + Hamm’s

Did you know there’s an online store for Hamm’s gear? You do now →

6. Slow cooker + Leinenkugel’s Bavarian Dunkel

A slow cooker would be much appreciated by the busy folks and new homeowners in your life. Another way to save them time — bring the beer too. Rich, malty Leinie’s Bavarian Dunkel is all in for hearty slow-cooked meats — so much so that we like to add it right to the pot (try a splash in our recipe for Slow-Cooker French Dip Sandwiches).

7. Miller Lite portable bar + enough Miller Lite for your guests

Supposedly this guy collapses for easy storage, but we’ve never put it away.

8. Limited-edition (and fully functional) Coors bier stein

Coors Banquet or Coors Light not included, but highly beer gift ideas

9. Blue Moon cutting board set + Belgian White Belgian-Style Ale

Grab a few oranges, too, because Blue Moon fans gotta have the garnish. Also makes a nice cheese board.

10. Big cooler + coordinating beer

Getting a cooler is almost like getting a vacation — you know there are good times ahead. Check out our red Coors Light cooler (which keeps beer cold for up to 10 days), a Blue Moon classic, or these two from Miller Lite — one on wheels and a 54-quart size that can hold 85 cans of beer for your squad.

11. Pizza stone + Peroni Nastro Azzurro

A crisp Italian beer to go with a crisp Italian crust. Your lucky recipient can try out both with our recipe for Chicken, Brie and Pear Flatbread.

12. Grilling spatula + Miller Lite

Of course it has a bottle opener on the end. Of course.

Gift ideas: Miller Brewery tour

13. The ultimate beer experience

Grab your guest and meet us for brewery tours →

  • Coors Brewing Co. in Golden, Colorado (the largest brewery site in the U.S. by volume)
  • Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
  • Miller Brewing Co. in Milwaukee

(Free samples in Golden and Milwaukee for folks 21+.)

We’ve also got self-guided tours of our new Blue Moon brewery in Denver’s River North neighborhood.

Still looking? 🎁

There are lots more gift ideas in our online stores:

Blue Moon Brewing
Coors Banquet
Coors Light
Hop Valley Brewing
Miller High Life
Miller Lite
Revolver Brewing
Saint Archer Brewing
Smith & Forge Hard Cider
Terrapin Beer

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