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How Much Does a Phantom Camera Cost?

How Much Does a Phantom Camera Cost? Phantom cameras are ultra-high-speed camera systems that represent the capacity to double capabilities that standard cameras of a similar size simply cannot achieve.

These digital, high-speed camera systems are ideal for military use, scientific production environments, aerospace, the automotive industry, and similar areas but how much does a Phantom camera cost? We’ll start by stating that not just anyone can use a Phantom camera in production — these cameras have significant costs and even Phantom camera rentals will run the budget pretty significantly if you’re not careful.

Phantom Camera Price

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Filmmakers and professional videographers that are heavily focused on the visual output of production know the value in a Phantom camera.

These powerful tools produce the ultimate high-speed footage or the most pristine slow-motion captures you’ll ever see, but at what cost? Phantom High-Speed Camera costs range from about $150,000 and up. Even renting a professional quality Phantom camera can cost you about $2,500 per day!

Why Does the Phantom Camera Cost So Much?

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The Phantom Camera will cost you quite a big investment because this piece of equipment or machinery (if you will) offers the potential to capture some of the most intricate footage, either via rapid, high-speed capture or slow-motion ability, that you’ll ever capture.

The Phantom may be used to capturing microscopy video in a way that allows you to produce images of up to 25,600 frames per second, and each second of video will translate into about 7 minutes of actual standard footage that would typically be captured at 60 fps.

Want to reduce the fps to 30? This phenomenal camera will allow you to produce about 14 minutes of footage with the capture. There’s no doubt in the ability for the Phantom to produce a silent, pristine, microscopic video that can be used without shake and with complete stabilization to capture impeccable resolution and remarkable resolutions that you simply cannot overlook!

Phantom Camera Rentals

Phantom Camera

Now that you’ve got a basic answer to your question, “How much does a Phantom Camera Cost?” Let’s take a look at what you could potentially put down at a rental agency in order to capture these shots for your production without putting up at least $150K in order to purchase a Phantom camera. Phantom camera rentals are based on a variety of factors including your location, the duration of the rental, and several other solutions that will arise during your estimated rental period.

A Phantom camera rental can be achieved for between about $2,400 per day and up. A 4K resolution, Phantom Flex 4K High-Speed Camera will have a rental option for the equipment that will provide a 35mm depth of field that you simply cannot turn your back on. A 10-megapixel sensor will work on your side to capture all of the details of the scene while intelligent temperature control and super-advanced mechanical design features provide you with the advanced capability to capture, hold, and film your shots.

Be Prepared

Following the purchase of your Phantom camera, be prepared to review the intuitive camera controls, Flex4K High-Speed Camera, program, and the general goals to be achieved are not that simple. Various record times result in various camera needs that will change with each production and this equally changes the total cost that is involved in purchasing a Phantom camera or renting one… A major value is that the Phantom CineMag IV comes in a variety of sizes, is ideal for various needs, and represents a great ultra-high-speed cinematography tool.

Wondering what the Phantom Camera cost? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call, we’ll help you figure out what steps to take to get a Phantom camera that will work for you!

Part of what drives up the cost of Phantom Cameras are the components. Check out this awesome video by The Slow Mo Guys that details how phantom cameras are made:

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