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Sam's Photo Prices – Photo Print Prices

Despite having its own photo lab since 1981 and a digital one in 1999, it was not until late in the year 2000 when Sam’s Photo decided to go all out. Since then, its efforts have been lauded through nominations in awards such as Pro Lab of the Year in 2010, which says something good for a newbie establishment in the biz. Focusing on new and efficient printing technology, the company aims to provide quality photo printing services which cater to a wider demographic and target market depending on the necessity that they have at hand.

Below are the latest Sam’s Club photo prices.


One Hour

4×6$0.13 5×7$0.38 8×10$1.46 Wallets$0.17 4×4$0.13 5×5$0.38 6×6$0.48 8×8$1.46 True Digital$0.13 11×14$2.87 12×16$2.96 16×20$5.96 20×24$7.96 20×30$8.96

Ship Prints to Your Home

4×6$0.08 5×7$0.34 8×10$1.34 Wallets$0.15 4×4$0.13 5×5$0.38 6×6$0.48 8×8$1.46 True Digital$0.08 11×14$2.78 12×16$2.96 16×20$5.96 20×24$7.96 20×30$8.96

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Products and Services

Upgrading their main printer four years ago, Sam’s Photo now relies on a newly installed ROES interface, which offers variety for different kinds of printing necessities aimed at various target audiences. Even so, budget prints remain to be the main product on offer. After all, Sam’s Photo is a relatively small player in a market dominated by bigger rivals such as Costco and Walgreens which already have their own captured audience gained through their ubiquity in the life of the everyday consumer. However, Sam’s Photo is continuously expanding to add new products and services in an attempt to be more competitive.

As far as Sam’s Photo prices are concerned, prices are kept low for the mere fact that they are a small player in a relatively bigger market dominated by larger brand names. This assures that prices are lower than what they would normally be somewhere else. In addition, package printing for schools and other relevant promotions are offered from time to time, which makes the products and services even more affordable for the majority of the population. Other products and services that you might need and that they offer include: album overlay prints, pearl super gloss, group prints in mounts, template prints, gloss prints, full correction, super prints, as well as certain promo print packages, among others.

Aside from budget prints, Sam’s Photo also offers template prints to make calendars of different styles and sizes, customizing it yourself through their online platform. Full correction for red eye and other defects could also be accomplished after uploading the photos. Their promo prints are among the cheapest that you would find in the market today, the downside for which is that they are not treated as priority and could take at most a week during busy production days. The company also offers Giclee art and large format inkjet prints on 12 color HP Z3200.

Why Choose Sam’s Photo

Sam-s-PhotoPrintPricesIf you want that kind of service which is personalized and easy to access via an online platform which allows for more flexibility in terms of editing, then Sam’s Photo would be your best bet. In addition, Sam’s Photo prices are generally lower than the rest of the competition, giving you more savings while getting what you need for a relatively lower price tag. Given its nature as a small company, you could also rest assured that customer service is generally good.

To view more information about Sam’s Photo, visit their website.

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