MY TOP 5 STYLE LESSONS (Interior Design + Personal Style)


Anyone can improve their style, whether decorating or personal style. These are my Top 5 Style Lessons I’ve learned as an interior designer and through my level up journey. Let me know if I missed anything.


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Hello, I’m Baiyina (pronounced Bye-ee-na). I’m an interior designer & online style coach based in Los Angeles and I believe that every woman has the power to recreate herself into the woman she’s always wanted to be. I work with professional women ready to reinvent themselves from the inside out through mindset, personal style, image and interior design.

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  1. ovrjoyd4u2 says

    Trust your OWN instincts. To thine OWN style be true. Go Baiyina.

  2. Ruth G says

    The idea of creating the equivalent of a capsule wardrobe with your furniture pieces is so simple and yet so mind-blowing!

  3. 00 00 says

    You will always be my favorite Style person 🙂

  4. Annette LeSarge says

    I love what you said about only buying what you love!! Don’t just settle for things that are similar!! This is so true!❤️

  5. Diana says

    So beautiful! (Decor and you!) Thanks for the tips – especially the one if you have to think about it, and aren't sure, it's probably not for you.

  6. carableu says

    All so true! Both in terms of home decor and personal style…

  7. Carol Ann Noble says

    Excellent! So many great ideas & pics. Thanks!

  8. me tanisha says

    OMG Baiyina, that top is so beautiful on you! It's like looking at art seeing you in this video. Thank you for the content, too – of course. Always on point. Love your notifications, always looking forward to seeing you. Love from Germany and stay healthy!

  9. Maryfrances Collins says

    Thanks, Baiyina, for another great video. I always take away something very helpful! Stay well.

  10. Terri says

    I have learned more about my style using the information in your videos than any other place on social media, magazines, etc. I could have saved so much money over the years and been so much more content in my space if I had known these things. ❤️ Thanks!

  11. boo hoo says

    the hair though, yeez kinda gross and the makeup!!!!! wow, someone needs to watch some youtube!

  12. J Thompson says

    Your fashions, before and after, wow. You really nailed it! Great advice, thanks.

  13. Colleen Delaney says

    Wonderful! Love the education especially examples of what NOT to do! Soooooooo helpful! I ❤ U!

  14. Frustrated User says

    I've gone through the style quiz 2x but just didn't like most of the options. They looked nice but weren't for me.

  15. Susan Christie says

    Looking forward to it!

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