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Best Ready to Drink Margaritas | Proof

I love to drink. Though I love to drink just about anything given to me during a party, cocktails are my favorite. And, of all the cocktails I enjoy, margaritas, in particular, hold a special spot in my heart. In fact, I’ll even admit that I’d be a permanent resident of Margaritaville if that was an option.

My love of margaritas isn’t an issue, really. The only issue I have with my margarita obsession is that I don’t like mixing my own drinks, but thankfully, there are a number of companies that offer ready to drink margaritas out there.

In order to make sure I get my ‘rita on right, I decided to try a bunch of different ready-to-drink cocktails. Here’s my list of the best ready to drink margaritas on the market…

Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita (Ready To Drink)

The fact that Jose Cuervo makes one of the best ready to drink margarita products shouldn’t shock anyone. Jose Cuervo is the maker of one of the most popular brands of tequila on the market.

Going under the marketing campaign of being an authentic margarita cocktail, the Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita proved to be flavorful, citrusy, and strikingly strong. Fans who love a nice kick of Grand Marnier will really like this choice.

The one thing people might not like about this mix is the fact that it is somewhat pricey compared to other margarita cocktails out there. If you are on a budget, then this isn’t the best ready to drink margarita for you.

The Ultimate Margarita by 1800

With a name like “The Ultimate Margarita,” it’s obvious that this company has some pretty lofty goals when it comes to making a ready to drink margarita. 1800 isn’t looking to just be good. They’re looking to be the ultimate in margarita flavor. Can they live up to that kind of name?

Well, maybe. It depends on your taste.

This margarita cocktail is mixed with 1800’s own silver tequila and has a strikingly sweet taste. For many people, the margarita might be a bit too sweet, and the texture can be just a hint too syrupy for them. However, for those who enjoy bringing the sweetness out in a ‘rita, it just can’t be beaten.

The Ultimate Margarita also isn’t as strong as a typical mixed drink would be. At around 9.95 percent ABV, you could probably get stronger options at a lesser price.

If you’re looking for alcoholic bang for your buck, this isn’t the best ready to drink margarita to buy. However, the flavor is very newbie-friendly and makes for a pretty satisfying after-dinner cocktail.

Along with the standard margarita taste, 1800 has a number of awesome Ultimate Margarita flavor options for people who want margaritas with a twist. (We love the strawberry rendition!)

Despite the sugary taste and the low alcohol level, the Ultimate Margarita line by 1800 is a solid choice, especially for those who are a bit shy of the sharp taste of raw alcohol.


Chi-Chi’s might not have been a successful restaurant, but they sure do know how to make a good line of Tex-Mex products. You may have tried their chips, salsa, or queso dip, but did you try their alcoholic line?

Surprisingly, my friends and I found that they make one of the best ready to drink margarita products on the market — especially if you’re a fan of chain restaurant-style cocktails.

It is pretty sweet, but it’s not too syrupy in terms of texture. In fact, when you add some crushed ice, the texture of the drink turns into that perfect blend of smoothness that makes it easy to enjoy on even the hottest of days.

Alcohol-wise, it’s fairly strong. Overall, we were pretty impressed with what Chi-Chi’s has to offer. Even if it is a bit hard to find, this pre mixed margarita cocktail is totally worth the hunt!

Skinnygirl Margaritas

Generally speaking, people seem to be split on this celebrity-endorsed liquor brand. Either you love it, or you hate it — there’s no in-between.

Because I’m a dieter who also tends to dislike drinks that are too sugary, I definitely find myself being in the “love it” camp. In fact, I’d definitely say that this is one of the best ready to drink margarita cocktails to be endorsed by a celebrity.

However, Skinnygirl isn’t exactly the most authentic brand out there. It’s not really tequila-heavy, and to a point, it can be a bit hard to taste the lime in it. Though it’s not exactly what many would expect from a margarita, it’s still tasty and might help you avoid booze belly.

At around $13 a bottle in most places, it’s a good option for people who are willing to spend a little more for a modest yet delicious cocktail (or three) after work.


Salvador’s pre mixed margaritas are regularly cited as the best ready to drink margaritas currently on store shelves — and I’m inclined to agree.

Made with top shelf liquor, Salvador’s margaritas are fairly strong and are rated as 26-proof cocktails. They also are affordable, with most stores selling them around $7 per gallon of the cocktail.

Flavor-wise, Salvador’s is citrusy and sweet but doesn’t have the overly syrupy flavor that most pre mixed margaritas will have. For those who like a subtle sweetness in their margaritas, Salvador’s is a perfect pick.

All things considered, Salvador’s is a great choice for people who enjoy quality pre mixed margaritas at a reasonable price. In terms of best value for your dollar, Salvador’s definitely reigns supreme.

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