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Vision Research has introduced two new high-speed cameras: The Phantom T3610 and Phantom TMX 5010. Both of them are armed with BSI (Back Side Illumination) sensors. More interestingly, the Phantom T3610 is characterized by a unique compact design that is 50% lighter and smaller, and it’s capable of shooting 38,040FPS (Frame Per Second) at a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800.

Phantom T3610.
Phantom T3610.

Two new ultra-high-speed cameras

Vision Research, which specializes in digital high-speed imaging systems, introduces two models in its Ultrahigh-speed performance line of Phantom cameras. Featuring a breakthrough CMOS sensor with backside illumination (BSI), the new T3610 and TMX 5010 cameras sustain their image throughput with optimized light sensitivity for high frame rates and sub-microsecond exposures. The implementation of the BSI sensor allows utilization of low light which is so essential for ultrafast imaging. The TMXs are the world’s only high-speed cameras to utilize BSI (backside illumination) sensor technology. Make sure to read our article to see real-world testing (Shooting at 800,000FPS With the Phantom TMX).

Shooting at 800,000FPS With the Phantom TMX. Picture: The Slow Mo Guys
Shooting at 800,000FPS With the Phantom TMX. Picture: The Slow Mo Guys

The compact Phantom: T3610 (up to 875,000 FPS)

Joining the Vision Research T-Series platform, the Phantom T3610 achieves significantly higher frame rates of 38,040 FPS at 1280 x 800 resolution and up to 875,000 FPS at reduced resolution. T-Series benefits include a compact form factor and lower power requirements, enabling greater portability and flexibility with tripods and other support.

The new Phantom T3610 and TMX 5010
The new Phantom T3610 and TMX 5010

Entry-point camera

According to Vision Research, the new TMX 5010 joins TMX 6410 and 7510 cameras as the entry point to the TMX family. Benefits include a higher RAM capacity of up to 512 gigabytes (GB), a higher partition offering of 511 segments, standard 10Gb Ethernet with a rugged RJ45 port, and the ability to upgrade to higher throughput models at a later date. What does it mean an “Entry-point”? It’s a good question. it might be related to pricing, as the TMX series (like any other Phantom cameras) have a steep price point (about $80,000 for the body).

Phantom T3610. Connectors and media
Phantom T3610. Connectors and media

Key specifications

Explore the table below which shows the highlights and specs of the Phantom T3610 and TMX 5010:

Specifications of the Phantom T3610 and TMX 5010
Specifications of the Phantom T3610 and TMX 5010

Price and availability

Vision Research states that the T3610 will begin shipping in August, while the TMX 5010 is shipping now. There’s no info about pricing (Estimation: $60,000-$80,000, and above).

The Phantom T3610.
The Phantom T3610.

Cinema applications

Although those cameras are designed for scientific applications, they are widely used for cinematic purposes as well, especially when ultra slow-mo imagery is needed. The picture quality of the Phantom is very usable even for the big screen. For instance, check out the video below made by Vision Research for Independence Day, and shot in 38,000 FPS with the new T3610:

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