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What Size Art Prints Sell Best – How to Sell Prints Online

This was one of my first questions when I first started because I really didn’t know where to begin!

A good start is to check out the standard frames that are offered in local stores and online; Another way you could decide on best sizes is by checking out your competition and look at the sizes that they offer.

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Print Size Comparison Chart

Love this graphic above? I sell this in my digital etsy store – it is perfect on listings to show customers how print sizes compare; Check it out here :

This is what I settled on for the majority of my prints :

  • 5×7 inches
  • 8×10 inches
  • 11×14 inches
  • 16×20 inches

The above is how I started and works pretty well – especially in the American market as these are the sizes of prints that most people are used to.

Around 18 months in I realised that I was completely missing a trick because, being located in the UK, I noticed that local stores also sold the standard international paper sized frames. So I now also offer

  • A5
  • A4
  • A3

and these are also very popular because most people buy ‘off the shelf’ frames.

You can find the facebook page here :

How To Sell Prints Online Facebook Page

And here is the facebook group :

How To Sell Prints Online Facebook Group

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