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MIUI juicer is a novelty from Xiaomi. It has a great price.


Until now, he probably only knew MIUI as a user interface in Xiaomi smartphones. MIUI is also a brand of home and kitchen appliances. Introducing one of them, compact MIUI juicer, with which you can prepare healthy and tasty fruit juices.

Fast delivery from EU warehouse

The MIUI juicer is available from the official MIUI dealer at AliExpress. At the moment, it is even available in a Polish warehouse for a good price. You will avoid any delivery fees and the juicer will bring you a courier in 3-7 days from sending. It is available in two colors.

If you are also interested in other products from the MIUI brand, you will find a link to the manufacturer’s official store below. It also offers larger juicers, hot air fryers, blenders and much more.

Aliexpress store brand MIUI

MIUI compact juicer

The MIUI juicer does not take up much space, so it is also suitable for smaller kitchens where there is no extra space. Its dimensions are 130 x 430 mm and is sold in two colors – elegant dark green and red. In terms of design, it is a very successful product with clean and modern lines.

MIUI juicer is safe because you do not hold the fruit in your hand during juicing, so you will not come into contact with a knife or other dangerous part. Its installation is simple and you can easily clean it under running water.

Compared to older juicers, the novelty has a completely different filter, which consists of one unit. Many old juicers had a filter that consisted of several different parts that he had to work hard to clean. Especially because of this, such juicers often later fell into the dust.

Slow and quality juicing

Unlike some other juicers, MIUI juices using a main rotating body in the shape of a spiral, which rotates slowly, at a speed of 50 rpm.

You will get as much juice from the fruit as possible without unnecessary foam. The juice and juicy pulp flow through the holes on the sides of the juicer. The package also includes an extended head for easier fruit dosing with a maximum diameter of 45 mm.

With the juicer from MIUI you can prepare fresh and tasty juices from various fruits. You can also mix them and prepare a refreshing cocktail, to which you can add not only fruits but also vegetables.

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