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Portugese Water Dog Price

The Portuguese Water Dog is a working dog breed best known for its long and wavy waterproof coats.

They used to play an important part in Portugal’s fishing trade as companions who herded fishes, delivered messages, and recovered fishing lines from one boat to another by swimming in the water.

It is a known fact that Portuguese Water Dogs, or PWDs, are very friendly to humans and affectionate with them.

This is the reason why I chose to get myself a PWD. I found them beautiful and very lovable due to their overflowing love for their known family.

Despite their ability to be easily raised, other people seem to have a hard time taking care of them. Also, others simply want to know the mean price of Portuguese Water Dogs in the market and get an idea before buying.

Thanks to my research and comparison with other experienced owners as well as connections with breeders, I have made estimates, tables, and lists on the costs of a Portuguese Water Dog.

How much does a Portuguese Water Dog puppy cost? Estimated Portuguese Water Dog prices taken from reputable breeders range from $1,500 to $2,500. Some championed bloodlines of the said breed can exceed $3,500, which doubles or triples the price.

Other factors could also come into play when considered, but don’t you worry because we will be tackling them in this article.

Apart from payments made to cover the expense of the puppy, we also have to weigh other expenses. Such costs include initial item fees, monthly maintenance, annual maintenance, and additional services that you or your dog might need.

All of those mentioned things appear in lists and tables in this article. This article was designed to direct aspiring owners like you on estimated costs, so you’ll get a good idea of what to expect in your ownership.

Average Price of Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

Choosing to own a Portuguese Water Dog requires dedication, patience, and money, of course. Lower prices for such breeds go for as low as one-and-a-half grand, but there are many factors that might raise the market price.

Being working dogs that require a lot of things to do, they need plenty of time to be raised healthily with their owners.

Here are considerations that might alter the cost of your Portuguese Water puppy when you decide to buy it.


The type of breeder is a significant factor that every PWD owner should consider. A PWD’s source counts as the primary part of its cost, so you have to pick one cautiously.

Purchasing from a respected breeder will most likely increase the initial expenses of your doggie, while a less experienced source will equate to a lesser market cost.

The different kinds of breeder accessible in the market will be talked about in the following sections, with suggestions on the best places to get one.


A Portuguese Water Dog’s lineage plays a huge part in pup traits. Because of this, bloodlines that are well-trained would cost more than those which are not due to the quality that they bring to the table.

Water pups that come from competition-winning parents will most likely have their prices doubled, as their future owners will have an easier time dealing with them.

Breed Certification

It is very important to know your dog’s breed purity before buying him or her. The best way to do this is to ask your breeder for a breed certification as proof of the puppy’s identity.

The American Kennel Club gives out these types of papers to breeders, but they can increase your pup’s initial costs. You could even ask for a genetic testing paper if the situation calls for it.

Disease Tests

Porties are generally healthy but there are breed-specific diseases that they could be prone to. The common problems they could face are hip dysplasia, cardiomyopathy, retinal atrophy, and lysosomal storage disease.

To guarantee the quality, employ different tests even in your dog’s puppy stages. These breeder payments are then charged to you when you decide to purchase them.

Apart from your pup’s health tests, you should also ask for the parent’s papers since some of these diseases could be genetically passed on. See the additional cost as an investment rather than a burden for you.

Other Treatments

Some procedures that might increase the initial cost of a puppy include the removal of ticks and worms. We hate to have those viruses on our beloved pets as future owners.

High-quality breeders make sure that these annoying buggers are out of your pups and they could even involve items like initial shots and microchip placement.

Again, this will most likely increase the costs, but your dog will benefit from it greatly.

Good sources use the considerations which I stated in this section, and pre-ownership costs are the main culprits behind a dog’s price.

When I bought my first Portie puppy, I paid around $1700; it might seem a little high for others, but I saw it as a good investment. My puppy had all the necessary papers—from tests to certificates, and he even had a chip imbued readily.

When you try to search for your future puppy, you should always make sure that your breeder has most, if not all, of these factors.

Types of Portuguese Water Dog Breeders: What Are Their Prices?

The first step in your journey as an owner is to find a decent PWD source. Breeders can be found all over the world from the internet to local shops and even advertisements.

I have created a list of the usual sources on the market to help you get an idea of good Portie breeders. The article also serves as my guide to future owners like you.

Puppy Mills

It’s a big no-no to get your Porite from a puppy mill. Such companies, which function as animal plants, do great damage to the puppies of this breed.

As a working breed, it requires proper care, experience, and also great dedication to growing a Portugal Water Dog from puppyhood.

Puppy mills focus more on quantity than quality, so they never can tell what a Portie puppy needs from them. Rather than living beings, they treat dogs as mere profit.

You can save up to a fourth of the price if you choose to get your Portuguese Water Dog from a puppy mill, as they sell from $400 to $600. They also do not use safety assurances such as medical tests, certifications, and treatments.

I do not suggest these outlets because they are dangerous to dogs and potential owners alike.

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are another Portuguese Water Dog source. These are breeders who have little or no expertise in raising Porties and who, due to unforeseen circumstances, have become sources.

Such circumstances could come in the form of unwanted pregnancies of their pets. When they can’t take care of more puppies, they try to sell them off in order to reduce their responsibility.

Prices from these outlets vary from $900 to $1,200, which is a little lower than the average price.

Yeah, their motivations may be decent, but the fact that they are inexperienced still doesn’t change. As dogs require great care especially as puppies, Portuguese Water Dogs need to have the best nurturing.

I recommend that you not buy from them as you might also spend more money in the future because of the lack of pre-ownership services.

Reputable Breeders

Reputable breeders are undoubtedly the greatest providers of Portuguese Water Dogs. These are people who have gained a noticeable amount of reputation throughout the years because of their skill in raising Porties.

As great breeders, they know the Water dog’s needs, from nutrition to socialization. To add, they also give out all the necessary papers for your future dog.

The prices they offer could go from $1,500 to $2,500. Some breeders might even suggest championship breeds with prices up to $3500.

Despite the huge costs, it is a great investment as you will be secured on your dog’s future health status as well as characteristics.

My purchase from a reputable breeder is something that I won’t ever regret, as I never faced a harsh medical issue as a Portuguese Water Dog owner.

Initial Costs of Portuguese Water Dog Ownership

I’m sure that with the puppy costs explained thoroughly above, you’re now looking forward to living a life with your future Portie.

Let us first see additional initial payments for some products which will come with the arrival of your new puppy.

With the help of my experience as a PWD owner, I have drawn up a list of the initial services and goods that I used in the principal stages.

Item TypeCostTOTAL COST$440

The initial cost is a case to case basis, it can be very with you or your dog’s preferences.

In your journey with your Portie, you will eventually know the products that he or she likes, helping you estimate the most suitable products. The items in this list are all rounded estimates meant only to guide you.

My First Year Expenses as a Portuguese Water Dog Owner

Apart from the puppy costs and the initially bought items, you will also be faced with the total costs of your first-year experience. Here’s a list I’ve made for prospective Portie owners to guide and prepare them.

Normally, the first-year expenses are always higher than the following ones, due to the initial puppy costs and products.

Don’t worry about this high price, as it will eventually decrease since you won’t rebuy most of the items unless they get destroyed.

A reputable breeder ensures that your dog will be free from most diseases, and it could also help decrease the succeeding years’ maintenance costs.

Item TypeCostTOTAL COST$3,240

In the table, you can observe that the puppy cost takes up more than half of the first-year cost. Because of this, you need to consider your source greatly.

Some adjustments you can make to increase or decrease your first-year expenses are the following:

Trimming your Portie by yourself – A Portie’s coat could be curly and wavy, but they are always long. Due to their length, it is important to give them a proper trim once a month for comfort as well as aesthetic purposes.

Personally, I choose to bring my dog to a dog salon for coat trimming, but you could decide to do it yourself. A trip to the salon could range from $20 to $50 depending on the treatment.

Some famous clips for Porties are Lion trims, which give a lion-like appearance to your dog by keeping the muzzle, mid-body, and rear-end hair short. Another is the retriever clip which trims your dog’s whole body down to an inch.

For other grooming rituals such as nail clipping and ear cleaning, I do them myself. I just find it better for a professional to trim my Portie due to the beauty they add to my dog.

Lessening on treats – Treats are ways to control a dog’s behavior. They could also be used to build connections with our beloved furries.

You could always go for lesser amounts of dog treats for your dog, depending on your budget. As for me, I love spoiling my Portie with treats, and I think other owners should do the same too.

Medical choices – My breeder ensured that my dog got the fundamental vaccine shots, so my visits to the vet did not cost that much.

Additionally, I got insurance which was fairly cheaper than others, as I found it a good fix with my expected dog’s health. It was a $60 initial payment with a $10 monthly installment.

You can always go for a more expensive insurance program, and this could be due to different factors such as your region and the program inclusions.

Monthly Cost of Raising a Portuguese Water Dog

My Water dog’s monthly maintenance was lessened from the seemingly high initial payments. As time passed, I was confronted only with food, insurance, and treatment costs.

Here is a table of my monthly payments for my Portie:

Item TypeCostTOTAL COST$120

Portugal Water Dogs are medium-sized, but they sure pack a lot of energy. As working and swimming dogs, physical activities are inculcated in their breed, and they do well with herding, chasing, and running activities.

This leads to higher food consumption, especially for puppies who are still in their developmental stage.

A Portie puppy should be fed with 3 to 4 meals a day, and it is always good to have food reserves. This is why I buy 2 packs every month for them.

If both food packs are not depleted, then I just make use of the other for next month’s consumption.

For grooming, I do basic nail clipping, ear cleaning, and bathing on a twice a month basis. They might have long hair, but these dogs don’t really shed a lot of furs.

However, you are still required to brush their coat every day for maintenance and better growth.

As for hair trimming, I choose to go to a professional trimmer for designs and styles. You could learn to trim them yourself if you have the needed time and skill for the job.

A contingency fund is always good, as you never know what the future may hold. Accidents or issues could arise, and it’s better to be prepared rather than to be sorry.

In my case, my dog’s health was top-tier, thanks also to my breeder. I did not meet any unfortunate events up to now, and I don’t think that I’d face one. $30 or more is a good starting fund, but I did not write it on the list since I wasn’t able to use it.

Additional Expenses

Pet day care services – Porties require 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise every day, and this helps them diffuse any aggressive behavior. If you can’t attend to your dog’s exercising needs due to a day job or a vacation, employing a caretaker can be a good option.

In doing this, you need to ensure that the person you’ll hire is a trusted individual, so get a neighbor or a relative. Your dog also needs to be acquainted with the person to guarantee a good walking session.

Travel and shipping fees – When I got my Portie, it was from a reputable local breeder. However, I have heard of some cases where the breeder was far from the future owner, and this situation requires either a dog delivery service or a trip towards the breeder.

I won’t recommend the former choice since it could induce trauma towards your pup. The latter is a safer option although it is a more expensive one.

Some owners even spend an additional $500 to make up for the airfare, overnight stay, and food expenses in fetching the dog. Personally, I suggest that you meet up with the breeder face-to-face to avoid scams.

Finding Products for Your Portuguese Water Dog

To find the best product for your PWD, you must get items that are created specifically for the breed. Considering a Portie’s energy as well as biting capacity helps us in buying long-lasting products for our dogs.

Here are some of the common items you will need:

  • Collars
  • Food and water bowls
  • Interactive toys
  • Biting toys
  • Bed and crate (the crate is optional)
  • Grooming tools
  • Protein-based food


Portie’s food needs to meet the standards set out by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Additionally, a protein-based product is necessary to sustain our Portie’s energy needs.

It should also not contain any artificial products which could harm our dog’s health. Pawdiet is a site that recommends the best Portuguese Water Dog food loved by owners and pets alike.

My PWD’s personal favorite is Puppy Drug Dog Food by Orijen. It is a combination of deboned chicken, turkey, flounder, egg, meats, and vegetables, which adds up to a jam-packed protein source for our pets.

The price could range from $27 to 60$ depending on the packaging size, and it guarantees a high-quality meal for your Portie.


Portuguese Water Dogs are not lap-dogs. In fact, they are very active chewers. When buying collars, leashes, pillows, or toys for your dog, always consider those that can withstand a Portie’s bite force. Amazon offers plenty of good products for Porties.

For dog control, I will always suggest getting a harness since they put a lesser strain on a dog’s neck. They also avoid choking and gagging which could be dangerous for such active dogs.

PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness is my dog’s choice, and they even offer different sizes. It is great for running activities, a routine highly favored by Water dogs. It only costs $27 and it is very durable.

For toys, it is important to get a chewing toy to lessen their aggressive biting capabilities. My Portie highly prefers the Benebone Real Flavor Dental Dog Chew Toy.

Priced at $20, it is a good chewing toy that attracts a Portie due to its flavor. It is also very sturdy and flexible, making it a good choice for owners.

Any durable bed can do the trick for a Portie, and these range from $20 to $50. Pick an easily washable bed to keep your dog’s area squeaky clean.


For treats, my Portie’s favorite is the Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats. It is an all-natural product with no enhanced flavoring and additives.

At $20 per pack, it’s an ideal treatment for training, as even the most aggressive dogs fall prey to this treat. This treat is great for motivating dogs, especially in obedience, and I can personally attest to that.

Final Thoughts

Portuguese Water Dogs love their owners very much, and we must reciprocate their affection with commitment and effort.

By using the ideas presented in this guide, you now have a better glimpse of your future as an owner; and will be better prepared as a family member for your future pet. Enjoy your runs and fetches with your future Portie!

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