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How to Hang Seamless Paper Backgrounds – Savage Universal

So you just got your hands on your first roll of Savage Seamless Paper… you may be wondering just what you’re supposed to do with it now?! Have no fear, we’re here to help demonstrate a few common methods for how to hang seamless paper backgrounds easily and get you photographing your first client (or yourself) in no time!

How to Open Seamless Paper Rolls

Your seamless paper roll will come with either two quality finishes: tabs or a perforated strip. Here is how you can easily open a roll with either finish:

Backdrop Stand

If you’re hanging your seamless paper roll, you’re going to need something to hang it from! We offer a wide variety of backdrop stands that make hanging seamless paper (or many other photography backdrops) of any size a breeze! To set it up, simply slide the crossbar through your new paper roll and secure the crossbar to the two upright stands. Many background stands are portable and you can set them up indoors or outside, perfect for all photographers on-the-go!

How to Hang Seamless Paper

Tip: Roll out the amount of paper you will need for the photo shoot BEFORE raising your uprights. This will save you a headache and a ladder climb. And don’t forget to secure the backdrop with a spring clamp or two.

Now that you’ve secured your seamless paper to the stand, you can prevent the paper from curling at the bottom by sweeping the paper onto the floor and taping it down with gaffer tape or using a Background Leader Bar to weigh the paper down.

Light Stand & Boom Arm

For narrow, lightweight backgrounds like our 26″ (66cm) or 53″ (1.35m) wide rolls you can be resourceful by hanging them from a light stand and boom arm. This can help save floor space if required.

How to Hang Seamless Paper

Tip: This trick can also come in handy when designing creative sets incorporating multiple rolls.

Backdrop Wall Mount

Looking for a permanent hanging solution for rolls you will be using all the time? Backdrop wall mount systems are a great way to store frequently used seamless paper rolls, and keep your studio from getting too cluttered. Set up involves inserting expandable hooks into each end of the backdrop core and securing them onto the brackets on the wall. The expandable hooks keep the backdrop snug on the system so that it may roll down smoothly. Chains attached to each hook allow the user to easily lower and raise a paper roll for a photo shoot.

How to hang seamless paper with wall mount system

Tip: Use our Background Leader Bar to keep the paper from curling or tearing when rolling the paper up and down .

Tape or Pin to the Wall

Looking for a more economical option to hang your new seamless paper background? Here are a couple ways to hang a small piece without a support system.

  1. Cut off just enough paper to fill the frame and tape or pin it to your wall. This works well for head shots or vlogging.Backgrounds-for-YouTubers-2
  2. Lay the roll on the ground, and pull the paper up high onto the wall and tape at the top. This works well for 1/2 body shots.

Tip: Grab an assistant or friend to make this process a lot less painful.

Now that you have set up your seamless paper you are ready for your first portrait session or vlogging episode! Share your photos with us by tagging @SavageUniversal on Instagram.

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