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Hello friends! I’m addressing a much-requested topic today: Printing on watercolor paper at home. I’ve shared many coloring page designs here on my blog and if you wish to paint on these I would suggest using a thicker paper that doesn’t warp easily!

Printing on heavier watercolor paper is tricky. However, I’ll share the tips that help me get great results!

Printing on Watercolor Paper at home: Step by step

You might need to trim your paper:

The watercolor paper I chose is a 9 by 12 inch 140lb weight paper. It’s nice and thick. To fit it into the printer I simply trimmed 0.5 inches off the side and an inch from the top. This makes my watercolor paper now 8.5 by 11 inches in size. Perfect!

trim watercolor paper

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Tips for Troubleshooting:

canson watercolor paper
  • Many printers have an optional rear input slot for thicker papers to prevent the paper from bending too much. A quick google search of your printer specifically can reveal if it has a separate rear input slot.
  • Make sure that you feed your watercolor paper the right way. Watercolor papers come with a smooth/textured side so choose where you want to print. For best results try printing onto the smooth side.
  • Always use branded recommended inks. I have owned this printer for years, and have learned that ink matters. Use only the recommended inks for the printer to prevent smudging.
  • If your paper tends to bend or rip a lot while going through the printer machine I have heard that misting the paper ever so slightly with water will make the paper a bit more pliable through the printer. I do not know if this works- try it at your own risk!
  • Try using a slightly thinner paper if it makes it easier. Yes, I use this 140lb watercolor paper a lot. In addition, this thinner 98lbs Mixed media paper gives great results too! Mix and match your papers and printer inks to see what works best for you.
  • Worst comes to worst if you find that your printer isn’t printing on mixed media or watercolor paper, buy this set of Matte Photo Paper! This paper is thinner, 45lb but the paper is made for photos, so the ink dries instantly! You will also find that the paint color you add to the photo paper works differently- but it is fun to color it in!

What to print on watercolor paper:

Right now, I’m printing and filling in my FREE Color Mixing Chart printables!

Printing on Watercolor paper at home: What you need to know - Smiling Colors

I’ve also printed many of my FREE Coloring Pages onto Watercolor paper and then colored them in with my brush pens


Printing on Watercolor paper at home: What you need to know - Smiling Colors

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