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5 Best apps to see through clothes for Android & iOS | Free apps for Android and iOS


Sexy Booth FREE makes you hot

This application for iOS devices will help you to play your friends. Use a special scanner to look through your friends’ clothes. All you need is to point the camera to your friend. You’ll be able to see them naked! Or… make them think that you can really see them naked.

Don’t forget that this application is fake. Of course, you cannot look at your friends’ underwear. Perhaps, except the cases when they agree to show it to you. Anyway, the app will only show you pictures of men and women models.

iOS version

audery Girl Figure Scanner

audery Girl Figure Scanner is an application similar to the previous one, but for Android. The app allows you to see through girls’ clothes. Of course, it is also fake and shows body parts of people you don’t know, not the ones in front of you, but this can also be fun. You can trick a girl you like into thinking you can really see her underwear. Although your trick will probably fail since there are lots of underwear types these days. What a pity!

The app pretends to use X-Ray to scan people’s clothes. If you can think of a lie that is complicated enough and sound confident, maybe someone will believe you. The only limitation this app has (besides the one that it can’t really scan people) is that there are only girls’ pictures. You can’t use it on men. Download Girl Figure Scanner now and see if it will work on someone!

girl figure scanner

Android version

X-Ray Cloth Remover

X-Ray Cloth Remover or Clothes remover is another app for Android which is very similar to the previous one. This app is quite old – you can see it from the screens but it is still working. So, old but gold!

Of course, these days there are more sophisticated prank app, but if you are looking for something as plain as trying to look through someone’s clothes, get this app! You will certainly enjoy it.

Android version

X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator

* The app is designed for people over 18 years old.

X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator for iOS allows you to play your friends, telling them that your phone is equipped with an X-Ray capability. By choosing the right moment, you can make fun of your friends and improve their mood.

Body Scanner app simulates the work of an X-ray machine. It allegedly catches bone tissue and shows it on the screen. You can ‘X-Ray’ a pelvis, knees, a head, a chest, and hands. X-ray images are very cool and realistic. Maybe, somebody wants to make fluorography?

The application does not even pretend to be a scanner – it honestly admits that it lacks even the simplest scripts that can catch body contours and substitute them with the necessary pictures. Still, the app is quite entertaining.

iOS version

Body Scanner Camera Xray Prank real simulator

Body Scanner Camera Xray app is one more prank app, this time for Android. This app has lots of pictures of hot men. If you want to make someone look more handsome, use this app! If you just want to have fun, you can also use this app.

Of course, this is just a prank but who knows what it can lead to? Maybe someone will start going to the gym to look more like Apollos from the pics. So, one more prank camera at your service!

Android version

We all like to have fun. These silly applications will help you trick your most naive friends into thinking that your phone is an almighty device. Not all the apps are supposed to be serious, but you should still be smart in choosing apps!

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