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Today I have my My Beauty Style Tag for you. I hope you enjoy it.

XO ~ Jessica

This Tag was created by Lisa:

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The Questions:
1: what kind of eye primer do you use and why? liquid eye primer or shadow stick?
2a: What color eye shadow makes you feel bold and pretty at the same time?
2b: What eye shadow color do you least like to wear and why?
3: do you wear liquid or pencil eye liner? black or brown liner?
4: Covergirl or maybelline mascara? Come on, you know you are one way or the other.
5: IF you could have your brows permanently done or not wear any blush for the rest of your life which would you choose?
6: Does your best friend or you wear more makeup?
7: Who taught you how to do makeup?
8: Are you a fan of cream products? (Blush, bronzer, contour, etc?) why or why not?
9: Are you a project panner? what projects are you in right now?
10: setting spray: Do you believe in it? Which is your holy grail?

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    Girl what am I going to do when you run out of makeup

  2. Chic Geek says

    I love green eyeshadow too!

  3. Val Martin says

    I have a friend who had her brows tattoo filled but i couldn't bring myself to do that in case it went wrong. Love visiting the Benefit Briw Bar but always end up buying something x

  4. the LOVELY LOGANS says

    What a great video! Thanks for sharing

  5. jillapalooza says

    Damn the nineties! shakes fist I’m glad I wasn’t trendy enough to pluck my brows back then.

  6. Beauty With A Heart says

    Hello Jessica,Thanks so much for sharing. =)This is an interesting tag. =)Btw, I had subbed #695 & liked #13.If you like to, please say hi to my channel.Let's support each other & grow together! Yeah! =)But only if you wish to. =)May you enjoy your week.Thank you.

  7. Norrra says


  8. Vickie Cole says

    I love watching your videos bc of all the panning projects!! Idk how you keep track of everything!!!

  9. Joshua Kemper says

    Awesome video! Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up!

  10. Sherry P says

    Great tag! I'm kind of partial to the Milani setting spray and the Wet n Wild is good for my dry skin too.

  11. Omneyas WISH says

    Nice Tag video

  12. MarrisasMakeup says

    Ok, I'm trying to leave comments that your requesting my recommendation would be the wet n wild setting spray, I love it, but I have dry skin. I liked the essence Matt spray, but it wasn't perfect due to my dryness so you might really like it!

  13. MarrisasMakeup says

    This video makes me laugh. You're so cute!

  14. It's Lori's Life says

    Wow I feel the same way about purple and green. I have been wearing makeup since JR high. Tfs

  15. PEZAVE Small Channel Productions says

    Im ur sub 692 plz support back

  16. Triggy3 says

    This is such a cute tag!

  17. Olivia Gokil says

    Subs. back please . . . .I am Indenesian. ( BALI ) terima kasih.

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