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Why Are English Bulldogs So Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)


English Bulldog

English bulldogs are very popular dogs.

They are adorable, friendly, and just fun to be around.

If you have considered purchasing an English bulldog, you probably quickly realized that they are expensive dogs.

There are many reasons English bulldogs are so expensive, so let’s look at a few.

Why Are English Bulldogs So Expensive?

English bulldog close up front

1. Pedigree


The pedigree is essentially the family tree of the puppy you are purchasing.

If you want a dog that has a very strong pedigree, it is going to cost you a bit more money.

The strong pedigree requires lots of time, money, and research.

The dogs that are on the pedigree have been well tested for diseases and for potential genetic issues as well.

Pedigrees in the dog world get very complicated.

They can date back hundreds of years at times.

It is important to understand the pedigree and how it will affect your dog if you want to make sure you are getting a top-quality dog.

Sometimes people just want a cute English bulldog, and we can certainly understand that.

However, if you are committing to spending thousands of dollars, make sure you get your money’s worth.

There is no problem buying a puppy that is not purebred, but you should not be spending any extra money on this dog.

A dog with an excellent pedigree is going to be much more expensive than one without a pedigree.

2. Purebred

White English Bulldog standing on the dock

If you are going to pay a lot of money for an English bulldog, you will want to make sure it is a purebred dog.

A purebred English bulldog means that the dog has both a pure English bulldog mother and a pure English bulldog father.

If either the mother or the father is not purebred, then the puppy cannot be purebred.

Some people don’t care about purchasing a dog that is a mixed breed.

It will not worry them to have something other than purebred.

The only thing to take into consideration is that sometimes health issues can arise from dogs that are not purebred.

Sometimes there are problems that may have appeared in the lines of one breed but not in the other.

Also, some dogs that are not purebred are not going to look as good as those that are purebred.

Making sure a puppy is a purebred animal takes a bit of time, research, and money.

For breeders to make sure they are breeding two great dogs, they will have to invest.

3. Caesarean

pregnant dog - english bulldog

Interestingly enough, English bulldog puppies need to be delivered via cesarean.

The puppies are too large for an English bulldog mother to deliver naturally.

This causes the end of the pregnancy to be a very stressful and expensive time for the breeder.

As the bulldog starts to reach the final stages of pregnancy, she must be closely monitored.

When the first signs of labor appear, she must be rushed to the hospital.

Many vets will try and schedule the delivery for a time before labor starts.

This is going to be an easier experience for the dog.

A cesarean is a surgery.

The dog will have to undergo anesthesia, and she will also have a scar.

This will require care even after the surgery is complete.

If you have ever owned a pet, you know that as soon as surgeries are talked about, there is quite a bit of money involved.

These costs for the delivery of the puppies are certainly going to be added into the final cost.

4. DNA Testing During Breeding

dna test

Before the breeding process for an English bulldog, it is important to make sure there are no issues between the two dogs that will be bred.

Just as humans can undergo DNA testing to check on the health of their unborn child, the same can be done for dogs.

The DNA testing is going to alert the breeder of any issues that could come up health-wise for the bulldog in the future.

As you will see, English bulldogs are prone to quite a few health issues, including lung and heart problems.

They typically tend to carry a lot of weight while still having a minimal sized body.

Over time, this tends to put a strain on the heart of the animal.

The DNA testing can also look for things like hip dysplasia.

This is an unfortunate problem you will see in many dogs, and it can require surgery in some cases.

Breeders want to avoid as many issues as possible because they will be selling these dogs for quite a bit of money.

If they sell a dog that is not healthy or has some type of issue, it could come back to bite them.

Most breeders work via word of mouth, and they want to make sure people are satisfied with their experience.

5. Pregnancy Care

pregnant english bulldog

One thing you will notice about English bulldogs is that they never look to be in the best of shape.

They are a bit stocky and low to the ground, and for some, it looks like a chore to move around with any kind of speed.

When you add in being pregnant with several puppies, the bulldog may struggle quite a bit.

Pregnant bulldogs need almost constant attention.

The diet, the water, the exercise all have to be monitored to make sure the dog is in great shape and proceeding through pregnancy with very few issues.

Pregnancy can be dangerous for any mammal.

Some dog breeds can get through the pregnancy stage quite easily, while others will struggle.

An English bulldog is going to need to go to the vet many times when pregnant.

Unfortunately, complications can come up quickly, and the last thing anyone wants is something to happen to the mother or the puppies.

Many times, the puppies are already sold even before they are born.

This creates quite a bit of pressure for a breeder as well, as they must make sure that the babies make it into the world healthy and ready for their new family.

It takes an experienced breeder to properly care for a pregnant English Bulldog.

This is undoubtedly going to add to the cost you pay for an English bulldog.

6. Early Puppy Care

English bulldog puppy standing

When English bulldog puppies are first born, they need quite a bit of care and attention.

You will have to make sure the puppies are eating properly, meeting milestones, and not developing any issues.

This early puppy care also includes some health treatments and continual visits to vets.

Most of the time, when you purchase an English bulldog, they are going to be seven or eight weeks old.

This is relatively standard as they don’t usually leave their mothers prior to this time.

At this point in life, they have probably already seen the vet four times and gotten some of their early puppy shots.

These are things which cost money to the breeder and, therefore, should not be free for you as the purchaser of the puppy.

When you buy an English bulldog puppy, you are certainly paying for the early puppy care that took place for this dog.

The good thing about this part of the cost is that the puppy got the best possible start in life because of the care it received.

You will notice that dogs that have better care as a puppy are going to have a longer and healthier life.

When deciding which breeder you are going to choose, you have to seriously consider what the care is like of the animals they breed.

Ask them what they do and how they do it.

They should be able to provide information for you which clearly outlines all they do to take care of the puppies and their dogs.

You can also look at the other dogs they have living there.

Are they in good shape?

Do they look healthy?

These are all important signs to look for when deciding on a puppy.

7. Overhead Expenses


Puppy breeders who do things right have a lot of overhead expenses.

These expenses are related to having the proper legal setup and insurance.

There are also expenses related to the land you must own to raise puppies.

When you have many dogs running around, there are going to be issues with the price that things cost.

Of course, you will have food and bedding as well as some staff to clean up and take care of the dogs.

There are also costs involved with breeding and vet or hospital care which come along with being a dog breeder.

If you think that this business is pure profit, you are very wrong.

The breeders have to charge so much for their puppies because it costs quite a bit to raise them.

If you raise puppies properly, you will have to raise quite a few of them to be able to turn a profit.

You should be aware that part of the expense you have when buying an English bulldog is the overhead expenses a breeder must pay.

Breeders are not going to work for free to raise puppies.

8. Heartworm Prevention


When an English bulldog is a puppy, they are going to need heartworm prevention treatment.

Heartworm is a very serious disease that will end up resulting in lung disease or even heart failure.

Heartworm can be prevented when a puppy is treated for it early.

Most of the time, the animals that get heartworm are dogs and cats.

Essentially, this is a parasitic worm that spreads through the body of the dog.

The initial infection happens after a mosquito bite.

The problem with the start of heartworm is that it will continue to spread and grow, and the dog will probably not even be aware.

Heartworm takes a long time to get very bad, but during that time, the infection should be caught.

Essentially, at the end stages of heartworm issues in dogs, the only thing that can save them is surgery.

The surgery is expensive and dangerous, and most dogs won’t make it through it.

When you purchase an English bulldog puppy, you should ask about heartworm prevention moving forward.

One of the reasons the puppy will be so expensive is the heartworm treatment that it was given to begin with.

This is money well spent for the future and the health of the dog.

9. Long Term Costs

cost bill

We have established the fact that English bulldogs are expensive as a puppy, but the truth is these expenses don’t really stop after puppyhood.

Unfortunately, because of the size of the Bulldogs and the way their face is constructed, they can have some health issues.

These issues usually have to do with breathing problems an English bulldog can experience.

Sometimes it may mean having a hard time breathing after exercise or just an overall difficulty to breathe.

Bulldogs can also experience exercise intolerance, which can lead to other health problems.

Essentially, if you purchase an English bulldog puppy, you are going to have to make sure you are ready to monitor it for its entire life.

There could be some extra visits to the vet and money spent on medications or procedures through the years.

The English bulldog will quickly become a member of your family, and these expenses may not bother you, but you should be aware of them.

10. Popularity

Beautiful woman with english bulldog

English bulldogs are very popular.

People love English bulldogs for a variety of reasons.

One of the things that make bulldogs so expensive is that they are a very popular breed.

Generally, since the demand for bulldogs is so high, there will be higher pricing associated with them.

Most people don’t mind the fact that the pricing is higher because of the enjoyment they get out of being an English bulldog owner.

English bulldogs do not require a lot of space.

Therefore, if you have a small yard or an apartment, you will be fine to have a bulldog, and it will be fair for the dog as well.

English bulldogs like to relax and spend time with their owners as well.

These are dogs that are going to want to lie down with you on the couch.

They are really good companions and perfect for those who like to spend a Sunday afternoon watching football and relaxing.

English bulldogs are great family dogs as well.

They get along great with kids, and they will not require a ton of exercise.

For a busy family that is trying to manage kids, work, and life, a high-maintenance dog can be difficult.

A bulldog can handle a walk around the yard or quick run with the kids while they play soccer.

It will only take a few minutes a day to keep the English bulldog in good shape.

English bulldogs can also be excellent watchdogs.

They will learn to protect the ones who matter most to them, and they can alert you of any danger nearby.

There is no questioning the fact that these good-natured, easygoing dogs are a great all-around choice.

When it comes to paying a bit more for a perfect fit, you can certainly understand why people are so willing to do it.

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