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12 Best Husky Breeders in Pennsylvania! (2021) – We Love Doodles

Best Husky Breeders in Pennsylvania

If you’re searching for the best Husky breeders in Pennsylvania, then you’ve come to the right place. But, before we proceed, here’s what you need to know about the Husky dog breed.

Huskies are adorable dogs to raise. Unfortunately, they also tend to grow quickly by the time they reach adulthood. If you want a Husky puppy in your home but struggling to find a reputable breeder in Pennsylvania, then this list should help you.

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Husky Puppies For Sale in Pennsylvania

Husky Puppies For Sale in Pennsylvania

If you encounter any Husky breeders in Pennsylvania not listed here, we advise you to do your in-depth research to avoid any possible puppy mills. In addition, it’s best to keep an eye out for these unethical practices. With that in mind, here’s your list of the best Husky breeders in Pennsylvania.

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1. PuppySpot’s Huskies for Pennsylvania


PuppySpot is first on the list of Husky breeders in Pennsylvania for a reason. We recommend PuppySpot because of how efficient and quick it is to introduce a Husky puppy into your household. So many families across the United States trust this dog marketplace.

The team of this marketplace strictly screens husky breeders on this platform to maintain a safe environment. Not to mention, PuppySpot is against puppy mills. Therefore, before continuing your search for individual Husky breeders in Pennsylvania, we highly recommend browsing PuppySpot’s marketplace.

PuppySpot Details

  • Website: PuppySpot’s Huskies

2. Jalerran Siberians

Jalerran Siberians

If you are a person who is a Siberian fancy or someone who is thinking of adding a Siberian husky to your family, the Jalerran breeders are the best place to guide you.

The owners of Jalerran Siberians offer accurate information and pros and cons about owning a Siberian husky. In addition, they educate you and accommodate you with proper research about the specific breeds.

They also complete a puppy aptitude test so both the buyer and the breeder can understand each other easily. If they don’t have any Siberian husky puppy that you can lawfully adopt, they will also recommend and refer another breeder so that you won’t return empty-handed.

Jalerran Siberians Details

  • Contact: Jessica & John Moore and Family
  • Location: 3361 Miola Rd. Clarion, PA. 16214
  • Phone Number: (814) 227 -2838
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website: Jalerran Siberians

3. Dancing Winds Siberians and Kennel

Dancing Winds Siberians and Kennel

They are high-quality and pretty renowned breeders of AKC registered Siberian huskies and have been raising Siberian huskies since 1972. They provide great champion dogs as well as beautiful pets.

It is located in the northern tip of Butler County, Pennsylvania, on a 600-acre farm with a beautiful open country view on all sides, which means a good outing space with a home to your desired dog species.

Most of their dogs are show dogs with the titles of “Therapy Dog” and “Canine Good Citizen.” The owner takes them into nursing homes and hospitals, sometimes for patients to see and pet.

Dancing Winds Siberians and Kennel Details

  • Contact: Maggie Toth
  • Location: 130 Dunkle Road Parker, PA 16049
  • Phone number: (724) 791-3222
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Website: Dancing Winds Siberians and Kennel

4. Topaz Siberians


They have been raising and breeding quality Siberian huskies since pretty old days like those in 1983. Topaz has finished over 20 homebred champions and the number of beautiful dogs purchased from other kennels. They are one of the most famous and renowned breeders based in PA and have been around for 40 years.

Their dogs have been great champions. They also offer information and education about the Siberian huskies, so you don’t experience any issues. If you’re new to pet a dog, things will be easier with provided education. Just in case if you’re convinced enough to drive your way to Topaz Siberians, below are some important pieces of information that will surely be a great help to you.

Topaz Siberians Details

  • Contact: Cheryl French & Ralph Ullum
  • Location: 27 Dusty Trail Claysville, PA 15323
  • Phone number: (724) 663-5506
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website: Topaz Siberians

5. BobKat Huskies

BobKat Huskies

Looking for some beautiful, thick-coated, Siberian huskies around Amity? BobKat Huskies has got you in all possible ways. With valuable education of the breed and consultations, you get facilitated with all information and advice that will be helpful for you shortly as you adopt a fur-baby. In addition, you’ll enjoy the exceptional ambiance and fair prices, and tension-free dealing at BobKat’s.

BobKat Huskies Details

  • Contact: Katherine Gardner
  • Location: [email protected]
  • Phone number: (724) 267-4565
  • Email Address: Amity, PA, 15311

6. Busystar Siberians

Busystar Siberians

Erie is home to a Siberian husky breeder that will surely help you if you are searching for a new addition to your family in the name of a husky. These dogs are sensitive but great friends, and you can enjoy the facility of proper education regarding this breed and the cautions you need to be carefully aware of regarding the breed.

With this breeder, your valuable dollars won’t get wasted, and you’ll get the perfect breed with the single, double or triple coat. In addition, you can contact Busystar Siberians via email or phone number at your convenience for better dealing.

Busystar Siberians Details

  • Contact: Jeanne Stiner
  • Location: Erie, PA 16509
  • Phone number: (814) 864-0489
  • Email address: [email protected]

7. Lauradale’s Siberians

Lauradale Siberian

Huskies are a family-oriented dog breed, and how perfect would it be to adopt them from a place where they have been looked after with love, care, affection and have provided a lovable environment.

Lauradale’s in Somerset have been doing since the past 21 years. With their kennels built as per Pennsylvania’s state law and widespread indoor and outdoor areas, this is counted as one of the greatest Breeders in Pennsylvania.

The best found in Lauradale’s beside the gorgeous husky’s litter are the Pomeranian huskies. These Pomeranian huskies are the cutest little tiny huskies that are too adorable not to be adopted. The contact information given below will help you and make it convenient for you to find Lauradale’s Siberian.

Lauradale’s Siberians Details

  • Contact: Laura Pyle
  • Location: Somerset, PA 15501
  • Phone number: (814) 445-7717
  • Email address: [email protected]

8. Knega, Reg. Siberians

Knega, Reg. Siberians

Knega Reg. Siberians of Glen Mills is yet another place to show up in Pennsylvania to adopt a beautiful husky. They have high-quality huskies and have been known throughout Pennsylvania for a fairly long period. Knega Reg. is your educator if you have never petted a husky and are doubtful about how to look after its well-being and good health.

It is known among the renowned breeders of the state, Pennsylvania. Contact Roland and Carolan Appleton on the given number or via email for better information regarding your favorite dog breed and initial contact for better understanding. Knega Reg. is in Glen Mills, and below is all the necessary information you will need to proceed further.

Knega, Reg. Siberians Details

  • Contact: Roland & Carolan Appleton
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (610) 358-3590
  • Location: Glen Mills, PA, 19342-1629

9. Siberians of Ravenwood

Siberians of Ravenwood

Situated in the Laurel Highlands in America’s County, Siberians of Ravenwood have been here since 1999. After moving countries, as they had a natural love for dogs and a college background in Animal Science, they decided to become breeders of beautiful Siberian huskies.

They are nestled on a large area of about 200 acres of woodland, where their Siberian huskies enjoy hiking and dog sledding. The location is perfect for the excellent health of huskies. With plenty of facilities, they are provided with admirable veterans that look after these dogs.

Their Siberian Huskies are involved in sledding, conformation, and the print and film industry, two of their huskies have also starred in the Walt Disney movie; Eight below. The Siberians of Ravenwood have been bred with AKC standards.

And who wouldn’t want to adopt huskies from a place that has two renowned and famous huskies? You’d be treated by Mary Peretti, and this place is in Garrett, and mark our words, this is your place to go for husky adoption.

Siberians of Ravenwood Details

  • Contact: Mary Peretti
  • Location: Garrett, PA 15542
  • Phone Number: (814) 634-1801
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Website: Siberians of Ravenwood

10. MJ Siberians

MJ Siberians

MJ Siberians aren’t known among the breeders producing many litters every year, but they have succeeded in putting their name among the breeders that have well socialized and healthy litters. To them, quality is superior to quantity, and that’s what most of us strongly believe in.

You can find MJ Siberians at Manns Choice in Pennslyvania, run by Marina and Jeanne Hershberger. They offer you beautiful huskies at reasonable prices and greater hospitality. Education and reasonable knowledge for petting a husky are what you are affiliated with. Veterans take care of the litter in the most efficient way, and you can get a healthy and gorgeous husky at MJ.

You can check out their website for more satisfactory information and pictures of litter. Also, you can surf through their Instagram account and Pinterest to pick your choice and have a clearer vision of what you are looking for.

MJ Siberians Details

  • Contact: Marina and Jeanne Hershberger
  • Website: MJ Siberians
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (814) 232-2511
  • Location: Manns Choice, PA, 15550

11. Sandcastle Siberians

Sandcastle Siberians

Sandcastle Siberian is as interesting as its name, with Mike and Linda Quinn being their contact person. Sandcastle lets you have the best experience of adopting a husky in Pennsylvania, and you can enjoy the beautiful sight of cuddle-worthy litter running around.

It is home to Siberian huskies of all ranging from single coat to triple coat. You’ll get facilitated with essential education and knowledge, and cautions that come along with the petting of Siberian huskies. Since Siberian huskies are a sensitive breed and the holders mentally, prepare you for all that you would come across during the parenthood of huskies.

Sandcastle Siberians Details

  • Contact: Mike & Linda Quinn
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (814) 425-2090
  • Location: Cochranton, PA, 16314-1527

12. Mochamco Siberians

Mochamco Siberians

Last on the list of the best Husky breeders in Pennsylvania is “Mochamco Siberians.” In Horsham of Pennsylvania is Mochamco Siberians, one of the most famous breeders that you can look up to for quality huskies.

Pennsylvania’s biggest husky breeder is a home to famous and most beautiful breeds of dogs, and you can find one that you want, but the specialty of Mochamco is Siberian huskies, and once you show up there, you will know why.

Mochamco Siberians are the perfect place for valuable education and luminous information regarding the beautiful breed, and you will be provided with all the essential information. Contact Edie Weinstein for further information and further details regarding your need.

Mochamco Siberians Details

  • Contact: Edie Weinstein
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (215) 919-9176
  • Location: Horsham, PA, 19044

Conclusion For The “Best Husky Breeders in Pennsylvania”

Conclusion For The

Finding the right Husky breeder in Pennsylvania isn’t an easy task. We hope this list will help make your search easier. Remember always to do your research to have a better understanding of who you’re dealing with. We wish you the best on your journey for a Husky puppy in Pennsylvania.

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