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Best SD Card Readers For Android Phones For October 2021

Want to shop for the best SD card readers for android phones? If yes, then you land on the right page. Today we will introduce you to the top 5 SD card readers for your android device from Amazon.

A high-speed card reader quickly transfers your images and files from your phone to other devices and vice-versa in just a minute. Well, there is no shortage of card readers in the market. But from the bulk of card readers, you have to choose the best which could be a little difficult for you.

Read our article further; we have hunted a list of budget-friendly and highly portable models for you along with all advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s take a look below.

Best SD Card Reader For Android Phones

Check out a few of the best memory card readers for android mobile phones.

U Green Sd Card Reader

U Green SD card reader is the number one choice for those who want fast transferable speed. This card reader offers you four different slots of format SDXC/ SDHC/ SD/ EXTREME I and III/ UHS-1/ MICRO SDHC and many more. It allows you to read and transfer data quickly in any format.

Other than the above, there are a lot of formats they support. Moreover, it is easily used with laptops, computers, and android phones. Further, it offers you a plug and plays style with no drivers needed. Overall, it’s one of the best external SD card readers for android phones that you can’t go wrong with.

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Anker Portable SD Card Reader

Anker portable card reader is a card that does not directly read from an android phone. To read your SD card with this card reader, you need to put out the SD card from your device and put it in the card reader, and then connect it with a laptop or computer.

Furthermore, it allows you to read and write on two cards simultaneously to save your time as well as money. With USB 3.0, you should get a data transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps. In other words, it’s another reader in the list among the best sd card readers offering excellent value for the money.

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Transcend Card Reader

Transcend card reader is one of the most significant card readers among all the above readers. Moreover, it is very convenient to use. You just need to plug in the USB cable of your choice, and you can easily use it with any of the android phones in the market.

Further, this card supports all the standard and micro standard formats. The fantastic feature of this card reader is that it comes up with data recovery software means if you have any default SD card, you can recover it with the help of this feature.

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Geekgo micro SD card reader

Geekgo SD card reader is one best reader for multiple devices because it is designed with 4 different interfaces i.e., adapter for iOs devices, Micro USB adapter for Android phone or tablet with OTG function; USB C adapter for Samsung or LG phone with Type C port; USB adapter for PC / iMac / Mac/laptop.

Geekgo micro SD card reader

Geekgo SD card reader supports micro SD cards up to 256GB, including all standard formats. Moreover, it is an excellent companion for not only your smartphones but also your camera so that you can capture more images while traveling.

COASD Card Reader

The COASD card reader is specially designed for android phones that don’t operate on a USB-C port. COASD card readers support micro USB phones. Moreover, it can plug only into a USB A port on a laptop and computer as well.

COASD Card Reader

The card reader supports all the standard formats, and the card reader is only compatible with the latest Android mobile phones, which supports micro USB tech.

Further, this SD card reader does not support this SD card, which is above 64 Gb in size. All in all, it’s another good option among the best SD card readers for android phones to go with.


So, those are our top picks for the best SD card readers for android phones; you can quickly go for any of the above card readers. They all help you in achieving the same means, and you can choose according to your needs and preference requirements.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoy reading this article. For more updates, do follow us and stay tuned to The Android Portal website.

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