San Diego Comic Con Sizzle presented by Marvel | Netflix


A look back at Daredevil and Jessica Jones as we get ready for Luke Cage. All episode of Daredevil and Jessica Jones now streaming on Netflix. Luke Cage premieres on September 30.


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San Diego Comic Con Sizzle presented by Marvel | Netflix


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  1. Tal B says


  2. naguleader says

    the good old days when iron fist wasn't a thing

  3. Rejector71 says

    I hope they do it again. This time with Iron Fist into the mix

  4. Adam Tatti says

    To those who say Marvel is just for kids and no one else, try watching these shows and telling me the same thing.

  5. Carlos Toloza says

    A hero live amoung us. They are not above usThat line is Marvel. That represent the characters. Snyder tryed to do that in MoS and BvS and failed because DC characters are OP and Gods and perfect

  6. Jake Kale says

    Here after watching the Iron Fist trailer

  7. Jeremy Wong says

    Anyone know the music?

  8. Kalee says

    I need more Punisher!

  9. JimBus says

    Wasn't ghost rider on the defenders.

  10. Barry McCocciner says

    Knew it

  11. Firepopcorn 123 says

    Ironfist will sent Marvel up for straight money (The defenders)

  12. Nick Shaffer says

    Dear god the defenders have my earn my wallet 4 times over

  13. Koosha Las Vegas Ex Muslim says

    Follow Jesus only

  14. optimegatrongodzilla says

  15. 謎思特異 says

    1:00 10th Doctor!!!!!

  16. cpt. rage says

    david tennant oooohh;o

  17. fvck up says


  18. Javier Cendejas-Gil says

    Marvel is king right now!

  19. Forgione Productions says

    Netflix needs to do a Ghost Rider series

  20. Joe Cannabyte says

    The amount of Kingpin we're seeing here leads me to believe he'll be a major factor in The Defenders and honestly I wouldn't be surprised to see him turn up in both The Punisher, Luke Cage and perhaps even JEssica Jones S2. The guy is going to be taking over all the street kings that Luke, Frank, Matt, Jessica and even Danny (the Chinese triads, I bet) are taking down. Once he has aquired that power…well, hhere comes the rogue's gallery!

  21. Roberto Leopoldino says


  22. Federico Sandi says


  23. Sean Everett says


  24. lordmegacom says

    Basically, RIP DC

  25. Child Of God says

    Is Luke Cage the guy who voice-acted Spartan Locke? Because he looks like Locke.

  26. ReyProduction says

    I was like "Punisher please, oh please." and then that ending came up and I jizzed in excitement. So good. Thanks for this!!!

  27. josiah jenks says

    I'm still wondering how they're going to fit Spiderman and Deadpool into this. Those two are always close to this bunch…

  28. Punished Frank says

    Saved the best for last at the end of this video.

  29. Wolfenrahd says

    Was about to skip this ad, but then I saw Marvel at the top of the video.

  30. Tristan C says

    oh look! daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Spartan Jameson Locke

  31. Carter Evelyn Winggates says

    THIS IS SO AMAZING. It fucking sucks I don't have Netflix. We just can't afford to have it. ;-; I wanna watch Luke Cage so bad.

  32. Hi _Jr says

    w-was that david? david tennant?

  33. cheese master says

    i'm just waiting for blindspot (Samuel chung) to pop up in daredevil

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