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Hi everyone, i am working on an MLP montage video about a villain I just got, and it is going longer than it planed. I am sorry it didn’t come out today, and I am sorry about how late my video came out. But tomorrow should be a good day for us all. Also Happy Memorial Day XD


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  1. Ari The Trash Demon says

    Acef867 is me code if any of u wanna friend me

  2. Random Commenter says

    Oh boy, what a strange glitch happened to me! I accidentally tap on A. K. Yearling's house in edit mode, then I pressed the device's "back" button and her house dissapeared, along with her, in the album she is present with 0 stars, and "go there" doesn't help O_o!

  3. Andrew Teel says

    I sent you a new friend request which I didn't know you had a new friend code.

  4. Gianta Obecná says

    Can you please add me? My code is f830568

  5. Kayo Amiibo says

    Lancer whats your code?

  6. sartsu games says

    what happend yours level is 132???

  7. Adel Pg says

    Lancer,i got abyssinian king!Btw what your new code?

  8. Muhammad H says

    Why u buy her and not Gilda??

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