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Brands We Love: Pet Wants – A Fresh Pet Food Company

When it comes to pet products lovingly crafted with our pups in mind, we’re all in. That’s why we love Pet Wants, a fresh pet food company right here in our neighborhood making products for Fido that nourish and delight.

What is Pet Wants?

Pet Wants creates and delivers small-batch crafted pet food free from fillers, soy, and animal by-products. Focusing on fresh and natural ingredients, this fresh pet food company offers seven kibble varieties formulated for age and dietary needs. Choose from rich ingredients like lamb and brown rice or grain free varieties like chicken and turkey. Pet Wants also offers chews and specialty health products for dogs and cats.

We love that Pet Wants delivers their quality dog food to not only your home, but to your place of employment or even your pup’s daycare. There is no delivery fee and no minimum purchase. Imagine, fresh food delivered to A Ruff Day Bark Club just for your fur baby!

Why Nutrition Matters for Dogs

As pet parents become choosier about the kind of ingredients found in their dog’s food, small-batch creations free from added fillers and even grain have become a popular choice. Unlike major pet store brands of kibble products, the Pet Wants model makes food fresher by shortening the process from cooking to consumption. Your pets get the food they need in a matter of weeks after it’s created, thus lessening the need for preservatives and added ingredients. By purchasing kibble in pounds, pet parents can choose to rotate the type of food they serve more regularly, introducing new flavors to their pup at mealtime.

Trends have sprung from recent discussions detailing how smart food choices can impact dogs for the better. Grain-free diets have become increasingly popular, especially for pups who suffer from allergies and some chronic illnesses. However, whole grains have also gained ground as a source of beneficial carbs for pups.

Probiotics for dogs have even become a thing as gut health is increasingly linked to overall health—even in four-legged friends. shares “feeding your dog healthy food that contains probiotics and prebiotics, natural fiber, digestive enzymes and phytonutrients will help maintain a healthy digestive tract and a strong immune system.” You’ll find some of these gut-friendly ingredients in Pet Wants kibble.

Meet Our Neighborhood Store

Our neighbors, the Pet Wants Lake Nona location, is run by the Suarez family: Esther, Javier, and Javier Jr. Esther says she found the Pet Wants brand while searching for healthy food options for her pup.

Their family is all in for providing pet parents with a brand they can trust. A former Orange County Public School employee, Esther now works full time for their store alongside her husband, an experienced businessman and her son, a decorated Marine Veteran. It’s truly a family affair, and they want to make you feel like family too by providing great nutrition for your furry best friends.

“As pet owners, we want our pets to live the longest and happiest life possible,” Esther shares. “Our pets are our family. The best thing I can do for them is love them back, provide them with shelter and feed them the healthiest so they can live their best lives possible.”

We agree, Esther. That’s why we love how you make that easier with Pet Wants.

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