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Rating: 4.3 Reviewed by EddiePizaCraft Pizza Stone ReviewThe PizzaCraft Pizza stone is one of the most sold pizza a PizzaCraft pizza stone, you can make your pizza taste great and just like the ones baked in a brick-lined oven.

This pizza stone for the grill comes in several sizes and shapes, but they all have the same features and give the same result. Your choice is just to pick the one for your grill size.

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PizzaCraft pizza stone sizes and shapes

The ones we review here are the:

  • Rectangular 22.5″ X 13.5″
  • Square 15″
  • Round 16.5″

Customer Reviews

PizzaCraft 15 inch round(Back to Top)

“Very solid pizza stone. Heats and cooks evenly. Makes wonderful pizza on the BBQ, have not used in a conventional oven but have even reason to believe the results would be excellent as well. Only downside if any, is cleanup. Soap cannot be used on the stone because it is porous and will add soap flavor to food that is cooked after. Who wants that. Needless to say cleanup with just water and a brush takes some elbow grease. Otherwise it is an excellent stone….

“Stones were received in a big busted up box; HOWEVER, each stone was in its own box and PizzaCraft 15 inch squarebeautifully packed with foam and other stabilizers. I thought for sure they would be broken when we opened them, but they were intact. Used them last night and had pizza from our grill without having to use cornmeal! Stones are very thick and did exactly what we were hoping they would do. I expect them to last for a very long time. We would buy these again in a heartbeat!…(read more here:)”

Better Grills Rating: 4.3

Pros & Cons of the PizzaCraft pizza stone

green-tick-buttonPros:This PizzaCraft stone is thicker than most of the pizza stones I reviewed in this price range and this makes it more durable.

The manufacturer claims this stone can withstand so-called “thermal shocks”. Meaning fast changes between cold and hot should no make it break.

Can also be used for bread and I read someone used it for baking sliced potatoesred-tick-buttonCons:It comes with some kind of chemical smell that has to wear of overtime, although I read a lot that it was gone after the first time using the stone.

I read a few times that it arrived cracked and broken and had to be returned, but this seems to be in the older customer ratings I have been reading.

Check current pricing discounts:

pizza stone price

Pizza Craft pizzwcstone – my opinion

(Back to Top)PizzaCraft rectangleWith being a natural product it is hard to predict how it will work.

Some people mentioned a strong smell the first time and that could be because there is some liquid in there that has to be “cooked” out.

After reading for a long time and trying to find answers to all the questions I had in my mind I think it is safe to come to the conclusion that this PizzaCraft pizza stone is considered a good buy.

However, keep in mind that this stone will absorb liquids and that you can not use dish-soap for this reason.

Most people mention that the pizza comes out great, but I also read that it got means probably that there is a learning curve and you have to figure out what temperature is the best for your kind of pizza.

The size for the rectangular pizza stone can be a problem for smaller ovens, so make sure to measure before you order this one.

This PizzaCraft pizza stone can be used in the oven and on the grill, without any problems.

What I read is that after a while it will probably not look too nice anymore and someone considered this as a form of seasoning.Check the price here

Tips from real users

  • Use cornmeal or flower on the stone to prevent your homemade dough from sticking to it.
  • Preheat 20 minutes before you put the pizza on it and it should bake in about 8-10 minutes
  • Order a pizza peel with it. Will make it easier to get a pizza off the stone.

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