Overwatch 2 – LEAKED Release Details (Overwatch News)


A recent post from the official Playstation Brazil Twitter account seems to be teasing release date details for Overwatch 2. But can these details really be trusted, or is it all just further confusion surrounding the Overwatch sequel?

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  1. Kcalb Gray Garden says

    What about xbox

  2. Saoud Bassam says

    It also says when it's coming to ps4 and ps5 is dropping 2020 summer holidays so…

  3. Sean says


  4. Levias FreeFate says

    I want overwatch 2 on that Alienware handheld babyUnless it puts me in same category as PC players then I'll just use switch lol

  5. NeatPlainy says

    Blizzard told me that Overwatch 2 will be released on Febuary 30th, less than 2 months away!

  6. KyleCorbeau says

    I think that may have been a projected date for the end of the year for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo internally since they have to give them all a time frame for release even if it will inevitably be changed later down the line (so they can start getting things ready on their end for scheduling updates, marketing, etc.). Whereas Blizzard itself isn't 100% sure if they can make that Dec. 31 deadline (as that would be the very last day to still technically be 2020) so they left it out of all their marketing so people wouldn't be pissy if it was late by a week/month. I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard issued a take down request to PS-BR letting them know as much.

  7. Soundwave Superior says

    But overwatch was always on ps4

  8. Zakaria Shalih says

    What about PC version of Overwatch 2?

  9. Al Run says

    Maybe the beta for ow2 will be released in holiday 2020 probably after blizzcon. And it'll release in 2021 probably around the anniversary.

  10. XL B says

    It’s getting released with the new consoles.

  11. Glenn Lilly says

    guess you'll be incredibly wrong

  12. Beavidya says

    I really do believe it'll launch in 2020 honestly. Not sure why but it's what I feel.

  13. Crypto says

    Why do they take so long to release or hero

  14. Lougal says

    Come out in 2020 it will

  15. metroidman97 says

    Considering how much of the game was done at Blizzcon and how much they still need to do, I do think it's possible for them to have the game ready by late 2020 if they worked extra hard on it. And I always had a hunch a lat 2020 release was the earliest possible release window for the game, with mid 2021 as the latest. So while I do think a late 2020 release is possible, my money is still on early 2021. Though an open beta in late 2020 would be nice, to be sure…

  16. Antonio Lopez says

    Well I see your concern of the date, I believe it may be true, they may leave it for a good blizzcon to keep the roll going sense 2018, and/or it may be released in December as treat and marketing strategy, or Blizzcon may be the time of release, or release the date, I see what you mean and I agree but I still wouldnt rule it out sense Blizzard is notorious for being weird and quite unpredictable because they switch things up, what do you think Ian? Also thx for the great video and the wonderful other ones!!❣❣

  17. Mr.Random says

    We'll see how the all ready have overwatch 1 done they are just make the PVE and the maps ect.. so 2020 is the most likely to be the year ow2 is out.

  18. CT 0872 says

    When are we getting a PTR patch? I need a reason to keep playing this game while Mei runs rampant.

  19. Aspen says

    3:42 No, it literally says that it will come to PS4 in 2020

  20. Paranoia says

    I don't want to ruin everyone's expectations here but…it's pretty debatable that the devs will make ow2 come out on ps4 rather than just wait for the ps5 and the new xbox to come out and abuse all of the next gens' new potential

  21. Anggara Kun says

    I dont care about overwatch 2 all I want is new hero. Cmon blizzard give us new hero its gettijg bored now.

  22. Bonny Ramsay says

    Haha, you are a menace to those poor McCrees! Too many walls, too many balls!

  23. E105_Alpha says

    If the release dates gonna be late 2020 close to 2021, then it’s better to have a game that’s fully detailed and the producers take their time, and not too rushed with poor efforts.

  24. Jeph Kaplan says

    Why did they even post smth about overwatch 2 and 2020 but then link to an interview from november? Its all just so weird. Plus Jeff himself said "come back next blizzcon where we'll talk more about ow 2" so its at its earliest after blizzcon 2020 (which if its later than november might as well be 2021 im fine with waiting)

  25. Michael Kaegi says

    Recent leaks about Overwatch 2 have all been accurate and verified, even the most fishy ones like the new logo. Just something to keep in mind..

  26. Joseph says

    i really hope that they take there time with it overwatch is my favourite game ever and i dont want it to suck <3

  27. Jerry M says

    As much as I'd love a 2020 release date, I'd be fine too if more info such as new maps/heroes were divulged throughout the year and not just solely on Blizzcon.

  28. Stanley Barwick says

    My OFFICIAL release date prediction: May 18, 2021.

  29. R4nd0mX says

    I'm brazilian, and yes, you traduced the text correctly. It says OW 2 is launching in 2020

  30. Obscure says

    My main concerns is will it have a public demo a few days or months before release Seems like they should right?

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