Ronaldinho Gaúcho – When Football Becomes Art


Ronaldinho Gaúcho – When Football Becomes Art
Best Goals, Skills, Dribbles, Dribbling, Passes, Assists, Highlights
Gremio PSG Paris Saint Germain Barcelona AC Milan Flamengo Atletico Mineiro Brazil



Medley of Rodrigo y Gabriela Covers – Jake Pancho
Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie
Cardi B & J Balvin – I Like It (Instrumental)
Sergio Mendes – Mas Que Nada (Instrumental)
Migos – Narcos (Instrumental)
Migos – Narcos


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  1. ASComps - Match Compilations says

    Ronaldinho. Enjoy.

  2. Karim Kareemicič says

    Please a do Video on Ricardo Quaresma .Dinho is a legend in sports

  3. Aniruddh Muley says

    Having a bad day? Watch Ronaldinho. What a comp.

  4. Omar Citizen says

    I wish you next video will be " Yaya Toure – When Football Becomes Art "

  5. Nimi George says


  6. Creees says

    No one compares to Ronaldinho

  7. Creees says

    So if he was on fifa 21 he would have 12 stars skill moves

  8. Creees says

    So if he was on fifa 20 he would 12 stars skill moves

  9. Creees says

    He never dived bexause he alwas had visions of what he wanted to do. I respect that so much

  10. Creees says

    What i love most about Ronaldinho is he didnt need to dive or cheat or stay at the one club to make hmself look good. He went around and was so influential in all his teams. He didnt rely on Xavi and iniesta like some other short Argrntinian lad.Barcdlona fully relied on Ronaldinjo at that time although Eto was pretty special as well

  11. mokhtar foladi says

    Much better than messi, won 3 major trohphies for his country one of them a world cup, something messi can only dream of.

  12. Nicolas Chirchir says

    Song ?

  13. Bludclart rick says

    Unreal player, natural talent easily top 3 to ever kick a football

  14. WakaZ says

    Most skilled player everrrrrrr

  15. Merlutinovitch says

    A like is not enough

  16. anonimo 2005 says

    Dude perfect?

  17. i.m 10 says

    I don't know why people don't consider him in the discussion for the GOAT

  18. Valukr says

    The opening song, i knew from that moment this is going to be good. Thank you

  19. Vala Valte says

    Do Ricardo quaresma

  20. Louis Leonard says

    He makes me play football

  21. SAYAN GHOSH says

    His skills are out of this world

  22. Chicky Black says

    Great video, amazing editing, incredible player. Well done!!!

  23. Tony Okojie says

    I got hypnotised by he's magic it's normal tho

  24. HopefulElect says

    An underrated aspect of his game was his strength.

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