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This page covers everything about “pictures and photos disappeared from camera SD card” or “photos disappeared from SD card Android”. If you are having a similar problem on your Nokon, Canon camera, or even iOS devices, don’t worry.

Follow the content navigation bar to pick up the best photo recovery solution and bring back all your lost photos immediately:

Overview of “Photos Disappeared” from Camera SD Card, Android/iOS Device Error

In this part, you’ll learn:

  1. 1. Symptoms of pictures disappeared on SD card?
  2. 2. Where did my pictures go on the Camera SD card or phone?
  3. 3. What to do when pictures missing from SD card?

“Today, when I checked my Android phone to view photos from a recent trip, something weird happened. All the pictures on the SD card are noting showing in the gallery, it seems like they completely disappeared! How did this happen, and how do I get my lost pictures back? Can you help?”

Are you having a similar case on your camera SD card, iPhone, or even Windows hard drive? Don’t worry. Check out the symptoms listed below.

This will help you to confirm if you are having the same issue in your Android phones as well as digital cameras of Canon, Nikon, and so on:

  • Can’t View Pictures on SD Card in Camera or Computer
  • Photos on SD Card Not Showing Up in Gallery
  • Pictures Won’t Load from SD Card

So where did the pictures go on the Camera SD, Andriod phone, or iOS devices?

  • On a Camera SD card, photos are saved in a folder named DCIM or Camera.
  • On the Android phone, photos are also saved in the DCIM/Camera folder – /storage/emmc/DCIM (phone internal memory) or /storage/sdcard0/DCIM (on the memory SD card)
  • On the iOS device, photos are saved in Camera Album in the Photos app.

If your pictures are missing or disappeared on the camera SD card or phone, you can restart the camera, mobile phone and recheck the location where your device saved the photos.

If nothing shows up, here is what you should do: 1. Stop using the Camera SD card or your Android/iOS device; 2. Turn to a reliable photo recovery solution as shown below for help.

Part 1. Fix “Photos Disappeared from Camer SD Card” Error

Applies to: Fix pictures not showing or disappeared from Canon, Nikon, Sony, GoPro, and DJI, etc. camera SD card error.

If your photos disappeared on the Camera SD card, stop using the camera immediately. Then follow the photo recovery tutorial as shown below for help:

#1. Download Photo Recovery Software for Camera

For 100% secure and effective photo recovery on your Camera SD card, you’re recommended to turn to a reliable photo recovery software for help. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is renowned among millions of worldwide users.

It allows all levels of camera users to scan and recover their favored pictures from the SD card in only a few clicks on both Windows and Mac computers.

#2. Prepare Camera SD Card Ready for Photo Recovery

Step 1. Take the SD card out of your Camera.

Step 2. Connect your SD card to the computer.

You can insert SD card via the built-in card reader on the pc. Some digital camera support directly connects to the computer via a USB connection cable.

#3. Recover Lost/Disappeared Pictures from Camera SD Card

You can follow the steps below to recover lost pictures from your SD card now:

Step 1. Choose the location and start scanning

Hover on partition or storage device where you deleted pictures, then click “Scan”.

Step 2. Select the pictures you want to recover

Once the scanning completes, you can select the deleted pictures. To locate the target photos faster, click “Filter” > “Pictures” > Check tree view (It will show image results only.) .

Step 3. Recover the deleted pictures

Click “Recover” and choose a location on another hard drive to save the desired pictures.

Video Tutorial: Recover Missing Pictures from SD Card

Bonus Tip: Photo Recovery for Mac

Mac users please follow How to Recover Deleted Pictures on Mac to perform Mac photo recovery on your storage devices.

Part 2. Recover Photos Disappeared from Micro SD Card in Android

Applies to: Fix photos, pictures, files disappeared from SD card on Android phone.

Mostly, when pictures disappeared from the Micro SD card on an Android phone, it’s highly possible that the SD card is not installed correctly or the SD card won’t mount.

To make the disappeared photos show up again, you have two options to try:

  1. #1. Make SD Card Photos Show Up on Android
  2. #2. Recover Lost Photos from Android SD Card

Follow the solutions one by one, you’ll get the disappeared or lost photos back from the Android SD card immediately:

Method 1. Make SD Card Photos Show Up on Android

When the images are not showing in the Gallery App, you can try the following tips to make them show up in the SD card Gallery:

Step 1. Reboot your Android phone

Step 2. Re-insert the SD Card

Step 3. Delete the Nomedia File

Step 4. Replace the Default Gallery App

Step 5. Uninstall Applications that May Lead to This Issue

Method 2. Recover Lost Photos from Android SD Card

When photos were still not visible on the Android SD card after trying the tips in Method 1, you can now apply reliable Android photo recovery software – EaseUS MobiSaver for Android for help.

Step 1. Connect correctly your Android photo on which you lost photos in the SD card to a Windows PC.

connect Android phone to a PC to recover photos on Android Marshmallow

Step 2. Let EaseUS MobiSaver for Android scan the device, analyze data, and find the lost photos for you.

scan Android device and recover photos on Marshmallow

Step 3. After the scan, all the lost photos will be found and listed. Select and click “Recover” to restore them to the computer.

preview and recover photos on Android Marshmallow

Or, you can also use the app version of EaseUS MobiSaver for Android to recover lost Android photos without a computer.

Part 3. Recover Photos Disappeared on iPhone

Applies to: Recover disappeared, lost, or deleted photos on iPhone.

Although the iPhone doesn’t support adding an SD card for extending its storage, many users still having the same issue on their phones. Photos or pictures disappeared on their phone for no reason.

So how to resolve this issue? You can follow the tips below to bring back the lost photos from your iPhone or iPad immediately:

Tip 1. Manually Find Deleted Photos from iPhone

Generally, if your pictures disappeared on an iOS device, you can check your Recently Deleted album in 30 days. Here are the steps:

On your iPhone, Go to Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted > Select photos and tap “Recover”.

If you still cannot find your missing photos, it might suggest that the disappeared photos have been deleted or removed by the phone. You’ll need to turn to a professional iOS photo recovery app for help.

Tip 2. Use EaseUS Photo Recovery App for iOS

Professional iOS data recovery software – EaseUS MobiSaver is fully capable of scanning and finding your lost photos on iPhone in only a few clicks.

With it, you can use it to scan and restore lost pictures, messages, call history, etc., from latest iOS 14 devices like iPhone 12/12 Pro, or old iPhone11/11 Pro/XS/XS Max/XR, etc.

Guide for recovering pictures on iOS:

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer.

Connected your iOS device to the computer and run EaseUS MobiSaver, choose your iPhone in “Recover from iOS Device” mode.

Then click “Scan” to let the software scan the device to find all the photos on the phone.

Connect your iOS device to the computer to recover photo from iPhone 4S without backup

Step 2. Preview and pick out photos you want.

Choose “Photos & Videos” category on the left to find all the media data including the lost and existing files on the iPhone.

Step 3. Recover the lost iPhone 4S photos

Check those found photos and click “Recover” to export these photos. Specify a secure folder to save the recovered photos on your computer.

Preview and recover photo from iPhone 4S without backup


On this page, we listed some symptoms to help you define if your photos are disappeared from the SD card. We also presented some practical solutions to help you immediately recover disappeared photos on a Camera SD card, Android phone or iOS devices.

You might think of it as a horrible experience because you don’t have a clue to recover lost photos. EaseUS photo recovery software or apps with some manual solutions are ready here to help you out.

Besides photo recovery, we also suggest that you take the chance to back up all valuable files, including photos on your phone or camera sd card to another secure device in advance.

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