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Best Oyster Plates – Sous Vide Guy

There’s no better way to liven up a dinner party than to have oysters on the menu. Whether eaten raw, roasted or grilled, serving them on your table in an oyster plate adds to the pleasure of consuming them.

But the aesthetics of an oyster plate isn’t the only factor to consider when purchasing one, or a set. An oyster plate should also make sense functionally. For example, there should be enough room to fill the tray space with the sized oyster you choose plus ice, as well as a center slot for the cocktail sauce, lemon slices or spicy and tart mignonette. Some oyster plates can even go into the oven or on the barbecue, if you prefer to eat them cooked.

Oyster plates can be quite versatile and used for other seafood like shrimp and clams, or can double as a serving tray for chips and dip, deviled eggs or whatever else strikes your fancy.

We feature six oyster plates you can purchase online. Read on to see which one best suits your needs.

Top Pick Best Versatile: MGTECH 2 Pack Stainless Steel Oyster Plate for Oysters

This set of two oyster plates is an attractive way to serve your best oyster recipes to your family or friends. Each plate is made from thick stainless steel, which is lighter than cast iron but still durable for long-lasting use.

Each round oyster plate measures 9.8 inches in diameter and has eight oyster-shaped slots to place the oysters, plus some ice, or even on the half shell. A slot in the center is for lemon slices or sauce.

Since these plates are also safe to use in the oven, you have the choice to serve your oysters raw, or to roast them. Practical and versatile, you can use the plates for other small seafood as well, such a shrimp or scallops.

These oyster plates are affordably priced, making it easy to purchase a few sets so you can be ready for your next dinner party. Easy to clean, they are safe to put into the dishwasher.


  • Affordable
  • Can go into the oven
  • Room for eight oysters


  • The spaces for the oysters are a bit small

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Top Pick Best Overall: HIC Kitchen Oyster Plate

This fine white porcelain oyster plate is the perfect complement with any dinner set, providing a blank canvas on which to present and serve oysters on the half shell, oyster Rockefeller or another favorite recipe.

The round oyster plate measures nine inches in diameter and 1.125 inches thick and is made of lead- and cadmium-free fine porcelain. The six individual wells are shaped like an oyster shell, and can hold oysters in or out of the shell, with room for some ice. An indentation, or well in the center of the plate is the place to put cocktail sauce, horseradish, drawn butter or lemon wedges.

With this oyster plate, you can enjoy oysters raw on the half shell, smoked, broiled, baked, fried, roasted, stewed, pickled or steamed, or use the plate for other seafood dishes such as shrimp scampi, lobster bites or baby scallops. Durable and tough, the plate is safe for the freezer, microwave, oven or broiler (to 350-degrees Fahrenheit), and when you’re done, cleans up easily in the dishwasher.


  • White porcelain plate goes with any table décor
  • Durable, versatile oyster plate is freezer, microwave and oven safe
  • Free of lead and cadmium


  • Can become expensive when purchasing more than one
  • Serves only a portion of six oysters

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Top Pick Best Decorative: Abigails Oyster Plate

If you’re looking for a new style to serve oysters that will add a touch of panache to your dinner table or outdoor celebration, you may want to add a few of these beautifully designed ceramic oyster plates from Abigails to your repertoire.

This bold canary yellow plate with white and purple highlights will set the stage to serve your favorite oyster recipe that will impress your dinner guests. Hand-made in Portugal, each plate measures 9.5-inches in diameter and one-inch thick, with six spacious spots for oysters, raw or on the half shell.

In the center is a roomy well to hold lemons, tartar sauce or your favorite dipping sauce. When the evening is done, this beautiful plate cleans easily and can be placed in the dishwasher.

An attractive way to serve your best oyster recipe, we won’t judge you if you love it so much, you decide to hang it on the kitchen wall as a fun decoration.


  • Beautiful oyster plate handmade in Portugal
  • Room for six oysters
  • Dishwasher safe


  • More expensive than other oyster plates

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Top Pick Best for Grilling: Outset 76471 Stainless Steel Grillable Oyster Shells

An oyster plate is great for serving raw oysters, or even oysters roasted in the oven. But when you’re looking to grill your oysters, it’s not always possible to use a plate. These individual stainless steel oyster shells can be put straight on the barbecue for cooking, and can also be used to serve the oysters.

The shells are flat-bottomed, so they will stay steady on the grill as the food cooks. The even thickness of the shell creates a uniform cooking experience, so you can remove them all at the same time to serve.

Each shell in the package of 12 measures a half-inch deep to hold enough sauce or liquid to cover the oyster. Versatile, the oyster shells can also be used to grill other food such as shrimp, scallops, clams and even bits of meat. Once the oysters are cooked, arrange the shiny shells on a plate for an attractive way to serve your guests.

Reusable and practical, the oyster shells are also oven safe and top-rack dishwasher safe for an easy cleanup.


  • Affordable
  • Stainless steel promotes even cooking
  • Versatile
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe


  • Need a plate to serve
  • Need separate bowls for sauces and dips

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Top Pick Best Bulk Buy: Vertex China ARG-OP Market Buffet Oyster Plate

For anyone who loves to entertain, having enough dinnerware and serving pieces is a must to make sure there is enough to go around, no matter how many people are sitting at your table.

Oyster plates are no exception and that’s why we included this lovely white porcelain oyster plate set that is available in a pack of 24. Now there is no reason not to host a grand backyard party and serve your favorite oyster recipe.

Each round plate measures nine inches and has six generously sized slots to fit raw oysters, or on the half shell, plus a well in the center for dipping sauce, sliced lemons or other condiment. The simple yet classic white design will complement any table décor.


  • Made from porcelain
  • Classic design
  • Six spaces for oysters


  • May be too many oyster plates for some needs

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Top Pick Best Set: Trip Dock Oyster Opener Tool Set

This oyster opener tool set has everything you need to make fresh, delicious oysters any time you want. Sure you can purchase already shucked oysters, but if you really want to experience the ultimate in freshness and taste, shucking them yourself is the way to go.

The set includes an oyster shucker with a solid stainless steel pry stick and a premium aluminum metal base. Five grooves help to stabilize each oyster while you pierce the seam, making the process fast and easy. Use the included pair of food-grade silicone gloves and save your hands and fingers from injury.

The oyster knife has a wooden handle that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The sturdy stainless steel blade makes quick work of opening the shell, and can be used for opening other shellfish, too, like mussels.

Once you’re done shucking, use the six stainless steel shells to serve the oysters either raw with a squirt of lemon, or put them in the oven to roast. The shells make an attractive serving option, are easy to clean and are reusable.

With this complete set, you’ll be able to really taste the sea in your oysters, freshly shucked and eaten. Makes an ideal gift for the seafood lover in your life.


  • Set includes everything you need to shuck and serve oysters
  • Makes an ideal gift


  • Includes items not everyone wants

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Things to look out for:

Consider these things when looking for an oyster plate so you will choose one that best suits your needs:

Material: Oyster plates are available in a variety of materials. Which you choose will depend upon personal taste, but also on if you will serve them raw, or if you want the option of cooking the oysters.

Stainless steel: This is a popular material for oyster plates. They are durable and strong, and you are able to serve oysters raw or put the plate into the oven or under the broiler. A stainless steel oyster plate is also easy to clean, and is reusable and versatile, as you can use it for other seafood such as shrimp, scallops and clams.

Porcelain: Oyster plates made from porcelain are usually white in color and desirable because they go with any table décor. Porcelain oyster plates may also have scalloped edges or other decorative designs to enhance their appeal. Many are oven safe, so you can cook and serve oysters in the same plate.

Cast iron: This material is favored by cooks who like to cook their oysters, since this heat resistant substance means you can put it in the oven and under the broiler. However, it is heavier than other materials, like stainless steel, and although you can serve raw oysters and complementary sauces in a cast iron oyster plate, it may not present as well on some tables.

Ceramic: Oyster plates were first conceptualized during the Victorian era as a way to serve what was then considered to be a shellfish delicacy. The plates were beautifully designed and intricately decorated and these days, some people make it a practice to collect antique oyster plates. However, you don’t have to be a collector to find uniquely designed oyster plates on which to serve your favorite recipe. Plates made from ceramic are attractive and functional, and can add a dash of panache to your table.

Size: The majority of oyster plates are round and measure nine, or 9.5 inches in diameter, although there are exceptions. They all have recessed spaces to accommodate either six or eight raw oysters with perhaps some salt, or ice, or the oyster on the half shell. These spaces vary in size, depth and number, so it’s best to consider the type and size of oyster you prefer to serve, as well as how many you wish to have on each plate. As well, an oyster plate will have a center well where you can put some lemon slices, tartar sauce or other dipping sauce.

There are also oyster plates that are not actually a plate per se, but rather, are individual shells onto which you place an oyster to be eaten raw, or to be cooked. These can be arranged on a plate to serve and the advantage is that you have the freedom to serve only one on a plate, or as many as you like. When using individual oyster shells, you will have to provide separate bowls or dishes for sauces, lemon and dips.

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