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The Perfect Pour Over Coffee Maker For Your Everyday – Ratio Eight


Introducing the latest addition to our store – the stunning Ratio Eight coffee maker!

Perk Coffee Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

Oh, time… there is never enough time! For years we’ve been hand brewing filter coffees on the V60, Chemex or other drip mechanisms. It’s been a ritual that we have enjoyed and relished every morning. However, as life has gotten busier, kids running around, a million deadlines and so much to do before the day begins, we have often wished for an easier alternative. One that involves no compromise to the flavour. One that is consistent, removing the weighing, water temperature, and pour technique variables. This is why we’ve decided to offer the Ratio Eight coffee maker for sale in Singapore. It combines stunning, hand made quality and exceptional flavour, consistently, at the push of a button.

The Ratio Eight Coffee Maker uses the same principles applied to hand brew in a pour over device and adds precise technology so you get the perfect brew every time, just by pushing a button. Engineered by a coffee lover, the Ratio Eight mimics pour over coffee technique and produces coffee that boasts a clean finish, just as if you had spent the time pouring it out by yourself.

The origins of Ratio

Founder or Ratio, Mark Hellweg wanted to create a solution that married beauty, simplicity, and quality into a single experience. He didn’t believe that anyone had to sacrifice one for the other. You may also be wondering, why is it named the Ratio Eight. It’s because this ingenious coffee maker is designed to brew a maximum of eight 5-ounce (148 millilitres) cups of coffee at a time.

Simplify your routine and get your coffee right!

Perk Coffee Ratio Brewing Lifestyle

The Ratio Eight is incredibly easy to operate with one on/off button and three phases – Bloom, Brew and Ready. Upon activating the button, the entire process begins and ends completely automated. You can walk away to do other tasks while it brews your perfect pour over coffee.

As simple as it is, the Ratio Eight will first enter its “Bloom” mode, heralded by a narrow white light on its base. In Bloom mode, the smart design and technology of Ratio Eight enables it to saturate your brew evenly. What’s more, the die-cast aluminium element heats water to an ideal extraction temperature. After this, the Ratio Eight will expertly time the bloom, then continue brewing with ideal water to grounds ratio. In only 5 to 8 minutes, your coffee is ready to enjoy… and you never had to stand by holding a kettle and waiting for the coffee to drip through.

Your coffee is ready and thankfully, the Ratio Eight will switch off when it detects there’s nothing left in the water reservoir. Unlike cheap percolators, there is no stand by heating element so your coffee’s flavour is never compromised by overheating, which destroys the delicate balance of flavours in an expertly made coffee.

Perk Coffee Ratio Eight Brewing

Luxurious, sleek AND durable!

Designed and assembled in Portland, Oregon, the Ratio Eight is built from the highest-quality material. Its body is made with precision-machined aluminium and a selection of premium hardwoods – we carry the Walnut wood versions in White and Dark Cobalt. The gorgeous Borosilicate glass carafe is hand blown and the brew head is made out of stainless steel.

Rest assured that each and every unit is hand-assembled. Furthermore, there are absolutely no plastic screws, tubes, or environmentally harmful pods used in production. As a safety feature, hidden magnets detect the presence of the hand-blown glass carafe so hot water never escapes the brew head.

Suitable for home and office

Perk Coffee Ratio Kitchen Shoot Dark Cobalt Walnut

The Ratio Eight is the perfect showpiece brewer – beautiful at home or office. It brews enough coffee for eight people so you don’t have to spend all your time making coffee for guests or colleagues.

Now there is no need to dash over to a cafe or spend your time pouring water over coffee grounds. The Ratio Eight removes all the time involved with a pour over coffee while being a visual centrepiece for any environment. It’s your very own trained barista, without the need to paying someone to brew your coffee for you. Don’t forget that all this magic occurs with the press of a button, saving you precious time while serving you a cup of beautiful pour over style coffee.


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