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sandisk extreme pro microsdxc uhs ii card

SanDisk Extreme Pro 275MB/s 64GB microSDXC UHS-II U3 Memory Card Review

SanDisk Extreme Pro 275MB/s UHS-II U3 64GB microSDXC Card


The Extreme Pro UHS-II U3 64GB microSDXC card brings the latest UHS-II interface to the microSD format, offering up to 275MB/s read speed according to SanDisk. The card is rated U3 for at least 30MB/s continuous recording of HD and 4K video. Extreme Pro UHS-II micro SD cards are offered in 64 and 128GB capacities. The 64GB microSDXC card is tested in this review.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 275MB/s UHS-II U3 64GB microSDXC card back

A microSD UHS-II reader is included with Extreme Pro UHS-II microSD cards. A separate review and tests of the included SanDisk microSD UHS-II card reader (SDDR-339) is available.

SanDisk microSD UHS-II SD Reader USB 3.0 SDDR-339


In benchmark tests the UHS-II Extreme Pro reached up to 264.9 MB/s sequential read speed. The write speed measured up to at 106.5MB/s. A UHS-II device is required to reach the highest speeds. In UHS-I devices the card is limited to UHS-I speed. In UHS-I card readers the card reached up to 95.8MB/s read and 82.7MB/s write speeds.

Card: SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II 275MB/s microSDXC 64GBBenchmark: CrystalDiskMark 3.0.3 x64Program settings: 1000 MB, 5 passes, random test dataOperating system: Windows 10 ProMotherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3HProcessor: Intel Core i7-3770K @ 4.40GHzRAM: 32GB DDR3 1600

SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II 275MB/s microSDXC 64GBCard Reader topdeblogs.com1000MBMB/sSeq.Write1000MBMB/sRand.Read512KBMB/sRand.Write512KBMB/sRand.Read4KBMB/sQD1Rand.Read4KBIOPSQD1Rand.Write4KBMB/sQD1Rand.Write4KBIOPSQD1Rand.Read4KBMB/sQD32Rand.Read4KBIOPSQD32Rand.Write4KBMB/sQD32Rand.Write4KBIOPSQD32SanDisk Extreme Pro SD UHS-II USB-C Reader290.746106.671205.2621.16712.8103127.41.175286.814.5793559.21.488363.2SanDisk Extreme Pro SD UHS-II Reader/Writer290.143106.910205.7741.05812.9633164.90.870212.414.7023589.41.060258.7SanDisk ImageMate Pro Multi-Card Reader/Writer290.022106.747203.4210.9919.6102346.31.035252.812.7103103.11.055257.7Delkin Black Rugged Card Reader287.517106.899200.7760.99711.6182836.31.103269.313.2033223.41.068260.8SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II USB-C Reader SDDR-409286.731106.671201.8170.99912.4463038.50.938229.014.8623628.51.466357.9Hama USB Type-C 3.1 UHS-II SD Card Reader266.847111.468198.0410.93514.2563480.61.071261.517.6564310.41.480361.3Sony S1 High Speed UHS-II Reader/Writer266.644106.878195.1491.05712.5283058.50.998243.715.5643799.81.226299.3Lexar LRWM04U-7000 UHS-II Reader264.859106.239198.6670.99112.7803120.10.931227.414.7553602.30.782191.0Lexar Professional Workflow SR2 UHS-II262.867106.282196.5320.92412.6493088.20.953232.714.7963612.20.854208.6Hama USB 3.0 UHS-II SD Card Reader254.108106.357193.8901.13111.9202910.11.295316.215.7773851.90.835203.8Delkin Dual Slot SD UHS-II and CF Card Reader242.586105.332178.0501.03112.9533162.30.971237.015.9963905.30.803196.0Kingston FCR-HS4 Card Reader239.729106.142178.2230.93113.5373305.01.150280.816.0343914.50.887216.6Lexar Professional Dual Slot UHS-II Card Reader239.592105.459176.5991.05713.5153299.50.761185.716.0483918.00.821200.5SanDisk microSD UHS-II USB 3.0 Reader239.374105.586184.2961.05011.7052857.60.874213.514.4213520.71.405343.1Transcend Multi-Card Reader RDF9238.856106.303176.5100.94312.3783021.91.045255.215.8083859.30.941229.8DriverGenius USB 3.1(G1) / 3.0 UHS-II SD Card Reader236.619106.088181.1190.9649.7102370.60.958233.914.2263473.11.021249.2SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II SD Reader/Writer235.212106.185175.2250.94412.8063126.30.837204.415.8173861.70.796194.2Kingston MobileLite G4 UHS-II234.896105.385175.0801.05713.2423232.90.959234.216.0703923.30.838204.7Sony MRW-E90 XQD 2.0 / SD UHS-II Card Reader232.758105.906184.9710.95411.7692873.30.794193.914.3583505.30.843205.8Lexar LRWM05U-7000 UHS-II microSD Reader232.294106.465183.9611.12911.7632871.90.826201.814.2693483.70.762186.1Delkin Multi-Card CFast SD UHS-II microSD Reader215.934106.045174.0950.99814.6123567.40.987240.916.9754144.21.167284.9Lexar C1 USB-C microSD Reader96.12081.83083.2890.7787.2831778.11.052256.78.0591967.60.976238.2SanDisk MobileMate USB 3.0 Reader96.02379.72181.2310.8045.5401352.61.324323.36.4571576.50.962234.7Delkin Travel Reader95.80480.99084.8700.8079.2812265.80.640156.310.7852633.00.741181.0Transcend Multi-Card Reader RDF8 Black95.73481.62087.0330.8448.7162128.00.628153.310.6702605.10.808197.3Delkin Universal Memory Card Reader95.53482.65086.7880.8888.5772094.10.722176.210.6932610.70.660161.2Transcend SD Card Reader RDF5 Black94.75780.84685.2360.7806.6691628.10.868212.07.2681774.50.634154.8Lexar LRWM03U-7000 UHS-I microSD Reader94.67181.39284.6740.7797.8071906.01.018248.49.5702336.30.723176.5SanDisk ImageMate All-In-One USB 3.093.91679.01377.1140.7435.0461232.00.902220.15.2831289.80.771188.1

The 64GB Extreme Pro UHS-II microSD card will be tested in cameras, and the results will be posted in the chart below.

SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II 275MB/s microSDXC 64GBTested in CameraWrite Speed(MB/s)Sony A9104.2Canon EOS R100.2Olympus E-M1 II93.6Canon Rebel T7i80.1Canon 77D79.8Canon 5D Mark IV78.6Canon EOS M577.5Nikon D750077.2Nikon D560076.2Fuji X-T374.0Panasonic GH572.0Nikon Coolpix P100034.1

Cameras tested with this card: Canon EOS R, Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 77D, Canon EOS M5, Canon Rebel T7i, Fuji X-T3, Nikon D7500, Nikon D5600, Nikon Coolpix P1000, Olympus E-M1 II, Panasonic GH5, Sony A9

The following table contains information encoded in the SD card.

SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II 275MB/s microSDXC 64GB microSD — Internal Card Information Serial number (PSN)3669782050 Product Name (PNM)SP2BN Product Revision3.0 Manufacturer ID (MID)0x000003 OEM ID (OID)PT Manufacture Date (MDT)05/2016 Total capacity64,189,628,416 bytes

Available sizes and prices

Compare prices on the SanDisk Extreme Pro 275MB/s UHS-II microSD card. The lowest prices are highlighted in the table below. Prices are updated daily.

CardSizeGBLowest$ / GBPricesAmazonB&H PhotoAdoramaSanDisk Extreme Pro 275MB/s UHS-II microSD64$1.06$68.13Check priceCheck priceSanDisk Extreme Pro 275MB/s UHS-II microSD128$0.78$99.99Check priceCheck price

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