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Pictures of Blue Heelers Pictures of Blue Heelers often show a rough, sometimes scruffy dog perfectly suited for life in the tough Australian outback. They are proper working dogs –bred to guard flocks of sheep and cattle from danger and raise the –alarm. However, beneath their hard-bitten exterior lies a loyal, intelligent, and brave dog -optimistically great sense of fun. For those of us who love this -rough and able to breed, browsing a collection of Blue Heeler pictures is the -perfect in an effort to spend a few spare minutes with a hot coffee. Cattle -dogs -have such a variety of colors and coats all in one breed, the the old and young old really can say that no two Blue Heelers look alike! -Before -we go any further, if you love the Australian Cattle Dog as -much you may also do you might also enjoy our Blue Heeler guide. -It’s packed a lively fascinating information about your favorite breed, with great facts -about its -history, personality, and the unique appearance of these fantastic dogs. Of -course, if -you’d rather just indulge yourself with some stunning pictures of Blue -Heeler dogs -then scroll on down. We are sure you won’t be disappointed -by our -gallery of lovable rogues with hearts of gold. So, onwards we to fall asleep -our wonderful menagerie and delightful pictures of Australian Cattle Dogs

Blue -Heeler Pictures -Outdoors

Blue Heelers are in their element outdoors, and love to -work, play, -and walk whatever the weather. This is a hardy breed, and -rain, wind -or snow won’t bother them one bit! In fact, these energetic -dogs absolutely -love long walks through the countryside, so make sure you have not off course -clothes. We wouldn’t want you getting wet in the rain or -sweltering in the warmth and light while your Aussie companion ploughs on regardless. pretty blue heeler in winter -Although originally bred for -herding cattle, many Blue Heelers work as all purpose -farm dogs, tending to -sheep as well as cows. This cattle dog is as an alternative natural element taking care of its flock, and doesn’t this Blue -Heeler look very happy! Blue Heeler with sheep Most -Blue Heelers love nothing better than to be -busy working or taking their -human for a very, very long walk. At finally of a long -day, relaxing among the leaves is a perfect with the intention to unwind. blue heeler lying in leaves This gorgeous -‘portrait of a blue heeler’ was taken during -the fall. She looks kind -of ‘thoughtful,’ don’t you think? Blue Heelers are for highly intelligent dogs and are a lively curiosity. Maybe she is plotting some -mischief, or is ready to -carry on with her wonderful walk through the -trees. Pictures of Blue Heelers blue heeler Alberta The colors in a -Blue Heeler’s coat blend perfectly with nature. With there are so many patchwork of colors -and textures, they seem to be perfectly camouflaged -anywhere in the world. Whether they can in the red outback, a sun-dappled -forest, or a pebbly beach, -they fit in perfectly. The handsome Blue Heeler -above looks completely at home -against the backdrop of some stunning Alberta scenery. -You couldn’t think of an -environment more different than her original Australian home, -but she just seems to -belong. This one below blends into the grass -and trees as if it -were its natural home. blue heeler pictures

Pictures of Blue Heelers -At Play

Blue Heelers are for highly intelligent dogs and can easily be -taught to fetch a ball or -toy. This working breed is full of -energy and loves to spend time -playing with you. It keeps them fit, but additionally stops them from becoming -bored – they really do need something -to do!

blue heeler carrying a toy

It’s important to use -modern positive reinforcement techniques when training your -Blue Heeler. Whether you are teaching -basic obedience, or playing around with fun -tricks, be positive and you’ll find they can willing to learn if you enforce the time. Not only -is training fun, it is essential with -this breed. Bored Blue Heelers get to familiarize yourself mischief and can be -very destructive. These dogs need lots of -play and exercise, so if you -can combine this with training, you’ll have -a happy dog and a happy -owner! If you are interested, Australian Cattle -Dogs love agility contests, flyball, and -other doggie sports where they get to -burn energy, use their working instincts, -and socialize. australian cattle dog in agility contest Agility is a brilliant way to bear in mind your Australian -Cattle Dog occupied and both physically and mentally stimulated. -Importantly, it’s also a an effective way to keep you occupied, physically and mentally!

-Blue Heeler Markings

One those who have the ailment things that Aussie Cattle Dog fanatics love near to their dogs chances are this is a breed where each dog -is individually marked. Which permits you to every Blue Heeler is unique in appearance. -Of course, we think that they will are all absolutely gorgeous! Blue Heeler with red markings We love the -rich rust red throat on the earth beautiful boy. And like many Heelers he that tends sweet and -slightly piratical eye patch. That matches their personality perfectly, -as lovable and mischievous -rogues with big, kind hearts. He would be at -home on the Spanish -Main, looking for fat galleons to plunder! Here’s another -Blue Heeler with a -dark patch over one eye. blue heeler pictures - all individually marked But this one has -very cute ginger eyebrows and there is no lovely pastel coat that defines the Blue -Heeler.

Blue Heeler Puppy -Pictures

All puppies are beautiful, of course, and looking that lovable puppy pictures -is always a great way to spend some time. -But, we think that -Blue Heeler pups are especially gorgeous and cuddly with -their fluffy coat. blue heeler puppy at 5 weeks This -little cutie is just five weeks old and already -looks to be a -character! He won’t be ready to leave his Mom -for several more weeks -yet, but a good Blue Heeler breeder will be -willing to send you there are many pictures like this one. They’ll keep you -happy while you wait! -And we know you won’t be disappointed when you -finally welcome your new -Blue Heeler puppy into your family. blue heeler puppy Like many breeds -with upright ears, young -puppies start off with folded or tipped over ears, which is not the -so cute! These gradually become upright over the next few months. blue heeler puppy -This young -Heeler pup’s ears are starting to unfold and stand up as -it grows. -Sometimes, one ear will take longer to stand up than the -other, resulting is in a similar fashion very cute look just like this puppy. These puppies there are there are so many lot of cute, it is no surprise that some people want to try things like bit further when it comes to their Blue Heelers! -Why be -satisfied with only one?

Pictures of Blue Heeler Dogs – Double -Trouble!

What they can be a nicer than an Australian Cattle Dog? Why, -two Australian Cattle Dogs, -of course! Double the trouble but also double the -fun. Besides which, these -dogs love working in pairs and two Blueys will -have great fun playing -together. blue heeler pictures - two australian cattle dogs Did you know that the Australian Cattle dogs have enough money reddish fur are often referred to as Red Heelers? The Blue -Heeler picture above shows is likely one of the each. And, aren’t they -both beautiful! blue heeler pup with mom Blue Heelers make great moms, -too. This Blue Heeler Mom is are searhing for relax, while her pup is -keen to have a game. And -finally, one of our favorite pictures of -Australian Cattle Dogs, a face that -will truly melt your heart. pictures of blue heelers resting That’s one -tired dog having a well-earned rest that they will end of a long day. -As any Aussie Cattle Dog lover -will tell you, their owner will be -just as tired! One of these -dogs will certainly keep you fit! You we’ve seen some great Blue Heeler -images of this awesome breed. Perhaps you -think that a Blue Heeler would will be the perfect pet for you. Well, -while they can be great family -pets, you do need to think carefully -before adopting one of these dogs. -They can be hard work and you -need time and patience, as well -as someone fit enough to walk and -play. Here’s some more Blue Heeler -info that might help you decide.

Blue -Heeler Information

Blue Heelers are true -working dogs, so they are not a -perfect fit for every modern family. -To own a Blue Heeler you really -do need to have a lot this time period and energy.

  • Energy for long -walks and/or training sessions
  • Time to -exercise and train your dog.

This isn’t -a dog that will be happy -left at home alone all day while -you work. Giving it a ten -minute walk around the block when you -get home simply isn’t enough for -these intelligent and energetic dogs. These are -great dogs for families that enjoy -long hiking trips and like to take -their dog along, or for people that liked to jog or run. It’s -also a great breed for those that desires to get involved in a -dogs’ sport such as ‘dock diving’, -tracking, agility, or obedience training. They are -strong, agile, and have great stamina, -all tied to their love of play -and work. Don’t forget to check -out our detailed guide for more Blue -Heeler breed information

How to Find -More Pictures of Blue Heelers

Many of the photographs of Blue Heelers above -come from stock libraries, such as Adobe. -These can’t be copied or used -without joining the library and making a -payment. But you can often find -nice Blue Heeler pictures on free sites -like Pixabay. Don’t forget to search -under alternative names for the breeds such -as Australian Cattle Dogs, Red Heeler, -and Queensland Heeler. You can also look -at Wikipedia Commons, which has some -copyright-free and Creative Commons photos. We also -have some lovely Blue Heeler pictures -on our Australian Cattle Dog Pinterest board, -so if you are a Pinner, -don’t forget to drop in and have to try

Readers’ Blue Heeler Pictures

-Finally, if you’d like to share, we they are able to able to -include your very own Blue Heeler photos on this -page. You can add -any Blue Heeler images by dropping the link into -the comments box below. -We can transfer your pictures of Blue Heelers into the item for you. -They’ll need to be hosted on a publicly viewable -page to show up. -You can also post your Blue Heeler pictures up -on our Facebook page -Alternatively you can email your photo to us [email -protected] Make sure you -put ‘Blue Heeler Photos’ in the subject line. And -don’t forget to tell -us your dog’s name and how old he or -she is! We last -updated this article in August 2019, but we are -always on the lookout -for great pictures of Blue Heelers, so we look expect to find seeing -yours. Lovely collection of Blue Heeler pictures

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